Video Batrep?!? What Wizardry is This?!?

So Smack TalkYo went and put his talents to making a video battle report for our recently completed game.

I actually can’t believe he was able to put this together using a phone camera.  I’m still laughing over the usage of Ulmar the Incompetent as an Astropathic Link.  I’m surprised that message between TACTICAL GENIUS and Pask wasn’t garbled to all heck.

Who knows, maybe it was, and CREEEEED just wanted to go out for breakfast.

Anyways.  For those concerned, Pask’s oven WAS left on, but everything’s alright.  If he had lasted till Turn 7, his house would have been burnt to the ground.  He left in the knick of time.

A huge thank you to Smack Talk, and an amazing game!  Looking forward to the next battle.


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