Weekly Roundup: Footguard Edition

Hey all, it’s been another slow-ish week for me in my hobby, due largely to business being after hours, and my recent addiction to launching green men into space (for SCIENCE!)

On a totally related note, HAPPY NEW YEAR for those on the lunar calendar.
On a totally related note, HAPPY NEW YEAR for those on the lunar calendar.

Yesterday I had a battle at 1,250 points against a Footguard player, which was really interesting from my perspective because it made me think about my own army a bit differently.

His list more or less looked like this:

  • CCS
  • Primaris Psyker
  • Infantry Platoon
    • PCS, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher
    • 2x Infantry Squads with Lascannons and grenade launchers
    • Mortar HWT
  • Infantry Platoon
    • PCS
    • 2x Infantry Squads with Autocannons and grenade launchers
  • Veterans w/ Carapace, 2x Plasmaguns
  • Veterans w/ Carapace, 2x Meltaguns
  • Leman Russ Demolisher, Hull Lascannon
  • Leman Russ Exterminator, Hull Lascannon, Heavy bolters.
  • Manticore

Against My list which was seriously peared down from the usual (no Vendetta, no Manticore), and adhering to my Highlander List lately for no particular reason…

  • Punisher Pask, Multimeltas, Lascannon
    • Vanilla Russ Bro
  • Infantry Platoon
    • PCS w/ 3x Flamers & Heavy Flamer, Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer
    • 2x Inf. Squads w/ krak grenades, Sarges w/ melta bombs
    • Commissar
  • Veterans w/ 3x meltaguns, Chimera w/ Heavy Flamer
  • Bullgryns
    • Priest
  • 3x Armoured Sentinels w/ Multilasers
  • Wyvern

Seeing the Demolisher and Manticore across the board from me was like a nightmare, with around 175 points tied up in 3 wound T5 models, but that fear never really came to fruition with all the shots directed at them scattering off wildly.

Most of the damage inflicted on my list was inflicted first turn.  A Manticore missile scattered off of a Chimera and into Pask & the Vanilla Russ, stacking up 5 hits on the unit.  Hitting on side armour, the Vanilla Russ was blown away, but Pask’s Camo nets saved him from being knocked down to 1 hullpoint, allowing him to survive until Turn 5.

The Wyvern was blown away before having an opportunity to fire, having its (ample) cover stripped away by an order from the Company Command Squad.

My first Chimera went up in the same turn, to Autocannons from the Exterminator.

All in all, the game was an uphill battle for me but I managed to pull it out largely because I lucked out on objectives and remained more mobile than my opponent across the table.

Oh, and Bullgryns are badass, but we knew that already.  They easily won me the game.

So here’s a list of things I really enjoyed about watching the Footguard play:

  1. Absolutely frightening firepower.  Orders are the wild-card.  Heavy weapons can be buried just about anywhere, and spamming the Command Squads can really distribute orders quite effectively.
  2. Board Presence.  There are zero places to really get in against a horde list like this.  Fitting deep strikers *ANYWHERE* would be tough.
  3. Morale Control.  While this didn’t really factor in too much, it would be relatively easy to throw a few Commissars or priests into the mix.

Here’s a list of things I didn’t like:

  1. Mobility.  He didn’t have any units that could move more than 6″ per turn, which is a big problem if you’re in a shooting war, and there’s Maelstrom objectives.  This is somewhat mitigated by the fact you have so many separate units on the table, you can always leave one behind in order to stay on the objective.
  2. Resilience.  Although this can be taken as a bit of a given, spamming out T3 models like no tomorrow, you’re going to be removing them with a shovel once some dedicated assault units make it in, or someone starts shooting you with an insane number of dice.  I had a punisher cannon in my army, and it wiped out a unit per turn (when it was in range).  This is mitigated somewhat by the fact that there were SO MANY units…  Having heavy weapons teams being instant-killed by S6 guns (e.g. – multilasers) is a huge problem as well.

I’ve yet to draw any real conclusions from this experience, but I’ll keep you posted if something were to change in my philosophy.

Based on some previous discussions on my 2,000 point list, I added this guy to my arsenal, because I wouldn’t mind adding more Scions in the future and their rides are pretty kick-ass.  They’ll likely be replacing the Hellhound.

Naturally, it has the gatling cannon to fit my design philosophy of throwing MANY dice at things.  And the TL-Volley Gun to make Marines weep.
Naturally, it has the gatling cannon to fit my design philosophy of throwing MANY dice at things. And the TL-Volley Gun to make Marines weep.

Anyways…. that’s it for now…  Cheers guys!

8 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: Footguard Edition”

  1. I’m curious to see the Scions and Taurox in action.
    There’s some conversion kits for the Taurox out there that make it ‘not so bad’ looking, but I dunno, man- The Prime seems crazy overpriced when you start putting guns on it, but at 50 points, the regular Taurox almost seems like a steal.
    I’m crazy curious. Lemme know how they do!

    1. I don’t mind the look of them, to be honest. In pictures there’s no size comparison to the other guard vehicles, thus the real “cuteness” is kind of lost until it hits the table top.

      I think the prime is a bit of a steal for the pointage given that without allies the guard are very slow. In terms of what you’re getting, you get a less durable hellhound with more dakka and more flexible shooting, plus transport capacity (with 3 doors!!!) and a built in dozed blade. This at a discount as well.

      I’ve heard it said that the scions play like “imperial dark Eldar” and I think this will play to fruition. Looking forward to seeing them hit the table too!!!

  2. You know this whole time I kept wondering why you weren’t updating your blog, cause I kept seeing the same bat rep photo in the cycle wheel, then I scrolled down and felt like an asshat.

    Well time to make up for that! I actually like the taurox in person. It looks a bit silly in photos, but looks fine on the table. We tend to take things out of scales in photographs sometimes!

    1. Yeah — I just keep my batreps up there in the “Featured” section, but ever since Trooper brought that new Battle Directory online I haven’t been posting as much lately… 😦

      You nailed it on the head with the Roxes btw. I don’t mind ’em at all! Looking forward to testing it.

  3. I always quite like the taurox although I’ve always like the models that other people don’t for example I love the space marine flyers the Storm and raven I think they have that apache and A10 warthog thing about them so ugly there good looking. Conversely or possibly inversely I’m not keen some that others love the Wraith Knight I think looks power rangery and I’m not keen

    1. “Power Rangery” — I like that! I’ve never really looked at them that way before, but I’m inclined to agree. It kind of fits in their progression though, bridges the gap between a Wrathlord and a Revenant titan, just like the Imperial Knights bridge the gap somewhat between Dreadnoughts, Dreadknights, and Warhounds and the other (HUGE SHOULDERED) Titans.

      I’m going to write a post about list building for A-10 Warthog aficionados soon. I’m looking at the humble Punisher cannons as a design philosophy…. heh.

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