Highlander League Starts Today!

The LGS is hosting a Highlander League.  This’ll prove to be an interesting time!!!  Rules as follows:

  1. Only 1 of Each Codex Entry (although I’m not sure how this works for dedicated transports, will confirm)
  2. No Allies
  3. 1,500 points
  4. FW models to be vetted by opponent

That’s about it.  At the end of 6 weeks, whoever has the best record out of the players at the store will have one of his units voted off.  For example, if i play my way to first place, then people have the option of voting Pask off the island.  I would then be forced to defend my title.  Kinda brutal eh?

Anyways, your list needs to be set ahead of time, so this’ll be mine.  You’ll notice it has sparks of the 1,850 I’ve been mucking around with.

  • Punisher Pask w/ Lascannons & Multi-Meltas, Camo Nets
    • Vanilla Russ Bro
  • Priest
  • Commissar
  • Infantry Platoon
    • PCS – 3x Flamers, 1x Heavy Flamer, Lieutenant w/ Power Fist
    • 2x Squads w/ Krak Grenades, Sarges w/ Melta Bombs
  • Veterans:  3x Meltaguns, Chimera w/ Hull Heavy Flamer, Krak Grenades
  • Armoured Sentinels [x3]: Multi-lasers
  • Bullgryns [x3]
  • Vendetta
  • Manticore
  • Wyvern

Simple, eh?

I’ll report back once this thing gets kicked off good and proper.  Cheers all!

5 Replies to “Highlander League Starts Today!”

  1. A priest AND a Commissar. Wow- you seriously won’t be having morale issues with both of those guys around!
    Can I ask why the Vanilla Russ? They’re outrageously overpriced this Edition. Is it for Beakie killin’? It kinda vexes me that the best Beakie killin’ Russ is so expensive, points-wise, but since there’s so many to choose from…meh.

    Looks like a fun list fer causing mayhem Guard style. go get ’em dogz!

    1. Yeah, I don’t like surprises. The only two units I have on foot are rock solid. Bullgryns & Priest, Commissar & Platoon.

      Like the Demolisher, there’s something visceral when people are looking down the barrel of a Vanilla Russ. It forces the opponents to spread their forces out or face the consequences. While there are certainly more cost effective options, like the Dakka Eradicator, for example, the Vanilla Russ just… Scares people.

      –Oh, and the Secret Santa at the LGS just concluded, and I now have an awesome badass looking Swarmlord. I’m pretty stoked about adding this to my Nids. Once the Trygon arrives on Tuesday I’ll be pretty close to 1,000 points for LULZ. 😀

  2. Remember to bring your stapler for repairing partial neck severs and I’d wear the full kilt and sporran:-)

    Good luck mate look forward to a full report

    1. Thanks DC! I might rock the Kilt yet.

      Knocked out some Necrons in a very bloody affair today. Unfortunately time wasn’t my ally and I didn’t take detailed notes and my pictures are sparse, but it won’t stop me from parsing together a bit of an AAR like I did last time.

      You’ll be pleased to note that the Bullgryns pulled their weight though, wiping out a unit of 14 warriors with Oberyn in support in a single round. (SERIOUSLY).

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