Weekly Roundup: Hoth Edition

Hey All!

(EDIT: Full caption of the image is “Dachshund through the Snow” — it got trimmed… 😦 )

I’ve been alerted to the fact that it’s been about 8-10 days without a blog post from me, which is unheard of.  I’ve had a lot on the go, but not much of it has been hobby related.  I’ll initiate list protocol to summarize:

  1. Work.  Yep, it’s been a busy week at the office as I’ve been polishing off that ‘to-do’ list.  It feels fantastic to be wrapping up most of my projects, with only one or two of them coming under the scrutiny of potential litigation.  oof.
  2. KSP.  I’ve been Kerballing up a storm lately, launching my rockets into orbit.  The career mode is absolutely glorious, adding many much needed parameters in order for me to really dive head-long into it.  SUBLIST:
    1. Finances.  You need monies to build rockets, pretty self explanatory.  But you also need monies to upgrade “Houston” to add serviceability and expansion potential.
    2. Built onto the point above, several of your facilities have limits with respect to how big your rockets can go.  Think you’re a big man?  Try to design a Munar Lander with 18t maximum and 30 total parts and limited science.  It gets easier when your science gets bigger (Bigger fuel tanks means fewer parts!) but in the early game it’s quite the design process.  It really turns my Engineering crank, if you get my drift.
    3. Time.  You have contracts that you might want to achieve which include a time parameter.  Some much needed science and reputation rely on the timely delivery of these things, but at the same time your program needs to remain viable, so priorities need to be set.
  3. Boston.  I drove into this frozen hellscape from Toronto late Friday evening, and have been here visiting some of my lovely cousins and family down here.  They said they had an insane amount of snow, but I wasn’t expecting this much.  Having limited shovelling duties up north in Toronto (I have a path with about 100sf total surface area), I’ve been helping shovel them out down here while catching up on my Marvel movies, playing card games and watching the puppies play.
I had less snow working bush camps in Northern Quebec than there is presently in Boston right now.  Insanity.
I had less snow working bush camps in Northern Quebec than there is presently in Boston right now. Insanity.

There are a couple of things that I’ll mention peripherally with the intent of getting into more detail about both of them later:

Firstly, I’ve been peripherally helping beta test “The Battle Directory“, which is a web app that helps format and provides a posting platform for battle reports.  Obviously the functionality is that you can browse through all the reports in one place, which ultimately might make my blog posting battle reports obsolete.  I’ve already posted one report from a game I played last week out there, you should check it out and give me some  feedback!

Secondly, I’ll be participating in a Narrative Campaign with SmackTalkYo (or Travis, as he’s commented on my site several times).  He’s got his own blog up here, in which we’ll be documenting and reporting our progress.  There’s quite an elaborate set of campaign rules that we’ll be running from, so I fully anticipate some awesome epicness to ensue.  I’m pretty dangerously stoked about this, because it’s been in the works since before November.

That’s about it guys, stay frosty out there.


3 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: Hoth Edition”

    1. It really is quite a lot of fun. I landed something on the moon using a lander with 30 parts exactly. I did the biggest of happy dances. Now to get to Minmus!

      I just re-read this… Do you not have a regular compy? Just the BB Tablet…?

      1. Yeah my laptop gave up the ghost about a year ago but I’ve not missed it much I’m not really much of a techy type and mostly I just surf the web and I’ve got pretty good with the touchscreen keyboard I manage to get all my blog post done on it and the predictive text seems to have learned my style poor poor thing ruined for anyone else.

        I’ve got all 3 xbox’s to play games on and honestly pooters just fuck me off most of the time why arn’t you working today I stopped being interested when you couldn’t use dos anymore windows was a foly I’m an unusual nerd I know not being very tech savvy 😀

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