“Your doom has been prophesied, Monkeigh.”

The last time I played Eldar was just before 7th Edition launched.  3x Wave Serpents, Wraithknight, and a Crimson Hunter.  He was playing Iyanden, so he had a whack of Wraithguard hiding out  in those Wave Serpents.

Deployment.  Yes, the Eldar are purple.
Deployment. Yes, the Eldar are purple.

In the very early going, I realized that I was going to have to bring the fight to the Eldar because of the way the objectives were laid out.

Marching the Chimeras slowly up-field was probably the silliest thing I did, trying to glance down the Wave Serpents on their frontal arc instead of charging in and letting the Meltaguns do the talking.

Pask’s Demolisher bro immobilized himself trying to jump over the Aegis line, and Pask himself actually went down to the Wraithknights’ shooting attacks.

Chimeras finally push way up-field...
Chimeras finally push way up-field…

In the end, the Chimeras finally got to where they were going to (relatively unmolested), but once the Veterans hopped out to get the objectives (this is 6th, remember, vehicles can’t score) they were instantly flamed-off by the Wraith-template weapons.

There *WERE* 10 Veterans holding that objective.  They're gone now.  Game over.
There *WERE* 10 Veterans holding that objective. They’re gone now. Game over.

Game over, that was that.

I learned a few lessons after that game, mostly about how you need to keep the Eldar on the back-foot without over-extending yourself.  Also, wave serpents.  Those things are cruel.  If I can keep them jinking it’ll certainly help things, bonus points if I can knock ’em out.

I didn’t even have to bother worrying about the Wraithknight in my previous game because it camped the back of the board the whole game.  I don’t expect my luck will hold this time.

Stay tuned for another batrep!

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