Gaining Battle Experience: Orkz!

I’ve played many games with the Imperial Guard over the past two years, but I haven’t played very much with my 3rd Edition army, the Orkz.  Granted, I play a lot AGAINST them, but it’s not quite the same…

For those of you who are otherwise uninitiated, I dropped the game for a good many years and only jumped back in at the tail end of 6th edition starting a new army.  I had always had the Orkz sitting there, staring me in the face, waiting to be brought up to speed.

And to a certain extent, they still are.

My 3rd edition list hinged around a few key details:

  1. Orkz were (mostly) fearless, close combat LEVIATHANS.
  2. Trukkz and armour (in general) were insidiously hard to kill unless a penetrating hit was scored.  (Now you can just glance them to death in swathes of S7 shooting.)
  3. The mixed armour rule was awesome, meaning 4+ armoured Nobz could potentially take advantage of 2+ Meganobz, much in the same vein as Grotz having Toughness 7 when hiding behind their artillery pieces.  This improved the efficiency  and allowed entire units of Nobz to hit well above their point cost.
  4. When Orkz charged, instead of getting +1 S, they got 2x Initiative.  A Warboss would have Initiative 8 on the charge swinging at S7, with a Choppa…
  5. ALL CHOPPAS LIMITED OPPONENTS TO A MAXIMUM OF 4+ ARMOUR SAVE.  You know those Termies?  Yeah, they’re only as good as SCOUTS now.  Go ahead, roll that fistfull of armour saves, we’ll see how many make it out of this one… EHEHEHE.

Anyways, the long and short of it is that the Orkz are a very different beast now, they have a lot of shooting, armour, and artillery options available, and can take advantage of some pretty decent fliers.

So, I threw what amounts to my 3rd edition list on the table against a very intersting Dark Angels list, and it performed pretty well!

The list I used:

  • Warboss: ‘Eadwoppa’s Killchoppa, Attack squig, Kombi Skorcha/Shoota, Eavy Armour, Bosspole.
  • Meganobz (x3): 1x Kombi Shoota/Skorcha
  • Battlewagon: Killkannon
  • 30 Boyz: PK Nob, Bosspole
  • 10 ‘Ard Boyz: NO NOB (warboss riding shotgun)
    • Trukk (big shoota)
  • 12 Storm Boyz, Nob, Big Choppa
  • 2 Buggies: TL-Big Shootas
  • Deff Dread: Big Shoota, Rokkits
The Orkz muster for an assault over Blade to capture West Side Story.  (Alright guys, I forgot my terrain at home, so we had to make do with what was available :P)
The Orkz muster for an assault over Blade to capture West Side Story. (Alright guys, I forgot my terrain at home, so we had to make do with what was available :P)

Nothing really fancy.  Lots of wounds, some tough armour, some speed, and NOTHING really to speak of at range.  No artillery, no big gunz, and I even forgot my Battlewagon was armed with a Killkannon (which kind of hurt me, but still).

What I learned:

  1. 30 boyz walking can EVAPORATE under sustained fire.  The Nob also killed 3 of his own due to the mob rule (which was actually pretty decent).  They didn’t survive into turn 3.
  2. Any regular boyz in assault are going to need some help after their initial charge against the MEQ statline…  Wound saturation decreases rapidly after you lose the +1 A and +1S.  Further, god help you if you’re charged.
  3. Meganobz can still punch well above their weight.  Their movement isn’t really hurt by Slow and Purposeful so much, and it’s certainly better than always moving as though you’re in difficult terrain.  The Meganobz bagged a Landspeeder Vengeance, a squad of Tactical Marines, and the DA Captain.  Not bad for a day’s work!
  4. Be careful with the side armour on a Battlewagon.  4x Rockets from a Devestator team really wrecked my day with that thing…
  5. Even with ‘Ere we go, you can STILL fail a 7″ charge. Poor Stormboyz.  =(

    RIP Stormboyz, we hardly knew you.
    RIP Stormboyz, we hardly knew you.
  6. Warbosses swinging at S8 at I4 with 5 attacks (rerolling one because of the face-biter) with the opportunity to Rend and Instant Death people is wicked fun.  It carved a narrative into the table the size of the Grand Canyon.  He wound up drop kicking a rifleman dreadnought in the face.  It was AWESOME.
  7. ‘Eavy Armour is almost obligatory when mounting boyz in trukks.  It not only makes them more survivable when it inevitably explodes, but also make them more resistant to mob-rule related punching episodes.

Oh, and I won the game, 10-4(ish) playing Maelstrom.  It was hotly contested and I only had a couple of units left on the table by the end.  The opponent had fewer units, down to his last 8 beakies and a Nephilim that I could do NOTHING about (HEH.)

I’ve almost fantasized about bringing my Orkz up to speed for 7th edition (including some big gunz, a flier, maybe a Gorkanaut or something), but I think I’m more likely to finish off the Guard & Scions before moving back into an assault-happy army.

All in all, I think the battle was fantastic, I loved how the Orkz played in general.  Full of character as always.

4 Replies to “Gaining Battle Experience: Orkz!”

  1. Nice batrep! I’m also feeling the call of the waagh! Never played orks myself before, but played against them many times, and they look really cool!
    P.s. The old “Furious charge only gave you +1A and +1In, not double initiative.

    1. I’m going way back to the 3rd edition book, where Orkz didn’t have Furious charge. The WAAAGH rule was used by any Ork foot soldier, and it doubled their initiative whenever they charged in (which was a fixed 6″ if you can believe it!) I’d have to break out my old old old codex to verify, to be sure, but I do remember my warboss swinging at Initiative 8.

    1. No worries! Yeah, I’m a grizzled war vet, but I kind of skipped 4th and jumped back in at the tail end of 6th into 7th. a LOT had happened in the intervening time…

      “Wait, what are these Rip-tide monstrosities? OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN”

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