Squad Markings & Battle Preparations

I’m kind of everywhere all at once in my hobby just now, flitting back and forth between Nids and Guardsmen with relative ease.  Victimized yesterday by my painting were those 10 Guardsmen I was bragging about paint *so* quickly back in… NOVEMBER?!  what the hell man?  You should have finished those dudes before moving on into EVERYTHING ELSE SINCE.

Oh well.  They’re approaching done now, if you’ll excuse the poor lighting in this photo…

Just have to paint a few grenades and canteens around the belt, and obviously their bases... but the hard parts are definitely done.
Just have to paint a few grenades and canteens around the belt, and obviously their bases… but the hard parts are definitely done.

And y’know what?  I got brave.

I started putting some squad markings on the right shoulder pad.  I was tired of squinting at each model and trying to figure out if he was a Veteran or not, that kind of thing.  SO, here’s the Order of Battle for an as yet unnamed Cadian Regiment (unofficially the Ca(na)dian Guard).



Able Company HQ (A.0.0)

  • 1st Platoon HQ (N/A – Veterans)
    • A.1.1 – Mounted Melta Veterans
    • A.1.2 – Mounted Melta Veterans
    • A.1.3 – As yet unbuilt
    • A.1.H – Heavy Weapon Squad (Lascannons)
    • A.1.S – Unassigned Weapon Specialists (Flamers, Melta, Plasma)
  • 2nd Platoon HQ (A.2.0)
    • A.2.1 – 1st Squad
    • A.2.2 – 2nd Squad
    • A.2.3 – (unbuilt) 3rd Squad
    • A.2.H – Heavy Weapon Squad (Autocannons)
    • A.2.S – Unassigned Weapon Specialists (Flamers, Grenade Launchers)
So it follows that these models are from Able Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st Squad.  Clear as mud?
So it follows that these models are from Able Company, 2nd Platoon, 1st Squad. Clear as mud?

On the left pad, I was considering putting divisional / regimental ID, but I honestly haven’t gotten that far yet.

The other thing I’ve been up to is agonizing over a 2,000 point list that I’ll be bringing down to Welland with me in order to play Matt from MWG…

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Pask Punisher, Lascannon, Multimeltas, Camonets
    • Vanilla Russ Bro
  • Company Command Squad: 4x Plasma
    • Chimera, Hull Heavy Flamer
  • Priest
  • Enginseer
  • Commissar
  • Veterans: 2x Melta, Flamer, Krak Grenades
    • Chimera, Hull Heavy Flamer
  • Veterans: 2x Melta, Flamer, Krak Grenades
    • Chimera, Hull Heavy Flamer
  • Infantry Platoon
    • PCS, Powerfist, Heavy Flamer, 3x Flamers
    • Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Meltabomb
    • Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Meltabomb
  • Bullgryns [x3]
  • Hellhound
  • Armoured Sentinels w/ Multilasers [x3]
  • Vendetta
  • Wyvern
  • Basilisk, Enclosed Crew Compartment
...and here's what that all looks like.  I'm like... 6 models and one tank away from having this list fully painted.  *WOW*.  Time flies, eh?
…and here’s what that all looks like. I’m like… 7 models and one tank away from having this list fully painted. *WOW*. Time flies, eh? Obviously a lot of basing to do, but at least I have 10 done!!!

There’s a couple of things that I’m rolling around in my head right now, and those are the merits of swapping out the CCS (180 points!!!!) for something like Scions w/ Taurox Prime, and the Hellhound for… well… just about anything else.

I guess in my most recent games I keenly felt the inherent problems with not having orders on the table to do fun things like strip cover (with Plasmaspam) and generally making the infantry blob more flexible.  The Hellhound is always nice for a psychological terror, but I find it’s very vulnerable to assaulters… as is just about everything else in my list (with the exception of the Senties and Bullgryns).

What do you think…?  Any room for improvement there?  Let me know, hit me up whatever!

Cheers all!

10 Replies to “Squad Markings & Battle Preparations”

    1. Cheers!

      You must be referring to “Trooper Blobby”, the blob trooper. Yeah, he’s a thing. The poor soul can barely move from a veritable parka of layered paints, or “Tests”. I don’t take pictures of him He’ll stay in my bottom drawer.

      There’s totes nothing else down there by the by… *shifty eyes*

      1. I might have a box that fulfills a similar purpose went through several different formats to paint black on my ravenguard before I settled on one I liked.

        The last part of chronic Pandering is up now if your interested 🙂

        Oh that list needs a few more Bullgryns 😀

  1. I’d probably upgrade the wingman to a plasmacutioner, drop the Bullgryns (so overpriced. Mostly useless. Sorry) for another Russ and throw in some conscripts instead.
    After that I’d double up on one of the arty pieces and dump the single. Double Wyverns seem well hated…
    Not sure if you’re trying for ‘fun and friendly’ or ‘I’ll eat your face’ though…

    1. Plasmacutioner is definitely on my shopping list… It is definitely the most ideal given on Pask’s skillset. I typically run the Vanilla out of necessity… It’s that or the Vanquisher the way I have it modelled.

      I like the Bullgryns because you need something different to kill them effectively. The same things that are effective in killing my 20 man blob won’t necessarily do it for the 3 man Bullgryns. Having said this, I could fit 50 Conscripts for the 3 man team. Yikes…. Maybe if/when I get more modelling done this’ll be a possibility…

      I’m not sure if I could do Double-Wyvern. not in good conscience. not yet. Man, a *single* wyvern can wipe out a unit of beakies with some good rolling, a double-wyvern would just be insane. INSANE. body-parts and giblets flying everywhere. Even the heartiest of Khorne Berserkers would be impressed, I’m sure.

      SOOO… I can tell you 50 Conscripts aren’t going to happen before the end of March (realistically). But if you had to choose between another Demolisher, Wyvern, or say… a Taurox Prime (for them tempestoning scones), which direction would you go?

  2. first of all. im super stoked to see you on mwg. love their batreps (dave and matt both). the list looks pretty solid and fun. i hear you on the CCS tho. i’ve played one or two games without one and there’s always at least 1 turn where i miss the senior office orders. hellhound is good infantry and having something fast is great for maelstrom. if anything you could swap the hellhound for taurox prime with scions. i dont think that’s equal points, so you could ditch one plasma on the CCS and maybe change your armored sentinels for scout sentinels and outflank them? not sure if the points still add up then….but i dunno. like i said list looks fun.

    i did play my first game with bullgryns (small 1000 point game) and they were the all stars. soaked up lots of shooting. ran their way to the relic and held it for the win (surviving a few rounds of close combat against the enemy warlord). not only that, but lots of ppl stopped by and were happy to see them on the tabletop (albeit….still grey…).

    1. The orders really are a BIG feature. I’ve been rolling around putting Yarrick in with one of the Veteran Squads in order to keep the order machine mobile with the weapons that need them.

      I think I will wind up switching out the Hellhound for a ‘Rox Prime and Scions, because the Scions can control objectives beyond the life of the transport. 2 units are better than one, and the volume of fire out of the scions is potentially far greater with likely similar results. Twin-linked everything on the Taurox prime also makes it a viable FMC killer as well, whereas the Hellhound can’t touch the FMC’s.

      I’ll work it out in the end, but I need the Sentinels to be armoured because AV 12 on the front makes them exceptional at absorbing damage in assaults. It takes specialised weaponry to knock them out.

      Which brings me to your comment about the Bullgryns.

      *EVERYONE* underestimates exactly how hard it is to remove those guys from the table. And that is where they excel. Sooner or later I fully expect someone to catch on and simply shoot them off the table, but that means that they’ll be spending a full turn using all of their ordinance shooting at bullgryns as opposed to something *really* important like Pask, the Chimera Veterans, or the Artillery.

      They’re more than just a ‘throwaway’ unit, they’re friggin’ champions.

      Stay tuned! Looks like I’ll be part of a Narrative Campaign which’ll get kicked off shortly.

      1. yea…front armor 12 definitely does wonders for a cc tie up unit.. and you can take long range pot shots early game. admittedly i dont have sentinels yet, but once i finish buildling/painting anything i own currently (which at this rate will be quite some time), those are next on my list!

        and we’ll see. i think the internet won’t catch on on bullgryns, because the internet seems to fixated on spammy spammy tourney lists. which i think will always have large conscripts with a priest or 2 attached. it’s just not practical from most gamers, and so for every other game, bullgryns will probably be winners (or champs to use your wording!). For relic, i parked them in front of a chimera to give it cover and marched both ‘gryns and chimera towards the relic, but depending on the mission, they can just as easily be parked in front of artillery to be on body guard duties.. excited to get mine painted up and back on the tabletop.

        narrative campaign and mwg game coming up. sounds like you’ll be having some fun times! g’uck!

        1. You can actually also wedge Bull/Ogryns *INTO* a Chimera now… Which is against the fluff in previous editions, but might be useful at some juncture. I haven’t gotten that far yet.

          Lotsa conscripts are definitely challenging from a modelling perspective — I have a hard time getting motivated to paint a 10 troopies at some decent standard and shudder to think about having 50-100+ on the table at once.

          I say this as I get ready to go out and expand my ‘Nids to include Gaunts =.=

          And thank you sir!

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