My Resin Nightmare

So, this is my first real experience with a largely resin miniature.  Settle in, and allow me to regale with details of a modelling nightmare…

**somewhere distant, in a snowstorm, a single burst of thunder cracks.  That’s right, THUNDER SNOW.  I doubt there’s a single thing more terrifying**

Well I can think of a few things that might be considered....
Well I can think of a few things that might be considered….

Alright, I’m getting a bit dramatic.

Point is, I had no idea how to build a resin model, and I kind of made it up on the fly.  I think I built it from start to finish about 3 times.  My fingers were caked with super glue.  I was scared to pick up my phone to take pictures.

Nothing fit.  I’m not used to this.  Everything needed to be sanded, bent using hot water…

I had long, angry rants on the LGS’s facebook page, distraught text messages to fellow hobbyists.

Well, apparently all my angst and ravings was worth it, because gettaload of this puppy.

MUAHAHAHAHA — time to bring the rain!

Specifically, I ran into clearance issues with the gun up against the roof of the canopy.  The canopy was warped into the cabin, so when the gun was unable to elevate beyond 25 degrees vertical and couldn’t depress below 15 degrees.  Each time the gun was moved, the entire canopy would pop off.  The back hatch wouldn’t fit.

I tried to remould the canopy around 3-4 times, to no avail.


I lowered the gun-deck to create more space.  Got rid of that ammo stowage area that looks so badass, and opted to close the back hatch permanently.

Here’s some pics in progress (again, didn’t want to super-glue my phone, so this is about it…)

NURRR.  Nothing fits, sadness.  You can almost see the deflection in the canopy.
NURRR. Nothing fits, sadness. You can almost see the deflection in the canopy.
Dry fitting the canopy.
Dry fitting the canopy.

That’s about all she wrote here folks!  I’ll paint her up and off we go!

DC – if you’re reading this, the bullgryns are next I promise.

16 Replies to “My Resin Nightmare”

  1. I’ve never done a full forge world vehicle model just infantry and I’ve got a rhino with the Ravenguard upgrade front and doors but I’ve heard some real horror stories a guy I used to play with, got the Caestus Assault Ram and it didn’t have one unwarped piece took him 3 months to get it straightened out and assembled.

    I’ll be watching for the Bullgryns

    1. Yes, I can see why, with that Assault Ram… I think that individual models would probably work great with resin, because if it’s slightly warped you’re not going to notice too much, it just adds to the pose.

      Metal Boxes on the other hand, and particularly *detailed* metal boxes, often have very tight tolerances in order to even fit together without popping everything off.

      I mentioned over at Dornstemplar that it really has me second-guessing buying anything larger in Resin until I get more practice in. I have always fantasized over a Warhound, Avenger, and a Knight Castigator. Those models are AWESOME. It was a bit of a reality check to have a simple basilisk go this awry this quickly.

      Stay tuned, Bullgryns get some loving tonight 😀 (granted, at GMT -5:00 so you’ll probably be checking back tomorrow)

      1. Yeah I’ve got a bit of a warhound fixation too (but get twitchy and scared by thought of assembling and painting it)ever since I read betrayer man id love to have Syrgaleh romping around the table if you’ve not read betrayer go out and buy it today it’s one of the best HH novels by far matched only by the first heretic might be a bitbof a Aaron Dembski Bowden groupie though.

        This is an old post but one of the best things I ever read about the love of 40k

        1. That was a good read! Thanks DC!

          I haven’t really gotten into any of the associated novels or the expanded universe or whatever. I get the feeling that it might be too grimdarky for me, and I might be laughing my way through the novel, because I can’t take it seriously.

          Well, that’s my fear anyways. A day may yet come when I cave to the outside pressures… (and it’s not just you I’ve heard that from!)

          1. Some of the novels deserve to be laughed at steer clear of battle for the abyss but the first 3 or 4 books in the horus heresy series are brilliant

            I have to confess to being a fluff bunny though andnot just in 40k I love a good background and with out it to immerse myself in I kinda lose focus/interest.

            I’m curious is it just the models and game that got you into 40k?

            1. In not so many words, yes, models and game. The fluff supplements the models and ties everything together, but it isn’t what drives the hobby for me.

              In many more words:

              Growing up, from a very young age, every saturday my dad and I would set up shop on the kitchen table and work on a plastic model kit. I still have a few of them. The USS Arizona was (/IS) my favourite, by far. Took us around 2 months to put together and paint. After a while, he stopped helping me and I kind of started taking the initiative on these building projects. I built an F-14 Tomcat which had to be a foot long, several other boats, the Space Shuttle, stuff like that.

              I never painted any of the models I did myself, because the model was good enough to look at, and my paint jobs always detracted from the overall aesthetic. My poor Avro Arrow bore testament to that fact. 😦

              Late into grade school (so….~13 years old), my friend got me a box of tactical marines, and I kind of went from there. I was actually encouraged to paint my models now, because all of my friends sucked at painting too, and ANY colour was better than no colour on the table-top. The game drove the creativity, which drove me further into the game, and back and forth.

              In some ways, I’m allergic to the fluff. I can’t play an army that takes itself too seriously. This instantly blows anything in power armour out of the water, and most Eldar stuff. In other ways, I think the fluff is friggin’ awesome. There’s a part in the ‘Nid Codex where it describes “The Eternal WAAAGH”, or Orkz vs. Nids into perpetuity. Man, I love stuff like that. So cool.

              1. Ok so it the broad strokes of the fluff you like rather than the individual tales of heroism.

                Hmm interesting I feel a post coming on 🙂 well after the one I’ve written that scheduled for tomorrow morning

                1. I think that’s a fair assessment DC. Even when I was writing my own fluff for a narrative campaign it was more about the exploits of my troopies than it was about my Warlord and characters.

  2. Lolz!
    Ah, we’ve all been there, bro.
    It came out cool-lookin, though, so that’s ultimately what matters.
    Permanently glued Tentacles is my constant state of being.

    1. Thanks Synn! I consider this a victory based on the fact that it’s being held together right now by glue, and not some eldritch incantation (I was looking up something… appropriate online as a fall-back option). Perhaps a Pyrrhic victory, but a victory none-the-less.

      Now my life can resume. Everything was on hold and in crisis mode until I figured this thing out.


      1. Well I had a nasty encounter with a Vulture gunship about three months ago, but I was lucky enough to get help from my local GamesWorkshop Manager assembling it and it wasn’t too bad from there on out.Painting it is another problem in itself.

  3. Well it wasn’t really a resin specific problem,but the main fuselage area connecting to the cockpit was a few degrees off at a slant so myself in my moment of wisdom got out a hack saw and sawed a chuck out of it :D.As I said many visits to my local games workshop later it turned out great.sorry for the late reply, I was busy!

    1. No worries! Me too! Been a busy week, to be sure!

      I’m hoping to add an avenger some day, but this experience was a bit off-putting. I need a better approach strategy next time 😀

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