Battle Report: AM & MT vs. Dark Angels (2,000 pts)

Hey all!

My wife wasn’t feeling well, so wound up having my weekly game in the comfort of my own home, with my admittedly poor looking table.  After having nearly tabled the Dark Angels on the virtue of a hot rolling streak and a Storm Eagle Rocket previously, the Dark Angel’s Captain is taking a new approach to his list, one which should be very apparent as you read on…

A note on the Guard side of things, I’m trying to use Bullgryns for the first time in a battle, and this is a big one at that.  Similarly, this would represent the second time I’ve used Scions, and the first time I’ve proxied for a Taurox Prime.   Good times!

This wasn’t a long game (we only played 4 turns) and my photography was horrendous because of the lighting, so it’ll read a bit differently than my other reports…

EDIT: I’ve included my first attempt at Battle Chronicler Maps in this with post!

The Combatants:

Astra Militarum & Militarum Tempestus:

  • Knight Commander Pask, Punisher Russ, Lascannon, Multimeltas
    • Vanquisher Bro, Lascannon, Plasma Sponsons
    • Enginseer
  • Veterans, Chimera, 2x Melta, Flamer
  • Veterans, Chimera 2x Melta, Flamer
  • Veterans, Chimera 2x Plasma, Flamer
  • Bullgryns [x3] w/ Priest
  • Armoured Sentinels w/ Lascannons
  • Vendetta Gunship
  • Manticore
  • Wyvern
  • [MT] Lord Commissar, Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs, Carapace Armour
  • [MT] Scions (x5), HS-Volley, Plasma
    • Sarge w/ Power fist, Bolt Pistol

Dark Angels (list is approximate, and unbound):

  • Chapter Master (Eleazar), Mace of Redemption, Artificer Armour
    • Command Squad (4?) + Apothecary
    • Land Raider
  • Deathwing Terminators (x10): 2x TH & SS, 2x Lightning Claws, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher
  • Venerable Dreadnought: TL-Lascannon, DCCW
  • Dreadnought: Plasma Cannon, DCCW
  • Dreadnought: 2x TL-Autocannons
  • Nephelim Jetfighter
  • Landspeeder: Assault Cannon & Multi-Melta
  • Ravenwing Black Knights (x6):  1x Grenade Launcher
  • Devastator Squad (x5): 2x Lascannon

The mission was a Maelstrom Deadlock, which features decreasing tactical objectives as the game goes on… Deployment was a bit interesting, with the Dark Angels taking first turn.


Not much on the table!  The dreadnoughts obviously the units pushing the ground war, with the Landraider flanking.  Landspeeder occupies the near post.
Not much on the table! The dreadnoughts obviously the units pushing the ground war, with the Landraider flanking. Landspeeder occupies the near post.
Alternate view.
Alternate view.
Guard Deployment.  Back to front, the Chimeras hold Melta, Plasma Melta.  Taurox is proxying for a Taurox Prime, and Pask seals off the line.
Guard Deployment. Back to front, the Chimeras hold Melta, Plasma Melta. Taurox is proxying for a Taurox Prime, and Pask seals off the line.  Bullgryns are deployed quasi-behind cover, but in a good position to jump in front of Pask if the need arose.

Guard fail to seize, and we’re off to the races.

Dark Angels Turn 1:

Not much goes down here.  The landspeeder makes a run at Pask, but due to some conservative Guardian deployment, remains outside of Melta range.  One Bullgryn goes up to 4 wounds from a Plasma Cannon

Note to self, never clump them up, it’ll stack up wounds fast.

First blood is eked out on the last shot of the turn as the lead Chimera on the right flank is knocked out by the Landraider’s PoTMS Lascannon.



Astra Turn 1:

Most hands advance, in order to seize objectives.  Both players have 6 in their opening hand of the game.

Chimeras plow into the mid-field, and the Bullgryns prepare to assault the landspeeder.  This is optimistic however, because Pask and the Vanquisher are out of range from just about everything, and are forced to over-kill the Ven Dread (with the Punisher Cannon) and the Landspeeder (with the plasma cannons and lascannons on the Vanq-bro.

*BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT*  I always pictured the Punisher Cannon sounding like the A-10's GAU-8
*BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT* I always pictured the Punisher Cannon sounding like the A-10’s GAU-8
Y'know, the GAU-8?  That thing?  Yeah.  It's a thing of destructive beauty.
Y’know, the GAU-8? That monster? Yeah. It’s a thing of destructive beauty.

The Scions flat-out 12″ straight forwards to exploit the gap in the lines.

Scions speed forward now that that flank has opened up.
Scions speed forward now that that flank has opened up.

After 1 turn, the Guard hold a 5-3 lead based on their Tactical Objective hand.  The Dark Angels scored 2 and obviously nailed first blood via the Chimera.


Dark Angels Turn 2:

UHHHHH...  Guys?

The Ravenwing Black Knights out-flank, and being armed with a Teleport homer the Deathwing arrive with ZERO scatter.

The Vanquisher bro explodes to Plasma-fire on the back arc, and the Engineer goes up with him.  The remaining plasma fire from the Black knights are directed to the side-arc of Pask, getting enough to finish the job.  The Terminators had previously stripped off 1 hullpoint with a split-fired Krak Missile.

The terminators smoke another one of the Bullgryns as well.

Nephelim strafed the Manticore, not even needing to roll the Avenger Megabolter, he had a lot to spare.

Rough turn for the Guard, and probably could have been defended better if the Bullgryns were properly positioned near where the deep strikers could have been anticipated!


Guard Turn 2:

Everything kind of shuffles around a bit, uncomfortably.  The hero of this turn was the Wyvern, who rolled 4 straight “Direct Hits” and stacked up 27 hits on the Terminator squad which remained in Deep Strike Formation.  This is the most that could possibly done with 4 small blast templates.  23 of them wounded (because of Shred), and 4 Terminators fall in the storm of Shrapnel.

In order to facilitate some aggressive maneuvers from the Scions, the Vendetta flies on and Roasts the plasma-cannon dreadnought on the rear Armour.


Sentinels take 2 hullpoints off of the Landraider…

The now very lonely Bullgryn and the zealous Priest make good on their attempt at a rear-guard, and charge the Terminators.  If one of them could survive, then the Termies would be bogged down for the next turn…

The Bullgryn tanks the lightning claws, but falls to a hail of power fists and thunderhammers, though not before he gets his licks in and takes out one of the 6 remaining.  The priest (singing Marroon 5 or something, which the Bullgryn thinks is particularly catchy) tacks on a few more wounds, but doesn’t get through the armour.  The Priest goes on to tank 3 of 4 wounds against the Thunder Hammers, and falls.  If he could have muscled out one more save, the assault would have continued into the next turn!

The now lone Bullgryn charges the Termies, taking out one, before falling to a hail of hammer and fist attacks.
The now lone Bullgryn charges the Termies, taking out one, before falling to a hail of hammer and fist attacks.

Still, after 2 turns the aggressively advancing Guard are seizing more objectives than the Dark Angels, who are now firmly ensconced inside their lines, systematically eliminating entire units at a time…  Guard are up 8-5 after 2.


Dark Angels Turn 3:

Nephelim strafes down the Wyvern, which made up its points exclusively in Turn 2 (44×4 = 176 — almost made up for the Manticore not doing a thing as well!).

Dark Black Knights advance over the hill, and lay into the Sentinels, killing two (d’aw, what’d they do to you?).

The liberated terminators shoot up a group of Veterans which were aggressively moving across mid-field, causing them to fall back.  Their transport is assaulted and killed by the now disembarked Command Squad.

The rout is on, the Guardsmen are now fighting for their lives.


Astra Turn 3:

Facing imminent death via terminators, the Guard launch an all-out attack, sending transports everywhere to capture objectives and to try and keep the game within reach.  The Scions and last remaining mounted Veterans stare down the terminators and command squad, but the Taurox Prime is the champion unit here, gunning down the entire Command Squad in a fusilade from the gatling cannon.  The Captain tanked the Scions shooting, with one wound remaining at the end of the day…

The Dark Angel Command Squad, before it's perforated by the Taurox.
The Dark Angel Command Squad, before it’s perforated by the Taurox.  (POOR LIGHTING!  ACK!)

Mr. Stompy, ever valiant in the face of certain death, attempts to hold an aggressive rear guard against the Black Knights.  He kills one with his Lascannon, charges, and is brought down by Plasma over-watch.  The explosion kills 3 guardsmen (and thus I learned how a failed charge can kill more of my own mans than simply failing…)



Dark Angels Turn 4:

A lot of things happen here – 3 units are completely wiped out by assaults in a very predictable manner.

2 units of Veterans fall in predictable fashion against the terminators and black knights, neither of which are able to inflict a single wound.  The Scions received the charge (and challenge!) from the Chapter Master, which was accepted by Commissar Potapenko.  He proceeded to tank all but ONE WOUND, which instant killed him (S7 with the Mace of Redemption) before he could strike back.  The power fist on the Tempestor missed, which would have had a good chance to cause the last wound on the Master.  The master routs the unit, and mops them up on the Sweeping Advance.  (NURRRRRRRRR)

Not jinking, the Vendetta also has 2 hullpoints taken off of it by the Rifleman Dreadnought.  TL-6’s and then a 5 & 6 on the Pen roll.  Yikes.  “Should have jinked” I probably said…

At the end of the Dark Angels turn, 2 units remain on the table.  The Taurox Prime and the Vendetta, the rest having been destroyed.


Astra Turn 4:

Down to 2 units, this turn was VERY fast.  Vendetta dropped into hover mode, and captured and objective (YAY!)  He was unlikely to survive staring down a land-raider and 5 Black Knights.

The Taurox backed off, and took the last wound off the Chapter Master for Warlord.  LOL.  For what it’s worth, I’m still stacking up the Victory Points.

At this point, we had to call the game due to time constraints and piss poor photography conditions.  At the end of 4 turns the Guard were holding on to a 12-8 lead, while the Dark Angels were running out of objectives they could conceivably achieve…

Final Snap-shot.  The Taurox was pretty much it, and it had 2 hullpoints on AV11.  Yeah, he was screwed.
Final Snap-shot. The Taurox was pretty much it, and it had 2 hullpoints on AV11. Yeah, he was screwed.


The Dark Angels Captain declared me the victor by virtue of point total, claiming my generalship earned me the win, and the game simply ended because we were out of time.  I argued I had 2 units left on the table, and at least 1 more turn to survive should the game have continued to its regular (albeit random) conclusion.

I dunno… What do you guys think?  Who won?  Does it matter?

Geeze, what a bloody game….

3 Replies to “Battle Report: AM & MT vs. Dark Angels (2,000 pts)”

  1. Nice batrep. And bloody! It’s hard to keep fighting when you lose units that fast. Btw, I think you guys did wrong the “Teleport Homer” thing. The unit that has it, has to be on the table at the beginning of the turn, so the DA made a mistake there. At the beginning of the turn, he had to roll for reserves, because he wasn’t on the table. Keep those reports comin’

    1. Yeah, he rolled all of his reserves on the table, but you raise a good point with respect to whether or not he needs to be on the table for a full turn ahead of time.

      The way he brought on the Reserves seemed kosher to me…

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