Bullgryns + Sanguinary Priest

Well, I think I’ve posted before on the usage of Blood Angels as potential allies for the Imperial Guard (I have!  Wonder of wonders).

Most of that post hinges on the actual usage of the new BA FOC, and how I *wanted* to use them as allies, vs. how they turned out with their shiny new 7th edition codex.  What I didn’t get into was any of the potential new synergies, and I had a bit of a “Come to Jesus” moment with respect to Sanguinary Priests.

These guys are characters that give out 5+ FNP and +1 WS.  Combined with a regular Ministorum Priest who confers Zealot and War Hymns, you got yourself a unit of S5 T5 beasts re-rolling hits and possibly wounds in close quarters (Emprah’s Angry Song).

So… Bullgryn Deathstar anyone?


I know Reecius from Frontline Gaming has run at least one video batrep featuring an Ogrynstar with Azrael giving them a 4++ save, which would be re-rollable in assault if the Priest gets his hymn off (Emprah Protects).  But Azrael is a good chunk of change…


The Sanguinary priest presents as a poor man’s Azrael at approximately 30% of the price.  He has the durability boost, as well as +1 WS for an added bonus so you’ll be hitting WS4 on 3’s.  Handy!  Obviously S10 would remain a concern, but you probably wouldn’t run them into a dreadnought anyways right?  Right.

How about the application of each of these Angelic HQ’s…?

For the Priest’s allied detachment, if you want to throw in some Death Company, why not?  These guys come stock with 5 attacks on the charge and 5+ FNP anyways…  Add in a 5 man scout unit and you’ve got yourself a perfectly acceptable Allied detachment.    Fully equipped you’re looking at about 350 pts for the HQ, Elites, and 5 Scouts, which is fairly reasonable, considering you’ll be using abhuman auxiliaries as more than just blocking units… and you have access to one of the game’s finest wood chippers.

I... Wish I could say I made this image.  It's... *too* perfect!   Aggressive feed, indeed!
I… Wish I could say I made this image. It’s… *too* perfect! Aggressive feed, indeed!

For the Dark Angels with Azrael you could take the same scouts, but there isn’t really one thing that I’d be tempted to take (except perhaps a unit of expensive DW Terminators) to round out the Dark Angels allies option.  When added to the price of Azrael himself you’re looking at a solid 500+ pt. allied detachment, for 6 models.  300 if you go the scout route.

But back to the Bullgryns themselves…

Taking the 4++ approach, you wouldn’t need to spend the 5 points per model to upgrade for slab shields, adding to your firepower slightly, but also wouldn’t gain from the additional value that the slabshields give augmenting cover saves…

The bullgryns do give you the additional versatility as well…

You can start to mix-in some power-mauls, so they swing at S7 and start instant-killing T3 models and presenting a legitimate threat to most vehicles.  More, if you give the Priest meltabombs (which I think you should be able to do, right?)

You’d be looking at more than just a blocking unit at that point, you’d be looking at an INTIMIDATION unit.  Bully-gryns.  Or just Bullgryns.

Brute Squad

Conclusions: I might need some more Bullgryns.


14 Replies to “Bullgryns + Sanguinary Priest”

  1. Yay more bullgryns

    Funny thing I got to this post from the hop blogroll but when I just come to your site this and your last batrep arn’t there

          1. There’s always some idiot out there feeding the pigeons, despite the multiple signs and spike strips and feet-zappers and such…

            I guess that’d be me in this instance.

        1. Yeah I know but I have to continue my streak of choosing poorly supported tech platforms it all started with the BBC Micro and hasn’t improved since then

          1. I went to school across the road from the BlackBerry think-tank. Suffice to say I’m pleased when they do well… but they’ve been really missing the mark lately. All of my colleagues are fleeing SmackBerry like Rats from a stricken freighter. =(

            I had a blackberry for a good long time and loved it until I ‘accidentally’ dropped it off of a roof of a tall building. When I got an iPhone 4S it was all over. Had it for years and no real need to upgrade. Not nearly as durable however. =(

            Anyways…. enough of that. =| Poor R.I.M…..

            1. My BlackBerry bold is still in a drawer as my back up phone for when I inevitably break whatever flimsy pos I’m using currently battery still holds a charge for 3 days 6 years down the line and it’s just indestructible.

              I actually like my BlackBerry Playbook tablet quite a lot it fits in the inside pocket of my coat has proven to be very durable has lasted almost 2 years now battery’s still good my Android tab by comparison didn’t make it 6 month’s. The control are all intuitive and it does everything I need it to do to be fair that’s mostly just trawling the net and commenting on hobby blogs :-). The only downside is that you don’t get the same level of support in apps and games that android and I-pay get.

    1. Yeah, they’re a riot. A huge distraction, and they look absolutely badass while doing it.

      Between them and the Armoured Sentinels there’s always some heroic awesomeness going down.

      Of course, now I have to actually finish painting them. Heh.

    1. They really are the perfect soldiers, when you think about it. When regular ‘umies get to thinking, you need to put someone who doesn’t think in with them. Commissars *BLAM* and Priests *SING* and such.

      Bullgryns just need someone to protect and off they go!

      Like Minsc and Boo!

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