This is what 1,750 points looks like…

Out of boredom (and sickness) I set up my latest 1,750 point list on a table, just to see what it looks like.  I was kind of surprised how much space it takes up.

Now, I should point out that I’ve played a few battles at 2,000 points, but I’ve used what I’ve considered an excessive number of proxies, or brought the Meadow out, which instantly makes up around 1/4 of the army… so those battles don’t count.

Family Photo!
Family Photo!

It’s pretty clear I’ve still got a lot of painting to do, but I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made so far.  Just about all of the armour has been painted (keeping in mind I only finished assembling the Wyvern last night!), and over half of the infantry has been painted (which is an ongoing battle…)

There’s still some stuff in my box as well.  I’ve got a bunch of grenade launchers I’m not presently using, Ulmar the Incompetent, as well as the Flow’ry Meadow itself just sitting on a shelf.  About 15 guardsmen still in the box as well…

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