So You Want to Kill Some Necrons…?

I’ve had a few goes at the New Necron Codex and have been utterly curb-stomped twice and had some pretty good results in another.  I had drafted a few posts that never made it to the front page that were along the lines of “WHY WON’T THEY DIE?!?!?!” but really statistics are to blame here and I don’t really need to get all emotional and butt-hurt about it.

At what amounts to a 4+ / 4+++ (Reanimation Protocol) a regular warrior only has a 25% chance of dropping from taking a single wound when inside of a Decurion Formation.  Stack that up to a Space Marine, who has a flat 33% chance of dying…

Immortals at 3+/4+++ would have a 16% chance of going down to a single wound, which is on par with a Terminator at 2+/5++, and if something’s throwing AP2 in your direction the Immortal becomes *more* survivable (although the Terminator is decidedly more effective at withstanding AP3 weaponry).

You can kind of see where I’m going with this…

You want to to kill some Necrons?  Spam the AP3.  You *really* want to see them dead?  Do it in close combat.  As an added bonus, if you can get it up over Strength 8, you’ll drop more of them.

What you're *NOT* going to want to do is get yourself completely surrounded by living-metal, horrific space mummies.
What you’re *NOT* going to want to do is get yourself completely surrounded by living-metal, horrific space mummies.

So what are some ideal weapons for Necron Killing?  This list is by NO MEANS comprehensive.

  1. Boneswords.  AP 3, striking at initiative >2, and rolling 6’s to wound cause Instant Death and a penalty on a Necron Reanimation Protocol Roll.  What’s not to like?  Tyrant Guard (T6 3+!!!), Tyranid Warriors (You can take all the Scythes you want, you still can’t instant-kill me in close combat!), Hive Tyrants, whatever. Leadership 10 and not having fearless is a huge draw-back for the ‘Crons, and if you can manage to kill 5+ there’s a good chance they’ll be broken and wiped out in the Sweeping Advance.
  2. Anything with Lightning Claws.  I don’t need to elaborate here.  They might be more effective than Boneswords even, because you’ll ultimately be able to stack up more wounds.  Bonus points if you use Blood Angels Terminators, because Furious Charge and I5 will do you some good.  Same thing applies above with respect to the Sweeping Advance.  (You may reconsider spending 250 points on a Land Raider however, because Necrons laugh at armour…  Storm Raven, maybe….?)
  3. Leman Russ Battle Cannons.  At Range, a huge pie-plate of Necron squishing death.  Less effective at knocking out vehicles because you still have to get through their Quantum Shielding somehow, and ultimately it is a single shot that can be jinked…  Stay out of 24″ range to stay alive.  Seriously.
  4. Basilisk Earthshaker Cannons.  Same as the Leman Russ but without all of that armour stuff (not like it’s gonna help you against all that Gauss anyways) and requiring Line of Sight.  S9 gives an added bonus if you happen to want to punch out Quantum Shielding on Vehicles as well.  STAY OUT OF 24″ RANGE.  Hell, stay out of 36″ range!  Do it!
  5. I hesitate to suggest Manticores.  I really do.  S10 AP4 makes then a good shot to knock out Quantum Shielding or a warrior blob, potentially a GREAT shot, but I’m having real problems getting the shots to land where I want them to these days, and 170 points is a big price to pay…  Maybe I’m just spoiled by Wyverns….
  6. Grey Knights – remember to charge your force weapons…
  7. As for Xenos Types, I’m a bit less knowledgeable with them, but I’ll take a stab at them anyways…
    1. Orkz – Keep doin’ what you doin’.  Nobz w/ PK buried in many bodies will serve you well.  Bury some Painboyz and have your own orky Reanimation Protocol.  Avoid using expensive walkers and wagons, and get in there and krump them!  Be aware that Wraiths and Flayed Ones will be deceptively hard to take out, and it might take a lot more than you think to kill them…
    2. Eldar – Uhhh….  hmm….  Wraithy-things…?  These are weapons that remove from play, if I recall……. If there are any experienced Eldar Players out there, let me know your thoughts!
    3. Tau – AHA!  This I can speak to a bit…  Fire Warriors aren’t going to get the job done as much (hunted by tomb blades) so I might lean on Kroot as a cheaper troops option.  I’d include at least 1 Hammerhead (for Quantum Shielding) and a Skyray to help keep the sky clear of enemy baked goods, and provide marker-light support.  Missilesides will do well for warriors caught in the open, and pummel Wraiths into submission.  Keep the Hammerhead popping Quantum Shields (at least… Ap1 against open topped vehicles?  Oh baby…) and the Missilesides mopping up the survivors.  For extra lulz, add a pair of Riptides.  The Necrons deserve it.  I feel like the Tau wouldn’t even break a sweat when it comes to Necron Killing…
DO:  Unleash the Swarmlord and 2 Tyrant Guard with Lashwhips and Boneswords into 20 Warriors and wipe the unit.
DO: Unleash the Swarmlord and 2 Tyrant Guard with Lashwhips and Boneswords into 20 Warriors and wipe the unit.

General Rules of Thumb:

  1. Take nothing for granted.  When Necron dice go hot (and there are a lot of dice to get hot), you’ll be crying for mamma.  Keep your composure, and try again.  Eventually those dice will go cold and you’ll start dropping them.
  2. Keep vehicles out of Gauss Range.  This might seem intuitive for some, but keep in mind my Warlord (PASK) often tops out at about 24″ range.  Gauss will tear him to shreds, and no AV is safe…

    Equally effective on tanks.
    Equally effective on tanks.
  3. Target the Ghost Arks first, if you can.  Once you get one to jink, move to the next one.  This will be 30+ Gauss rounds you avoid for the next turn, and will significantly improve your own durability.

That’s about it for now, those are my general thoughts, and hopefully it helps some poor soul from getting tabled like I did the first time I played against the new Necron Book.  It’s quite strong, but not unbeatable.


Happy Tomb Raiding!

14 Replies to “So You Want to Kill Some Necrons…?”

  1. I want to kill everything then grind up the remains into small pieces and burn them

    But I might just be short on sleep less than half way through my work day and a bit grumpy

    1. Yeah, those are at the Miniwargaming Studios, where I was getting absolutely keel-hauled. =| One of the better Boards I’ve played on (notwithstanding our campaign table).

  2. A note about the str 8 stuff…this won’t do anything if they have an additional modifier to their Reanimation rolls.

    You do the “addition and subtraction” first, then apply the set modifier.

    So if their default roll is 5+, and the decurion makes it 4+, and then a cryptek makes it 3+, it gets set at 4. 5 – 1 – 1 = 3 then Set modifier to 4. (can’t be lower then 4)

    Instant death makes it one worse.

    So you still end up with 4. 5 – 1 – 1 +1 =4, then set modifier to 4 (can’t be lower then four).

        1. In the only game I played against the spyder he was on the receiving end of a lashwhip / Bonesword and wound up being ID’d. That would have been T3 or 4. Venom cannons were doing a good job of keeping the critters numbers down… 😀

  3. Well it’s my first game in months this week and it’s against Necrons, when I google ‘how to beat Necrons’ this post is on page one. I’ll try the Leman Russ Spam, thanks for the tips!

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