Paintcation Update: Day 1 & 2

So here we go!  Above you’ll see an overall project status shot.  You’ll notice not much got done.  *sigh*

This weekend was particularly busy with rehearsals and running around and visiting family and such, so I had about 2-3 hours to put in total.  In that period of time I got some work done on the Hormagaunts and Swarmlord.

Here's where I was as of late Saturday evening.
Here’s where I was as of late Saturday evening.
and here's where I'm at now.  Reds are done, and the Carapaces are more or less base-coated.
and here’s where I’m at now. Reds are based, and the Carapaces are more or less base-coated.

Those three white guys?  Yeah, I ran out of primer as I was doing this batch.


Fortunately I have more Gants coming down the pipeline so they’re not going to stay white for too long.

I’m running into some issues painting the Swarmlord however…  I’ve got some indecision when it comes to painting his swords of conquest, in particular the demon blade and the Eldar Wraithsword.  I want them to look like their own individual faction, however I’m not confident that things in the blue-yellows or green would look good, given that my model itself (and indeed my army as a whole) doesn’t depart much from the Purple-red-white spectrum.

These swords are awesome, but it's gonna be the death of me.
These swords are awesome, but it’s gonna be the death of me.

SO…. Very open to suggestions to make this work.  Post up below.

I’m going to shift my focus to the Imperial vehicles right now, try to get them based in so I won’t feel terrible to use them in games this week, and give you folks some time to help me out with my sword issue above.

Cheers guys!

6 Replies to “Paintcation Update: Day 1 & 2”

  1. I’d look into using some of the highlight colors for the bone swords as possibly primary colors for the conquest blades. You should have enough colors there to choose from when determining how you want those swords to work.

    1. The boneswords I tend to layer up in reds and then give it a once over with Ushabti to give it that organic look. Think I should use a Tan or a light red…?

      The reds on the wraith sword would correspond to… Siam Hann? those guys are jet bikers? Maybe a dull yellow would work for the eldar sword? If I made it blood stained that might tie it in with the over-all colours of the model a bit better…

      How about those Runes on the Chaos sword…? I figure Black might be a good primary colour (obsidian?) with green runes… might be able to get away with green because it’d be so minor. Some of my poison sacs I’ve been doing green also.

      1. In this situation, I’d consider laying out the paint on something other then your model to test. Prime something else and just work through your color ideas, and see how it flows. (sketching or painting on paper would also work). It can help the process, especially if you are really visual like I am.

        One thing I have learned, is it is generally not the best to have a single instance of one color on a mini. Either it should be repeated somewhere else (with a highlight), or come from the same color families. Otherwise creating a color which greatly varies in tone or warmth from the rest of the color scheme will great a large contrast spot that draws the eye. Great if you want them to look at a models face, not so good if its a sword off to the side. (unless the story is about the sword).

        1. I wonder if I could use the brighter Iyanden yellows, and then just dull them down to the point where it kind of fades into the background. Not a loud bright “BAM! I’m here!” kind of thing, but something you’d have to kind of squint at: “Oh, hey, that’s an Iyanden sword. Neat.” Similarly with the Chaos blade but I think that’ll be easier.

          The thought just occurred to me that I could use a pink highlight on the chaos sword and get away with it. (because that’s what the Carapace will be done in.)

    1. I’ve been watching Dave G’s colour composition blog posts rolling in and saw all his multi-colour marines and I’m trying to put that into practice 😀 This is an interactive way! Thanks Zab!

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