Weekly Roundup: Boats Edition

Alright.  So.  Uhh…  Monday…

Need more coffee.......
Need more coffee…….


World of Warships is glorious.  Late Thursday I was accepted into the closed Beta.  In all my free time, I have done nothing else.  It’s terrifying.

"...but I thought you loved us, Oak..."  =.=  Guilt is a fickle thing.
“…but I thought you loved us, Oak…” =.= Guilt is a fickle thing.

It kind of sucks that my painting table is immediately adjacent to my computing table, and I have these guys staring at me the whole time.

….and then there’s this guy…

We can haz walk naow plz?
“We can haz walk naow plz?”

NO!  Dammit, I’ve almost gotten out of the Tier 4 Myogi… in a bit!  …OK fine, but then we’ll be looking at another 4 hour BOATS marathon.

If you’re interested in the game, look me up.  My handle is Oakenhawk (duh) and I can field up to a T5 battleship as of right now (the featured image is my present ride… :D).  I’ve yet to take it for a spin though, as I only unlocked it this morning right before work.

You need only watch stuff like this to get hooked…

Yes, it’s been that kind of week folks.

I was able to pry myself away from the high seas for long enough to play 2 matches against the Chaos of Smacktalkyo for our Narrative Campaign on Saturday.  That was nice.  Always a good time!

2015-03-14 15.05.14


2015-03-14 15.04.57


Some other things to watch out for on the horizon — my game over at MWG with Matt is presently scheduled for Friday.  I’ll probably be firing off a few tweets from that game, so you could give me a follow if you’re interested in that (@Oakenhawk).

Annnd I’ll probably be playing a lot more boats.  😦  I’m predictable that way unfortunately.

Stay tuned.

11 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: Boats Edition”

  1. Sigh.
    Ah, grinding.
    Iz like, da werst kinda crack evar.
    Excepting actual crack, of course.
    But yeah it’s awful.
    And yet- you keep going until the sun cracks the horizon and enlightens yer shame.
    Must get thicker curtains…

    1. Yeah, grinding can be bad. When it comes to my boat-dorkery however, It’s not as apparent as tank-dorkery. “M3 Lee? What is this crap?! Want a friggin’ Sherman!”

      With boats this is lessened somewhat because the boat is what the boat is. The T3 boats have a real chance of really messing up T5 stuff because there’s such a huge disparity in roles. BB’s have to wait 30 seconds between salvos, and thus can’t be bothered to fire at DD’s and sometimes CLs.

      But DD’s can 1-shot BB’s with about 6 torpedoes if you let them go…

      So there’s a lot of good strategery going ons…

    1. I did that twice last night. There’s a lot of discussion that TORPS ARE OP in the forums, but frankly if you let a destroyer be that close to your wallowing whale of a ship you should check yourself.

      Whenever I play BB’s I typically have a good friend of mine playing a solid Cruiser to keep the DD’s and Torpedo bombers away. He’s a good guy. 😀

      1. They should be OP! Torpedos = ship death. It’s called history, not overpowered :). I think people just want to drive around in the bismark and imagine they are invulnerable…and they are, vs other ships….

        1. You nailed it on the head. “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!” Doughbrains.

          I’m most looking forward to the KM and RN releases when they eventually arrive, so I can Bismarck (sigh, yes, I’m one of *those* guys), but I also want to HMS Nelson, King George V, and try out a Tribal Class Destroyer.

          My Grandad served on the HMCS Haida, a Canadian Tribal class. He counted whales while operating the Sonar systems. 🙂 he wasn’t there for the whole war, but certainly for some of it.

          1. That’s really cool! One of my grandfathers was in the pacific, but only my sister knows what he did. My other grandfather was deployed in france, and was an engineer. His notebook is constantly bitching out the germans for blowing up generators.

            1. Heh. It’s interesting thumbing through those wartime journals.

              My great uncle wrote back home in a code to beat the censor. He was a bomber wing pilot, and was very excited to start flying Lancaster bombers. He couldn’t say as much, so he merely mentioned that he’ll be flying planes named after a street his best friend lived on. Which of course everyone knew back at home… Most of his letters home were very up-beat and jovial, considering how the war was going in 1941/42…

              Shortly thereafter he was shot down over the English Channel by night fighters on the return home. He’s buried in the Netherlands.

              My great grandfather’s memoirs from WW1 on the other hand are absolutely horrific. He was in the infantry (Canadian Scots if memory serves), survived one of the first gas attacks of the war (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Battle_of_Ypres), and was taken as a PoW, which is better than most from that particular battle.

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