Radio Silence….

Hey all,

Been really quiet on this front since the Paintcation ended… My final tally was WELL shy of where I wanted to be, but I wound up ‘losing’ Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday to family get togethers.  Which isn’t really a loss when you get down to it.  It was lovely to see everyone.

Now this week, I’m preparing for an accreditation exam being held on Saturday.  I (shamefully) failed the first one, and have been studying a lot more than I usually would in order to CRUSH IT.  For great justice.

Anyways, hope to get back in the saddle, or painters chair, or on the tabletop soon.

In the meantime, enjoy an adorable picture of my dog (and his pig) to help you through the dark times.

Please pay attention to me...?  And my pig...??
Please pay attention to me…? And my pig…??



6 Replies to “Radio Silence….”

    1. Right? All that “putting up with me for 25+ years” and “feeding me all the prime ribs i could possibly eat”. You’d think they’d have some consideration and that I’d much prefer to play with plastic mans but NooOOoOooOOoo….

  1. Huh. That’s been my life fer the last three weeks too. And now I’m on-call again this weekend and i gotta go to a barbeque my buddy Francisco is having in Brooklyn.
    I hate having to go to Brooklyn voluntarily. Blah.
    Ah, waddayagonnado?
    It seems silly to complain about hot dogs, hamburgers, excessive drinking and hanging out with the boys, but dammit my Planetfall minis just showed up. I wanna mess around with ’em…

    Good luck wif da school work, man.
    Cute doggie.

    1. Thanks Greggles! It’s not *really* schooling though, it’s a Professional Accreditation Exam… so I can add the letters “P. Eng.” after my name instead of EIT (Engineer in Training).

      Hopefully I passed it this time (I wrote the exam Saturday.)

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