Deathstorm? More Like Plasticstorm

Welp…  I dove in.  I had always thought about running some Blood Angels in with my Imperial Guard, because every now and then all a Guardsman needs is to be shown it IS possible to turn Xenos into a messy, chunky paste in close quarters, instead of the other way around.  The idea hinged around a Death Company Dreadnought (Mr. Stompy’s big brother), some Death Company (a wood-chipper squad), and a Reclusiarch being taken as allies.  Just so happens this box checks two of those boxes, and takes it up a notch by including 5 termies and a Unique Captain!  Not bad!

I’ve also been rolling ‘nids around in my head for the past 3 months, and when this boxed set came out, I couldn’t resist.  I can tell already this’ll be the start of something huge.  My orks are weeping.  I just wanted something to break the monotony of the green and tan.  Unfortunately the Greenskins didn’t fit that billing… 😦

I have never seen so much plastic in one box before.  Glorious.

Seriously.  I got lots of 'work' ahead of me :)
Seriously. I got lots of ‘work’ ahead of me 🙂

Picked up the box on my lunch break, came home, watched some TV with the wife, and now Mr. Stompy has one more thing to worry about.

LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!  Damn that broodlord is badass.
LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!! Damn that Broodlord is badass, although I reckon it doesn’t take much to sneak up on a Sentinel.

Anyhoo.  Company Christmas party this weekend hopefully I won’t walk back home in 6″ of snow without my shoes like I have in the past… Christmas tree hunting on the Sunday…  They’re wily sometimes, so it might take me a bit…  Which leaves Monday evening for a game.  We’ll have to see how this shakes out….

Take care all, and happy Plasticstorm!

3 Replies to “Deathstorm? More Like Plasticstorm”

  1. Lucky so and so I had almost decided to buy it when it sold out on the webstore.

    That broodlord in the first pics gonna get squished by that bullgryn 😉

      1. Not got as far as table but I did get the ravenguard out of the cupboard and that’s more of a mission than it sounds and did a few repairs my legion of the dammed didn’t survive the hyposleep intact and a new bottle of superglue was bought.

        Been scheming a few lists what I could put on the table now which is gonnabe 3 tactical squads in rhinos another a storm raven couple of min scout squads in storms Shrike and some vanguard vets and a stern guard squad in a pod.

        Or what I’d like to do 2 tactical squads in storms ravens 4 storms worth if scouts a storm talon some scout bikers with beacons and cheap libby to round it out but that would require buying a storm raven and a stormtalon and 2 LS storms.

        I’M also gonna need to get a legit copy of the rules and some time to learn them forsome reason I needaphysical book to learn rules it never goes in reading it on a tablet.

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