Battle for the Cadian Gate – Prelude & Campaign Month 1

So I’ve alluded to this in the past, but the Battle for the Cadian Gate actually started last night.  We played through one month of the campaign in the space of an evening, and if all nights are like this one, then it’s gonna be a riot.

The webpage with the ruleset we’re using is located here.

Generally, with fewer words, you can run your heroes around the map using mobilization points, and/or need them in order to execute another character or retreat if you don’t mind giving up ground for free.

Requisition points are used to attack, and you’re effectively allowed one per turn.

The map is set up like a railroad, with some of the planets having several nodes we can duke it out over.  Each one of these nodes offers some bonuses if they’re occupied by one of your characters.  You don’t necessarily need to take the entire planet before plowing into the next one if that’s how you want to roll.  The only thing that allows you to by-pass a planet entirely is a Spaceport, which slings your character (and his army) 2 planets away.

In this case, I won the initiative (there’s a dice-off every campaign turn), and took the unoccupied spaceport on Solar Mariatus, right under the nose of Horus Jr. with Sgt. Slab, the Bullgryn Bone-‘Ead turned master strategist (seriously, he picked the “Outflank D3 Units” trait).

Sgt. Slab was also assisted by a small force of Dark Angels who want to make sure no one is left alive to speak of their heresy  DEFINITELY BE THERE FOR MORAL SUPPORT AND STUFF.

Slab and the Brute Squad started rooting out the heresy from the Starport, and 100,000,000 souls were purged in the name of the Emperor.

Horus Jr. was none-too-pleased with losing his Spaceport, and put it under siege culminating in fierce fighting.

2015-02-26 20.04.32

The Black Legion attackers took early casualties from the Guardsmen’s Entrenched positions.

2015-02-26 20.21.01

The fighting was intensely violent, the old grudges of the Long War being pitted against the secrets of the Dark Angel’s Inner Circle.

Casualties for the Guard were catastrophic, and once the Legion closed there was little hope of survival, particularly after the Chimeras were destroyed.

The siege ended with last-minute heroics from the Dark Angel Chapter Master Eleazar.  Locked in a challenge with Horus Jr., with the final ounce of energy he toppled the Chaos Champion.  Sgt. Slab and his Bullgryn retinue meanwhile duelled with the Slaaneshi Terminators with Lightning Claws, the last one expiring to the repeated bludgeoning with the Ogryn’s Slabshield.

Only the Hymns of the Emperor kept the imperial forces alive, and the blinding, concussive blows from the Axe of Redemption.

2015-02-26 20.39.00

With the Imperial forces barely holding on, and in desperate need of ammunition and reinforcements, it’s not clear if they will have an opportunity to re-arm.  You can rest assured that Abaddon will not take the loss of his Second-in-Command sitting down, and will likely launch a counter-attack in short order.

The Brute Squad and Dark Angels dig in, waiting for inevitable retribution, as they sit with their prized hostage.

Stay tuned for the second month of our Narrative Campaign!

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