Holiday Shenanigans

Hello all!

I was hoping to write a bit more this holiday season (I’m back to work on the 5th) however things kind of got kicked off with a ‘thud’ with my long-time desktop of 7 years having died in its sleep on the evening of the 24th.  *removes hat*  She was a beautiful machine, and I kept her engine clean, but now she can’t seem to locate all of her appropriate drivers on start-up and I don’t think I can handle wiping her down again and reinstalling the Operating System for the fresh slate. 

Fortunately, the only thing I really use it for anymore is blogging, and I can now use my tablet for that, so no big loss.  This is my first post using my tablet as well so if it’s a bit rough you’ll know why…

So what have I been up to then?

Been pretty busy lately relaxing.  Heh.  Funny how that goes eh?  Time to hurry up and relax!!!

The Phodian Hive Swarm is almost completely painted now.  Working on the carapaces, guns, claws, and details now.  Should be done shortly.

You'll notice the carapace is done on the first warrior, but not the other two. Similarly, the Genestealers need to be layered up a bit more. Still, looking good!

Played a few games with them, and I’m looking forward to expanding the Tyranids VERY much.  The first game I lost by 3 bodies on the table, the second one I won by around 6.


I’ve also been busy assembling Christmas presents for my bros, who loves them some beakies.  Not my favourite flavour of plastic crack, but I haven’t touched them since the Deathstorm boxed set and before that, 3rd edition, so what the heck!!! 

For my Dark Angels bro, I got him a new Predator.  It’s fully magnetized, and will be a huge improvement over the mostly metal model he’s been using since 3rd edition (it used to be mine, before i learned how to paint things).  I love the Predator model, and they look great in larger formations.  Something about the long gun on the destructor model makes it look super badass.  Pantheresque, maybe.


For my Blood Ravens bro, I got him a Hunter / Stalker.  This is a neat dual kit, and can easily be both if there’s a Rhino he’s not using with the hatches not glued in.  There were *SO* many bitz and finnicky details, but I got through it.  Not much I can actually magnetize here, except the top-piece.  But this just sits in there nicely… blu-tac will do the job better than magnets would… The guns on the stalker are a bit tippy and are candidates for magnetization.  Great model on the whole.  I might paint this one up for him :).


Anyhoo, that’s about it for now, likely post a bit more later!  Cheers everyone!

3 Replies to “Holiday Shenanigans”

  1. Happy new year, Oak!
    The ‘Nids are lookin’ good, man.

    Wow- a Blood Ravens player!
    Did they ever find out who their Primarch is?

    1. Thanks Sin! It’s actually a really fun project to work on, and a great break from my Guard who were getting a bit tiresome to paint…

      They’re pretty new and fun to put on the table when compared to a shooting army. Warriors w/ Lash-whips and bone-swords, toxin sacs and adrenal glands… OOF. They brought some hurt.

      I’m glad my beakie opponent didn’t bring anything S8+. Though in light of this, I’m surprised at how quickly a Carnifex went down to 4 beakies and a Chaplain with a regular Crosius, plus a power fist.

      My other assault army is Orkz, and they don’t really benefit from high-iniative close combat ability. Imagine my surprise when a unit of Genestealers wiped a tactical squad clean with wounds to spare, *BEFORE* he had an opportunity to smack me back.

      I know I would have been messed up if they had one foot in cover… but still. These guys have some good flavour. I like it. =)

  2. Totally missed this post. Sometimes they get buried in the blog rolls! Happy new year buddy! Nice progress! I was super happy with the stalker/hunter…its so easy to swap back and forth. (I magnetized those two big guns, but that was about it!)

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