The Danger of Browsing Video Painting Tutorials

Dammit Duncan from GW, you make it look so damned easy.  Also, apparently I’ve been doing things *WRONG* the whole time!

Full Disclosure:

  1. I’m relatively ‘self taught’ with respect to painting
  2. I’ve never used a palette in my life, I’ve always painted straight from the pot (watering the whole pot when necessary!)
  3. I’ve only ever “Layered Up” via drybrush
  4. Often with fatigues and other things where drybrushing looks rough, I’ll just wait until I’ve done with the drybrushing (layering) and wash it all at once.  This blends the perhaps poor colour grading and brush work.

In this way, I’ve managed to cover up most of my deficiencies with respect to line highlighting or using fine brushes.

Now, I feel largely dissatisfied with the painting I’ve done thus far on the Cadians, and changing my pattern or scheme mid-army might be counter-intuitive (due to aesthetic dissonance).  Perhaps I’ll tinker around with a few ‘extra’ mans (pffft, when are they ever extra?!) and specifically work on my painting technique for a ‘gallery’ type force further down the road.  Right now, I simply gotta paint.



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