Battle Report Updated — Now, with MOAR MAPS!

So… I found Battle Chronicler the other day.  And frankly, I’m loving it.  It’s relatively easy to navigate around, and can be quite precise (more precise I need it to be, for most of my purposes…)

I’ve been wanting to draw up these tactical overview maps for inclusion in my battle reports for quite some time, and I’ve finally taken my first stab at it, using the recent curb stomping I took from the Dark Angels as an example.  I’ve updated the battle report to include a map at the end of each half turn.

I’ll be playing around with explosions and large units and mobs and so on and so forth, but wanted to get you a preview of what might be to come in each battle report!  What do you think?  Does it add some value?

Let me know!

20 Replies to “Battle Report Updated — Now, with MOAR MAPS!”

  1. I’m always down fer Batreps. I tend to enjoy them with just some picks and words, but a greater tactical understanding of what’s really going on can’t hurt.
    You lost to Beakies-In-Robes?
    For shame.

    1. That’s not to say I didn’t learn something important here Sin!

      First off — I thought I had burrowed my tanks far enough into the ruins there that deep-strike would have been risky if the termies scattered. Stoopid me, forgetting that Black Knights had a teleport homer.

      Second — had I remembered that Black Knights had a teleport homer, I might have done one of two things (or perhaps both):

      -Run the bullgryns to protect the side where an anticipated deepstrike would land (or simply fill that space! Termies are big! 4+ cover would have saved Pasks bacon, if not the Vanqs. Instead the Gryns ran onto an objective to take the VP, which might have been better accomplished with the ‘Rox Prime which bypassed that area entirely.

      – Simply turn the tanks so that they aren’t showing their rear armour to the back table edge. This would have been the simplest thing to do, but I wanted that MM Speeder and Dreadnought dead and wanted to have all the sponsons available to do it. Y’never know how much gun you’ll need.

      Third – When all the reserves arrived the DA player rolled impossibly hot, exploding the vanq with 2 of the plasma talons, and scoring something like 5-6 glancing hits on the side armour of Pask himself. WIthout cover from the Vanq carcass or the bullgryns who were off picking their noses, Pask went down with a wimper…

      Anyways. An important lesson with respect to protecting against the deep strike.

      If Pask had survived, he would have really messed some shit up and caused them one more turn of grief before he exploded to one of the surviving Black Knights or Terminators.

      Just like the last game where Pask went up to a Drop-Pod assault, or ate a melta-gun to the face from some infiltrating razorback beakies — once Pask goes down it really neuters the rest of my army’s shooting and I play the rest of the game on the back foot. I need to start making lists without him for a while, I think, just for the practice of not using him as a crutch death-bullet hose.

      Another interesting talking point would be how much the unbound list affected the game, with the super-stacking on the Elites slot, and no troops on the table. There would have been a minimum of 150 points spent elsewhere, which would be a dreadnought and probably the landspeeder…

      There are also some units in my own list that I might not be using on a regular basis, that I’m still feeling out. We’ll have to see. In this instance, I would have been better off with an infantry platoon and stuck the priest and/or commissar in a gigantic blob covering Pask’s butt, for the approximate cost of that bullgryn unit which was blown away by a few rounds of fortuitous shooting.

      I think the Maps help make up for my poor and sometimes spotty photography on these batreps. I get carried away in my game sometimes, and forget to take pictures of important events…

      TL;DR — awesome game. Learned stuffs. much maps.

      PS – this could have been an entirely new blog post eh?

      1. I have changed my list to put Pask in a Punisher due to your advice, so there ya go. It’s kinda hard to not to when you consider the math, and as adverse as I am to making a concession for the sake of efficiency, Pask in a Punisher is hard to deny.
        I’m not sure what the rest of yer army looks like but is her really that much of a lynchpin? That’s the thing about the Punisher- ya gotta get up in it, and things like drop-podding Beakies can ruin yer day.
        One thing about the Vanquisher Pask is he can just sit back and take shots, bubblewrapped and protected by his wingman/men, denying your opponent Slay the Warlord.
        That’s really what Vanquisher Pask does- irks people and denies Slay the Warlord. Punisher Pask is necessarily aggressive. I imagine opponents want to end him immediately- the potential damage he could do over 6 turns is probably considerable.
        I look forward to experimenting with different Tank configs. I wish the Vanquisher worked well with a Plasmacutioner, but really the Punisher is a better fit. I really think 2 Plasmacutioners and Pask in a Punisher has gotta be an insanely deadly Death Star.
        Have an Enginseer and 3 Servitors tag along, just for laughs, and wrap the sides and rear in conscripts, but leave the front open.
        Hey- if you wanna move TOWARDS that group, then I say bring it.

        I can’t endorse the Bullygryns, man. Points-wise I just think they’re too much for…a big ol’ bullet-soak with little offensive output, basically? I dunno- I can’t see them foot-slogging their way into assault, dedicated assault units outmatch them, and holy crap they’re expensive.
        There’s a buncha 40k units that try hard to find a place in the game by having a toughness better than 4 and multiple wounds, but no real armor or invulnerable save…like somehow strength 6, 7 and 8 shooting isn’t the most popular thing in the world. The ‘Nids suffer from this, and it’s what makes the T-Fex so damn good compared to the new ‘Nid MC’s.
        The T-Fex is the only ‘Nid unit with a native 2up save, so when I’m choosing a Heavy Support unit how can I not pick either the T-Fex for it’s toughness, or the Mawlock for it’s price?

        Can’t say I endorse Unbound either. Man- there’s gotta be SOME LOGIC here!

        I’ve given up on like, ‘saving my good ideas’ for actual posts. I used to get mad about like, ‘giving stuff away’ in the comments. Like, ‘Damn- that was a great joke, and no one will see it here.’
        But meh- it all has my name on it. I’ve prolly written 3 times as many posts in the comments than I have in Blogger.
        Here’s one moar.

        1. The problem isn’t necessarily putting Pask in the Punisher, it’s for me learning how to protect him, and in the most efficient manner possible. Presently, that’s a box of $60 (Cdn) as opposed to 5x $35 zombie conscripts. They both come in at 150 points I suppose, but one one hand I’m painting for a decade, on the other I’m Dragon Claw’s best friend for a while (lol).

          Actually, now that I think of it, this equation is more complex than I originally thought… Perhaps I should try to return those bullgryns… 😛

          I don’t know — I’m going to playtest some more, and more carefully deploy the bullgryns so they can do their job rather than scamper off and capture objectives, which should be the Scions job in the first place (you’ll notice they *were* in the neighbourhood, I was just too stoopid to make that decision…. Put some Camo netting so Pask is rolling 3+ cover on the rear arc against deep strikers… That kind of thing, y’know?

  2. hey dude. just found your blog randomly via google. Decided to start playing 40k in April (after a few months of debating) and I’ve been building up points in IG. I love that you use a little bit of everything in the codex, and i hope to do that too as I build my collection (just bought Bullgryns and Scions this week actually). Anyways, just wanted to say, love the blog. keep it up! and the new Battle Chronicler stuff is super cool for sure.

    1. Yeah, this was my first stab at it too… Went at it with a forensic approach, and now that I know it exists you can imagine that the next one will be much better quality!

      The guard are really neat, particularly from a growth perspective. As with most armies, you’ll have your core units, and then you kind of build and supplement the rest of your forces until you find the perfect mix.

      From a hobby perspective, ‘finding the perfect mix’ definitely breaks the monotony of painting millions of regular mans as well. I was chomping at the bit for something different to paint, which is how the Scions and Commissar came about.

      Do you play often? How many points are you up to? Always a pleasure to chat up people browsing through 🙂

  3. I hear ya. Totally psyched to paint the scions more than anything. Gonna try to spend some extra time with them. And the bullgryns should be fun to paint and play as well.

    I’m married and have a two year old. So I don’t play often enough. Haha. I try to get two games in a month. I played my first game about a week before 7th dropped. Was at 700 points at the time. I’m in an escalation league right now that started at 750 points and I have my 1500 point game tomorrow. The league caps at 2000 points which I have if I give bloat it with a few upgrades! The leagues been good because it’s keeping me in line with hobby progress. I have about 95% of that painted and the rest just base coated.

    I started with a combined force. 3 russes with a 30 man blob and a vendetta. My 1500 list is generally punisher pask with executioner buddy. A separate Lmr exterminator. All with lascanons and multi meltas. CCS, 30 man blob with auto cannons and power axes with a commissar. Vet squad 3 plasmas lascanon and fwd sentries; vet squad 3 meltas in a chimera. Wyvern. Platoon command with heavy flamer in a vendetta.

    1. Escalation leagues with Guard players are cruel, sometimes. It’s not like you’re a marine player and can drop $50 for 250 points and 5 models to build and paint. Glad you’re having fun with it though! It can be very rewarding! now if only 95% of my troopies were fully painted (my platoon is a constant work in progress)

      We have very similar lists in some respects, although it looks like my infantry is more mobile. Sinsynn, who’s commenting here as well, (and posts over at HoP!) makes some good points about running the infantry to appropriately bubble wrap Pask, which is something I haven’t been able to do lately. =(

      Might go back to running the platoon and BBQ PCS from the Vendetta, I just hate the idea of running static elements like that sometimes… 😦

  4. yea, keeping up with the painting has been tough for sure. add insult to injury when you lay your 50 models down for 1000 points and your opponent has 15 models haha. I do have lots of space marines at my local game shop, and most with drop pods. That’s the only reason why the lack of mobility hasn’t bothered me too much yet. Most games i’ve played so far (and i haven’t played a whole ton of games yet), i’ve had to castle deploy, survive and mop up the alpha strike and then prepare for the rhinos and razorbacks to rush in.

    30 man blob has such a big footprint, it’s easy to deploy in a way that protects pask. Pask’s squad mate can tank shoots and the blob can protect Pask getting assaulted. Usually by turn 3 or so, the blob is either dead or whittled down to almost nothing, and assuming pask has survived, he can mop up. that’s the thought process at least.

    We are also playing eternal war missions. Which doesn’t have the emphasis on mobility as much as maelstrom missions.

    1. I think my problem is I’m fundamentally attached to my troopies. Throwing them away seems a bit awkward for me whereas sacrificing 3 bullgryns or 3 sentinels makes more sense to me…

      I’ll give it a few more tries with the bullgryns and if that doesn’t work I’ll switch back to the Platoon.

      I’ve been making some interesting lists with Yarrick as well, I might give that a try sometime 🙂

  5. yea… i originally wasn’t into the idea of throwing away any units really. but the more IG fluff i read, the more im ok with it hahaha. also the more games i play, the more i’ve learned that losing most of your models is pretty much inevitable.

    I’m trying to think of the shooting required to take down 30 guardsmen vs 3 bullgryns (dont want to pay the points for 6 bullgryns and i dont want to pay the money for another box just to add 1 or 2). might be a bit equal. the bullgryns would be way better in assaults, but the blob would be better at shooting (especially if you throw in autocannons and buff them up with orders). the blob would die to mass low strength shooting, but no one would waste high strength high ap shots on them. the bullgryns would probably survive most volume/low strength shooting, but will die relatively easy to high strength/high ap shooting. but would need to be stripped of 9 wounds. If an opponent tries to shoot down the bullgryns, they will waste high strength high ap shooting on them instead of using it on IG armor. if opponent ignores the bullgryns and just goes for the tanks, they will be shooting at tanks with a 4+ save (3+ with camo netting) and potentially putting their own troops in danger of a bullgryn charge. i see the points value in bullgryns being in these ‘intangibles’ more so then their pure durability and offense.

    definitely want to try sentinels one day, but that’ll probably be in the way future. Yarrick is on my Christmas wishlist! haha.

    1. The way I look at it, its tough to compare a 30 man blob to 3 bullgryns. I would suggest its easier to compare 3 bullgryns to a full space marine tactical squad. The tactical squad has around 10-13 attacks in CC if they’re charged, bullgryns have… the same. Bullgryns are swinging S5 T5, Marines are 4’s… Marines have a lot more shooting, but bullgryns can still inflict some serious woundage with their gauntlets, and hey, if they’re in base to base they still have a 3+ armour save while buffing cover for those around them.

      Pretty comparable eh?

      Problem is that stops being true once you start being trolled by Wraithknights and Vindicators and so on.

        1. You have my condolences. That’s a rough gig. I just watched a battle report yesterday w/ 3 of each for a tournament list, against a Bike Marine list, and the carnage was simply brutal.

          Marines wound up winning, perhaps miraculously.

          How’d you do?

  6. Mantic Zombies are stoopid cheap, my friend.
    Proxies are your friends…
    Although I feel you if you play in a GW store…not sure what their policies are, but showing up with a mostly 3rd-party stuffs army is probably kinda awkward!
    There’s just no way I would use Cadians as Conscripts…sheesh that platoon STARTS at 20 guys, and doesn’t really make sense to field until you get to like 30-plus dudes.
    20 Conscripts fall to a breeze. 30-plus with a Commissar stick around for a couple turns…and that might be all they need to do.
    Just shield my tanks, fellas…everything will be cool.

    Sigh…coffee and I’m off to work.
    Lovin’ da blog, bro. Keep up da good werk!
    Great name fer a blog too. Points fer extra silliness…

    1. Y’know, I should have known better that when you said “Zombie Conscripts” you meant, actual, literal zombies. Shame on me.

      I haven’t painted up my veterans any differently than my regular platoonies, specifically so I can make the units interchangeable, so if I wanted to at this point I could field 10 Vets and 30 painted Regulars… That number will increase over time to be sure… Not sure if I would paint the conscripts differently than the platoon, just in case I wanted to use their bodies in an apocalypse game of some kind.

      *sigh* Generalist paint jobs suck, but give me the best bang for my buck without going into the proxy or ‘plays as’ market… Which might yet be on the table…

      Glad you’re likin’ the blogs, means I’m doing SOMETHING right. Grimdark needs a bit of a reality check (read: silliness) every now and again.

      Go fight the good fight!

  7. mission was the scouring. lost the game 6 to 3 VPs. I had Warlord, Linebreaker and one objective. Opponent had Warlord, linebreaker and first blood. I missed First Blood by a hair, which would have been a 2 point swing. I was bottom of the turn, and on top of turn 5 (last turn of the game), my opponent vector locked my flyer, so i couldn’t drop to hover and let out platoon command which would have scored a point (and taken one away from him as he had a knight on it), AND he rolled a crew stunned result on my chimera which was 6″ away from taking another objective. So…. i suppose it wasn’t *that* bad. I decided at the start of the game that i would pretty much assume i wasn’t going to be able to kill much, so i focused fire his flying warlord to get the point. my hope was to have vets in chimera take one objective, the chimera take another objective and best case scenario have the flyer in hover take one and the platoon command inside take one. everything else would be in my deployment zone and die turn by turn. this was my first game against a knight or a flying monstrous creature….so i was proud of myself for being able to have a game plan, stick to it, and almost pull it off. obviously, the game didn’t have a “fun” factor to it. as I wasn’t really fighting (more like desperately trying to roll 6’s and running away), but it was educational. On turn 4, i didn’t have a shot on any of his flyers, so i moved my vendetta 18″ and took a hull point off a knight. i should have just stayed out of range and grav chute the PCS somewhere to set up for a move+run on turn 5 to grab an objective and drop to hover and hopefully grab another objective with the flyer. live and learn.

    1. Sounds like an entertaining game against a challenging list! So long as you learn something!

      Just remember with the PCS dropping, you can order yourself to MOVE MOVE MOVE, or shoot and THEN run. That’s saved my bacon several times. As often as it saves me, I forget that they can issue orders.

      1. derp. haha. thanks for the reminder. would have helped. i actually grav chuted them hoping that would scatter closer to the objective. they ended up not scattering so i needed to roll a run of 6″, but rolled a 1. that was only my 3rd game with the flyer and the first time i actually disembarked the PCS haha.

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