Hey all, Oak here…

And went out and splurged on one of the ugly ducklings, just to see how the model fit together and whether or not it would be worthwhile for me to build 5+ Tauroxes (Tauroxen?  How does I pluralize?) to suit a few army lists I’ve been putting together lately.  No sense putting myself through the ringer if I hate to build & paint ’em!

So I spent some time building it last night as I watched the Royals slug it out with the A’s and got about this far.  I’ve opted not to model the interior, because I tend not to roll that way, although it is a nice luxury to have.

My initial reaction to the model is: “Oh wow!  This thing is kind of cute!”  It actually fits in nicely with the rest of the army, and isn’t really outside of the general aesthetic of the Guard at all.  I can see why some people would abhor the tracks, or ridiculous heraldry, but I kind of think it would look a bit weird in any other format…

Anyhoo, here’s another shot which hopefully illustrates how its smaller relative size helps it fit in.  The Chimera looks like it’ll really bully this thing around.

It's so cute!
It’s so cute!
It's pretty much smaller in every dimension, although I imagine it'll be slightly taller than the Chimera once it's all said and done.
It’s pretty much smaller in every dimension, although I imagine it’ll be slightly taller than the Chimera once it’s all said and done.

And here’s a bonus photo of just about everything I have painted so far.  I’m presently working on the Heavy Weapon Teams, hopefully they’ll be done shortly so I can give the Wyvern some loving.  It’s looking all sad in the background there… Also, ignore the converted Ork Furioso lurking behind the Chimera(e?).

The gang's all here!
The gang’s all here!

Totally unrelated news, looks like I’ll be FIGHTAN Space Marines on Saturday, which I’m pretty stoked for.  Stay tuned for the first real batrep in a couple of months…

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