Back from Honduras!


In case you were curious about the (almost) 2 weeks of radio silence, I was out of town for a short-term mission to Roatan, Honduras.

There are many broken families down there, which struggle with substance abuse, extreme poverty (sometimes resulting from aforementioned substance abuse), physical abuse, infidelity and all sorts of other problems.  The health, education, and social assistance services leave much to be desired.

Our focus was providing support for families, day camps for children, teens, and workshops for men and women.  Our work was strongly supported and largely facilitated by the local churches across the island.

We distributed school supplies, and visited local hospitals and a Children’s home, and set up a “Free Shop” where those in need can collect solid clothing with dignity, rather than scrounging through the trash.

I feel like in the two weeks we were there, we made a real impact, particularly with the kids.  Most of what they see from people from Canada and the USA are drunken tourists climbing off the cruise-ships that arrive Wednesday and Thursday, and leave the same day.

I pray our group was able to set a positive example, to show that there is a lot of love in the world, and that they don’t have to look further than Jesus for proof.

My one regret is that we couldn’t stay longer, because there is SO much need down there.  Having said this, my wife and I are thoroughly exhausted, and thankful to be home.

Abby dances at the women's conference towards the tail end of our trip.
Abby dances at the women’s conference towards the tail end of our trip.

TL;DR — I’m back, and will resume posting!  Cheers all!

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