Epiphany: Taurox Primes

The thought occurred to me late yesterday that under the Militarum Tempestus Codex, Taurox Primes can be taken as Fast Attack choices.  Which has very interesting implications if you want to take them as transports for your regular Astra Militarum Veterans.

Lately I’ve been really throwing around the ideas of putting basic infantry platoons in Tauroxes, because the twin-linked Autocannon more favours the kind of quasi-static warfare more than the less focused Multi-laser, and a heavy flamer which may not be necessary given what I’d be using the platoon for.

Using Taurox Primes as transports for Veteran Units as opposed to Militarum Tempestus has some pretty hilarious implications:

  • Flamerspam:  With 2 fire points on *Each Side* if you run the taurox prime into the centre of an ork mob you will certainly watch quite a few bodies go up in flames.  Bonus points if you use a twin-linked Gatling Cannon for the main gun, and Twin-Linked Hot-Shot Volley.  The same ork mob would be taking about 3D3 in flamer overwatch from the same unit if the transport is assaulted.
  • Faster deployment of Melta Veterans:  And why not?  One of my biggest problems with the Chimera is that with only 18″ of FULL movement, it’s sometimes difficult to move from cover to cover.  This would be at least partially resolved.
  • Access points on 3 sides:  This might not seem like much, but if your Chimeras start to get assaulted from the rear you may as well kiss your troops goodbye.  This gives them a bit more flexibility when dismounting or bailing out.
  • Built-in-dozer blade: This is really handy…  I don’t know how many times in recent games my Chimeras have been immobilized hopping an aegis line.

In order to get 3 Primes though, you’d need to take 3 units of scions (a command squad and 2 regular units), which is quite the tax.  These could be deep striked (deep struck…?) in to make a nifty suicide charge, or dropped out of your existing Vendetta (which has been struggling to find practical applications since the big nerf to its transport capacity).

Anyways, these reasons and more are why I’m taking a closer look at these ugly ducklings.  Perhaps with a decent paint job and killing that ridiculous heraldry, they’ll be usable.  Since when did everything in the grimdark future need to be good looking?

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