Reflection: When a Game Isn’t Fun Anymore

So I had an opportunity to play a few games with some of my childhood friends, one of whom was the best man at my wedding.  Long story short, I effectively destroyed more than half of his 1,500 point army within not even 2 turns using a pair of Leman Russes (including Knight Commander Pask’s Bullet Hose) and a Manticore.  My dice were on-fire, and he couldn’t roll a 3+ armour save to… well… save his life…

Table Flip

It was handshakes before he had an opportunity to play Turn 2.  Before I had an opportunity to fire more than Pask’s Punisher cannon in Turn 2.  Both of us were so shell-shocked, there was no sense in continuing the game.

The problem is, games like this are bound to happen every now and again, but it’s always the most unbearable when it happens in Turn 1, when you’re facing 5+ turns of grueling hard-fought combat.  If this had happened on Turn 4, for example, we both would have shrugged our shoulders and congratulated each other for a hard fought game.

What I’ve boiled it all down to is hope.

And what does hope hinge on?  The mission, for one dictates how winnable the game is.  Down to 3 models, but still standing on top of an objective?  Lets roll the dice some more, and see how this turns out.  Down to 3 models and no-where near the objective?  Lets shake hands.

Are there some potentially game-breaking units on the table?  Are there any perceived game-breaking units on the table?  This can affect the morale of the person across the table just as much as it can remove handfuls of models with one shot.

Should gamers stay away from these “Game Breaking” units?  I personally don’t think so, but I think they should also consider who they’re playing against.

Woah, hey... Can we talk about this?
Woah, hey… Can we talk about this?

You don’t want to take someone behind the shed that’s relatively new to the game, would you?  At least not knowingly?  Nor would you want to purposely make their life easy?  Then there’s always the risk of the dice acting up like they did here, on Turn 1.

I don’t know.  There are a lot more questions here than there are answers.

Specifically for me, the most rage inducing unit on the table is Knight Commander Pask.  His bullet hose is a KILL ANYTHING machine.  Fliers, Land Raiders, Monstrous Creatures, Swathes of Infantry, it doesn’t matter.  He’s simply a killing machine.  Press button, win game.

He might take a shelf for a while.  Anyone else out there sympathetic with GW’s balance?  Automatic Win units?  Hit me up!

10 Replies to “Reflection: When a Game Isn’t Fun Anymore”

    1. Y’know, at one point between school and real life I woke up all hungover to the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on the front door. I’m in my bathrobe, scratching itchy bits, trying not to see quadruple and he’s going on and on about how he can’t have blood transfusions and the like. My dad, who was out grocery shopping, arrives back home at this time, and drives slowly past our driveway, making direct eye contact with me over this door-to-door evangelist’s shoulder…. “I’ll just do another block or two, it’s a good day for a drive” he likely says to himself.

      What a jerk.

      All this to say I’ll wait to see how this “holy book” shakes itself out. I’ve been doing things 40k for years, and only back into it relatively recently. Are there a lot of battle reports out there for me to watch?

  1. Hey, when it happens just pick up yer stuffs and re-deploy.
    Reset and start over.

    Mini games can be won or lost in the deployment phase anyhow. This is particularly true in Flames of War…which used to piss me off cuz you spent 20 minutes measuring out deployment zones with their whack missions.
    But you could be screwed by turn two in that game easy. Way easier than in 40k, where you’ll never be forced to put half yer army rounding up in reserves and PRAY that you could get ’em in in time to save you.
    Ugh. Horrible.

    And I’ve had games of Infinity look hopeless in turn two, and then had a single fig go all sooper hero, make a comeback and win.
    Depends on the game. In the case of 40k I’d just start over.

    After I kill you fer havin’ the hot dice.
    And yeah- I’m glad I’ll be putting Pask in a Vanquisher.
    I’ll rely on the Stormlord fer stripping Hull Points…

    1. I can see the wisdom in it. I’d be bubble-wrapping him from the front to back, with his ass against the board edge, instead of the other way around. I just can’t get around his bullet hose. It’s the “Kill Everything” button.

      I wonder if this is how it feels to be a Necron.

      EDIT — also, yeah, we could have re-deployed and tried it again, but this game took *literally* 5 minutes to play. It just sucked the life out of the room, y’know? In the end we wound up going out for Pizza and bevvies, so alls well that ends well.

  2. Well I for my part think that pretty much all the Tau-Units belong banned 😀 . No honestly I really hate those guys and the insane potential to kill anything crossing their vision (or not even :/ (screw those missiles)). I personally have a record of 0-29 against my best friend’s Tau not even dependant on which Army I use (switching from Astra Militarum to Eldar to Orks).

    1. I’m 0-4 against Tau in 6th/7th.

      I feel like my army as-constructed presently isn’t really capable of defeating Missilespam, I’d need at least 2 more Leman Russes in order to handle it.

      The interesting thought for me, is using Deathstrikes against Tau Broadside formations. Just watch them poop themselves a little bit. Even if you lose, it’ll still be a riot. Everyone wins!

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