Here’s a Picture of a Hammerhead

I have no real good reason to post it.  I just found it in my dropbox and wanted to share.

I painted it in 3rd edition before I knew what washes were, or how to drybrush.

Since I’ve picked up the game again as of a few years ago, I’ve gone over it again with a light drybrushing to add some depth of the colour.  You can really tell over top of the lettering I used on the nose.

Anyways.  “Black Betty” will likely be carved up and fed to my Orkz in the future sometime.  They loves them some Tau bitz.

EDIT: WOAH HEY, this is also incidentally my 100th post here at The Meadow.  MILESTONE!  *cracks open celebratory whiskey.*

6 Replies to “Here’s a Picture of a Hammerhead”

  1. Hey! Congrats on the anniversary! 100 posts now that’s commitment! Tau and Orks and Nids Oh My! Tau and Orks and Nids Oh My! Tau and Lions and Bears oh my!

      1. sheesh 100 posts, nice work Oak!

        Also, that hammerhead makes me wish I hadn’t sold a buncha my tau to Beat Ronin ^^; Still got some XV15 though but man, that colour scheme is awesome cuz it’s simple and works.

        1. Thanks Warlock! I wasn’t even trying, really. Works out to a post once every 3-4 days or so, which I guess isn’t bad for a hobby-blog.

          It was a pain in the ass to get the maroon colour. I had to mix brown with red at a specific ratio to get that colour, because I used it in broad swaths of my army… And of course when that pot I mixed ran dry, I had zero motivation to mix up another…

          Regardless, I was packing up for University then anyways, and all of my models were shoved into my closet never to be seen again until 2013…

          The fire-warriors in this army didn’t look terrible either but again, I had no idea what I was doing with respect to washes, highlighting, etc…

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