List Building Gymnastics

I’ve been rolling around quite a few ideas on how to top off a 2,000 point army list, as I’ve been really impressed with how well my core units have been performing.  I’m not necessarily trying to max/min anything, but I could really go in several directions.

Following the 1,750 point battle against the Orkz I purchased a Manticore, which is a boon for long range stopping power.  Hitting vehicles on the side arc at D3 S10 hits, and smacking anything with a 4+ armour save (or worse) around the face and neck is going to be loads of fun.  2+ will still be a tough nut to crack with that thing, but hopefully the wound saturation will kill off 3+ saves effectively.  It will likely factor heavily into many of the subsequent lists up to 2,000 points, but might get the short end of the stick below 1,500 due to the Wyvern being so badass.

So for your consideration, here are 3 lists which look very similar but will function quite a bit differently:

2014-08-12 AM 2000 point

I could field this list immediately.  It axes the quad gun which is now almost useless against ground targets, allows for the Manticore, and Enginseer, and 10 more bodies in the blob squad.  Functionally, it would perform very similar to the 1,750 point list I had mentioned before.  A slight twist is the inclusion of the Vanquisher as Pask’s squadron mate, a slight neutering of the CCS, inclusion of flamers in the Chimera Veteran Squads (D3 wounds when the Chimera is assaulted!)

The Enginseer is to patrol behind Pask and Company, to allow for PotMS to increase the flexibility of the fire power available on the two Russes, which is wildly overkill for most targets.  It may also somewhat mitigate the possibility of the russes immobilizing themselves (which happens frequently, apparently).

This list would also feature more static elements, which I’m not immediately a fan of.  40 boots on the ground potentially placed behind an aegis line is a pretty big bullseye.  Ideally, I’d like all of these units to spread out across the table in a kind of “Hydra” like scenario.  You can assault and kill ONE unit, but you can’t do it to ALL of them simultaneously.

With this in mind, I took another stab at it, increasing the emphasis on mobility:

2014-08-12 AM 2000 point Scions

(this list is 20 points short, because I’m reasonably confident the Demolitions doctrine on Veterans is 30 points, not 10 indicated on the Army Builder program.)

I’m not sure if I’m entirely comfortable with this list.  The Vendetta is swapped for a Valkyrie (2x MRPs, 2x Heavy Bolters), with Demolition-Grenadier-Flamer Veterans riding shotgun.  Static Elements are virtually non-existent in the form of the 10 Plasma Veterans and two artillery pieces (who will need to find some sort of cover in their deployment zone for longevity).  Chimera mounted Veteran teams are still present, but the twist is the inclusion of a 200 point 5 man Scion team mounted in a Taurox Prime.

I think the reason why I would feel uncomfortable is lack of wounds on the ground, and handicapping the heavy weapons available.  Swapping 30 bodies, 3 twin linked lascannons and 3 autocannons for 5 scions and 10 Valkyrie mounted Veterans seems risky, especially if the Scions blow up as spectacularly as I would expect them to.

The Scions would likely be running around independently harassing high-value targets with its plasma weaponry (broadsides, riptides, terminators, light armour, etc.) and AP3 hot-shot lasguns (regular battlesuits, MEQ’s, etc.).  At 200 points however, this unit is made of glass, and will likely be singled out well ahead of many of the other units on the table, making it a very expensive alpha-strike, and perhaps only marginally more effective than a Leman Russ Demolisher.

Which leads me to the third list, which addresses some of the issues noted above…

2014-08-12 AM 2000 point 2x Valk

More bodies jumping out of two heavily armed Valkyries.  The Valkyries church out the anti-infantry firepower with the MRPs, and the turn that they drop into hover in order to drop 2 flamers, 1 heavy flamer, and a demo pack of pain onto an objective, it’ll be able to fire every single one of its weapons with full ballistic skill.  Whee!

Anyways, I’m hoping to gain a bit of feedback from these lists here, so if you have any suggestions please hit me up.

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