Battle at the Cadian Gate: Month 3

This past weekend I had the privilege of launching an assault on the forces of Chaos, the full report of which can be found at this here website which is run by the minions of Chaos…

He’s taking a lot of very epic pictures these days, and the write-up is pretty solid.

Here’s a few pics to whet your whistle…

2015-04-26 15.53.01


Infantry Marchin'

Scions Assassinatin'

Vendetta Swoopin'

2 Replies to “Battle at the Cadian Gate: Month 3”

    1. I never felt like I was out of it, and I feel pretty good of what I got done…

      Things I killed:
      -10 Terminators (!!)
      – Cultists (many)
      – Raptors (more than several)
      – “Regular” Chaos Marines (more than a few)
      – Land Raider
      – Sicaran
      – Rhino (LOL)

      Things I should probably work harder to kill next time:

      – Hell Blade (I shoulda jinked the Vendetta….)
      – That awful butchery mess of a Contemptor (he nabbed Cassor, pummelled the Stormsword, wiped the Scions, and wound up getting Warlord!!!!)
      – Little Horus………………. Skin of his teeth……… Can’t believe Cassor whiffed that meltagun shot, and then both the plasma gun shots from the Scions…….. next time….

      I’m plotting for the next game now… ehehehe

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