List Building Gymnastics: BRRRRRRRRRRRT Edition

Hey All!

Today I put together a couple of lists I wouldn’t mind sharing, and wouldn’t mind to get some discussion going about them… So if you’re reading this, I’d appreciate some comments down at the bottom of this here page (after the break…)

So without further explanation, lets get to it!

2,000 point Astra Millipede w/ Tempestening Scones

  • Knight Commander Pask, Lascannon, Multimeltas
    • Punisher Bro, Heavy Bolters all round
  • CCS: 4x Plasma Guns, Chimera w/HF
  • Commissar
  • Infantry Platoon:
    • PCS: 3x Flamers, 1 Flamer, Power Fist, Chimera w/ HF
    • Squad 1, Autocannon, Krak Grenades
    • Squad 2, Autocannon, Krak Grenades
  • Veterans: 2x Melta, 1x Flamer, Taurox
  • Vulture Gunship: TL-Punisher Cannons
  • Avenger Strike Fighter: Autocannons on hardpoints
    • MT CS: 4x HS-Volley Guns, T-Prime w/TL-Gatling
    • MT Squad [x5]: x2 Meltaguns, T-Prime w/TL-Gatling
    • MT Squad [x5]: x2 Plasmaguns, T-Prime w/TL-Gatling

I think the point of this list is desperately clear.


3 Full Punishers (one of them Rending, two of them with Preferred Enemy, and one of them Twin Linked)

  • The Avenger is a dakka machine w/ 7 shots at S6 AP3
  • 3 TL-Taurox Gatlings
  • 3 TL-HS-Volley Guns
  • 4x HS-Volley Guns on foot with MT orders built-in. (Twin-linked or Rending?  Yes please!)

The way I see this list playing out is simply erasing anything that steps within 24″ of you.  It might struggle with heavier armour, but there are 2 fast moving units of meltaguns present in order to help you out as a last resort.  Assault is also an issue, but there are simply so many units to kill if the Guard player keeps them spread out it should be a shooting gallery.

Roll this.  Twice.
Roll this. Twice.


Alright, I was cruising on BoLs (groan) and found an actually fun article (miracle of miracles) with respect to using Gribblies effectively.


Leviathan Detachment:

  • The Swarmlord (too cool a model not to use)
  • Tyrant Guard Brood: 1x Crushing, 1x LW & BS
  • Trygon: Toxin Sacs
  • Trygon PRIME: Toxin Sacs
  • Carnifex:  Stranglethorn Cannon
  • Genestealers [x6]: Scything Talon Upgrade
  • Genestealers [x6]: Scything Talon Upgrade
  • Rippers

Endless Swarm Formation:

  • 12x Hormagaunts: Toxin Sacs
  • 12x Hormagaunts: Toxin Sacs
  • 12x Hormagaunts: Toxin Sacs
  • 12x Devilgaunts: Adrenal Glands
  • 12x Termagaunts: Adrenal Glands
  • 12x Termagaunts: Adrenal Glands
  • Warriors [x3]: Boneswords, LW & BS, Rending Claws, 3x Scything Talons, Venom Cannon


Idea here is pretty simple and fluffy.  Everything starts out on the table except the Trygons (duh).  Trygons come on Turn 2 (thanks to the 2+ reserve roll from Swarmy!).  Any Gaunt unit from the Endless Swarm come back on from the tunnels formed by the Trygons!

I tried to balance out the Gaunt’s loadout… The Hormagaunts already have fleet and need to go hunting things with toughness.  The Termis need to go hunting vehicles with 10 on the rear.  Swarmlord kind of stomps around on the middle of the Board and provides maximum synapse.


ANYWAYS — What do you think?  Fun lists to try?

9 Replies to “List Building Gymnastics: BRRRRRRRRRRRT Edition”

  1. Yeah, but the thing about using an Avenger in the first list: You have to visit and purchase one first 😉 Other than that it does look like quite the ferocious list! I like how you accounted for the missing chimeras by bringing a Commissar.

    1. Yeah, with regular troopies I tend to keep them on foot. The added leadership is enough to keep them useful (orders go through on a 9 instead of 8) and where they need to be (*BLAM* if necessary)…

      I guess you’ve not played me when I used them before, but believe me, they’ll sneak their way in eventually. Maybe when you work your way far enough into Cadian Space that Commissar Potapenko will show his face…

      My bank account weeps when considering the Avenger. There’s also a Vulture in that list, for double Forgeworld pain. 😦 Between those two models it would account for…. 4-5 months of my Hobby budget as it stands currently…

  2. Theme lists are the best. It never matters if they are competitive or not, you’ll have fun regardless! The A-10 list brings a smile to my face :).

    1. I think even Ork Players would be begrudged to admit… “That’s a lot of Dakka.”

      I wouldn’t mind playing it a few times before I decided whether or not it was ‘competitive’. But it’d be super fun to play. 😀

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