Neat Tactics I Wouldn’t Mind Trying (Pt. 2)

In my last tactics post, I wrote about the viability of Bullgryns.  Based on my RECENT EXPERIENCE with respect to effective tar-pitting, I’m rethinking this position, and I’d probably want to keep them out of combat, as there are plenty of things out there that can really stack up the wounds fast…  Which brings us to Part 2…

Scions, Storm Troopers, or whatever you want to call them.  In the previous codex, they had some really neat special abilities, which would allow you to declare their mission at the start of the game.  Scions don’t have as much luck, but gain the ability to Deep Strike, and have access to the Taurox Prime, their up-gunned and faster dedicated transport.

Regardless of how you kit these bad-boys out, they’re going to have a minimum of AP3 on their weapons, but where they get handcuffed is in 2 areas: Durability and Stopping Power.

On the durability issue, the simple fact of the matter is that you have 5 wounds at Toughness 3 and a 4+ armour save.  Frankly, bodies are going to drop with any volume of fire at all.  Just about anything that can kill regular guardsmen en masse would be equally effective against 5 Scions.

In order to extend their shelf-life and get the package to where it needs to be, you might consider taking a Taurox Prime.  It’s a fast, AV 11/10/10 vehicle, which should extend the shelf life of the Troopers at least a little bit by requiring some AT fire to pop before the crowd pleasers step up and do their thing.  Expose your side arcs however, and you’re toast.

Stopping power was the second issue I noted.  Hot-shot Volley Guns are tempting, but I might fall back on Plasma Guns to provide some light AT options while also providing valuable AP2 options.  Short of that, the weapons you’d be taking have limited volume of fire (melta guns), or low strength (Hot Shot Volley Guns & Hot Shot Lasguns).

For this reason, I’m tempted to bring along the Twin-Linked Taurox Gatling Cannon.  The mini-punisher might do well to provide some valuable covering fire as the Scions disembark.  I’d also bring along some Twin Linked Autocannons, to provide further light AT options.

When it’s all said and done, you’d be looking at around 190 pts for the entire unit, which is a big price to pay for 6 models, and really merits consideration swapping this entire unit out for another unit of Objective Secured Melta Veterans in an Objective Secured Chimera at a 50 point price drop.

Anyways, this requires some fleshing out, but it’s certainly something I wouldn’t mind trying!

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