Weekly Roundup

Hey all!

Been a bit of a busy week for me, but here’s a brief synopsis of what I’ve been thinking about lately:

Firstly, I had my Dark Angel bro over for a painting session and a quick 1,000 point game against my Tyranid list.  It’s not often the bugs are outnumbered by MARINES on the table top, so it made for an extremely interesting game.  By the end of it I had one fifth of The Swarmlord and a fully healthy (and angry) Carnifex, while he was down to one third of an Interrogator Chaplain armed with the Monster Slayer of Caliban and a Nephelim Jetfighter.

I was using my phone to crank out some tunes that day, so I have zero photographic evidence.  I learned some lessons about fielding the ‘Nids, and it just reinforced the need for Gribblies, rather than fielding 3 Monstrous Creatures and calling it a day.    (Note: Genestealers don’t qualify as gribblies.  I cried when 5 of them died to Black Knight Overwatch… it was tragic)

Artist's Representation
Artist’s Representation

Which brings me to my next little thought process:

I’ve taken a page from Mr. The Admiral Drax and created a purchasing priority matrix, because the decision making process has been a little bogged down lately with effectively 2.5 armies on the go…

THUS:  The Oakenpriority Matrix.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 07.51.12


Some things needed to be rejigged on account of Canadian Price brackets, most of the really cool kits are $60+, but there are many options below that.

You’ll notice the top priorities are being placed on many MANY gribblies.  The first 60 in fact.  Anything after that is just gravy.  I also use the single box price as opposed to the LOLBOX because that’d blow up my hobby budget for 3 months, and I have problems staying accountable that way.

You’ll also notice that the Sanguinary Priest and two teams of scouts also rank pretty highly on that list, and that’s because I wouldn’t mind being able to field the Blood Angels as an allied detachment or their own special snowflake detachment.

So once my post-Christmas buying moratorium is up come March, you know what direction I’ll be headed.

In terms of my painting progress, I finished the Bullgryn’s Priest!  Woohoo!

2015-01-28 19.59.32

One last thing before I take off for the morning:  You should check out this video battle report from Miniwargaming.  It’s produced long-form, showing all the dice rolls, but you might recognize Matt’s opponent from a few battle reports in this blog…  It’s really well done…  and of course, Clarence did what Clarence do.  😀

It looks like I’ll be driving down to play Matt sometime in March, so stay tuned for that!

That’s it for now guys.  Cheers!

16 Replies to “Weekly Roundup”

  1. Gribbles gribbles everywhere is how a Tyranid army should be. How the Trygon get on (ha poetry) although I really can’t get to supportive of Xenos particularly when faced with the robed beakies of the righteous Imperium suffer not the Xenos to live is a bit of mantra for me 🙂

    I like the gryn notations on your chart 😉

    1. Yeah, me and a friend had a good time making that one. He’s always trying to convince me to get a small force of Sisters, but as you can see they’re defaulted to the lowest possible value on the chart. HEH.

      There’s more that scrolls off the bottom but you get the jist. 😀

      I walked the Trygon into battle, because I didn’t have enough bodies on the Board and wanted to potentially take some of the focus away from The Swarmlord… He walked into combat with the black knights and interrogator chaplain with 3 wounds remaining, and was instant-gibbed by that damn sword. To be fair, it was absolutely hilarious.

      The game was meant to be a fun testing ground for some of my newish MC’s, and it really was a hoot. Next time I’ll be deep striking the Trygon to be sure.

        1. The priest really makes that unit, in my opinion. A necessary 25 point tax 🙂

          My moratorium is partially to do with the painting queue, although I’m almost through it. It’s more to do with blowing my hobby budget so badly in November and December…

  2. You put the Swarmlord in a 1K game?
    That’s almost mean, although he is a lil’ on the slow side.
    Gribblies are great for holding Beakies down until the heavy hitters can arrive.
    Very few people will line up directly across from Swarmy.

    1. It was pretty priceless. He hacked down 10 tactical beakies in record time, and flipped a rhino. 😀

      It wasn’t really a serious game, more for lulz than anything… And many laughs (and whiskeys) were had… 😀

  3. Great work on the priest. I really like his face! If I had any suggestions, it would be to possibly pick out the little rope on top of his cloak so the tone stands out slightly from his tabard! Other than that, color choice is great, and looks great!

    1. That’s a good point… I had contemplated using a brighter yellow, because a dull yellow (like a tallarn sand or similar) probably wouldn’t do the trick… Sometimes I simply forget to do some of the smaller details like this. =/

      1. Well that is the nice thing about doing models like this. Can always go back and add a tiny touch later. I recommend doing so after the model kills something suitably epic.

        I threw purity seals all over my ironclad after he killed fateweaver :).

  4. Holy smokes Oak, you must be staying up late smoking hobby crack and just banging this stuff out. Awesome post; just one suggestion/request: Do you think you could move your tweet box on the left to below the recent posts/move recent posts to the top somewhere? Haha it’s not a big deal, just annoying to scroll down for it. Keep up the awesome blogging dude! Really enjoying it

    1. yeah, I keep pretty busy for the most part… There’s something in the model glue, I swear…

      Re: Your Suggestion

      I like it!

      More functional, particularly with the “Featured Photo” set up this theme uses, you could be scrolling for some time before you hit the content you wanted in the first place. Thanks for the suggestion!

          1. Don’t mess up your site on my account It was what passes for humour in my head or was it! “do it DO It Nooow” er sorry sometimes I have little meglomaniacal moments er nothing to see here move along move along 🙂

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