Neat Tactics I Wouldn’t Mind Trying (Pt. 1)

With the relatively recent release of the Astra Militarum codex, several new tactical options are available through the addition of a few new units.

I tend to run mechanized lists, but have been loving the durability and utility of a blob squad behind an aegis line (particularly when they’re holding an important objective).  I’ve been playing around with the idea of taking the Aegis on the road, because I *loath* playing statically…



Bullgryns are an interesting option to extend the serviceable life of whatever it is you care to plop behind them.  This is accomplished by increasing the cover save of the units partially obscured behind their admittedly bulky frame by 1.  This can be amplified through the use of Camouflage Nets (Vehicle upgrade @ 15pts), or Forward Sentries (Veteran Upgrade @ 10pts).  Conceivably, this would result in the 5+ base cover save for 25% obscurement, and +1 for the unit upgrade, +1 for the slab shield.  A walking 3+ cover fortress.

The obvious value here is that a 3+ natural cover save is *extremely* good for vehicles that are already made more durable through 7th Edition and the 7+ EXPLODES result, so putting 3+ cover on an already AV14 vehicle might be a waste.  Where it might really make up its value however is guarding the vulnerable AV10 of Chimeras as they make their way forwards…

Sure, 150 points is a lot to spend for 3 models w/ 9 total wounds.  But consider for a moment that I frequently pay 50 points for an Aegis defense line to stick 30 mans behind including some heavy weapons.  This would make the net cost approximately 100 points for 9 wounds at Toughness 5, 3+ armour save, and the ability to put many things through the woodchipper in assault, not a skillset most guardsmen have.  And unlike an Aegis line it can move.

I think the value is there, it just needs to have a list tailored for it, have some value troops for patrolling back-field objectives and decent support to cover their advance.

Clearly, I’m going to need to playtest the bajeezus out of this to see if this shapes up the way I want it to, but it’s certainly food for thought…

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