Productivity Update #13 – Spawn of Cryptus

Just a quick post today, I wanted to show off some WIP’s of the Spawn of Cryptus, which I painted using the same techniques as the Carnifex from my last post (sorry, the Bullgryns keep getting pushed back…)

Generally the process proceeds as follows:

  1. Prime White
  2. Ink Druchii Violet
  3. Drybrush (heavily) Screaming Skull
  4. Drybrush (lighter) Skull White

I started going over the carapace with the Nagarroth Night inked the dark portions Violet, but haven’t really gone beyond that at this point.  I obviously base-coated the talons khorne red as well, while I figure out exactly how I’m going to go about painting them.  =.=

Not going to win any golden demons, but frankly I think it looks pretty good!  Feedback and comments welcome!


2014-12-18 23.24.51


Cassor for Scale.  This Broodlord is a big bug...
Cassor for Scale. This Broodlord is a big bug…

4 Replies to “Productivity Update #13 – Spawn of Cryptus”

    1. I read through the fluff in the Deathstorm box and the story itself actually looks really compelling. Making a strong case for me to pick up both Leviathan and Exterminatus…. *sigh* what’s wrong with me????

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