Miniwargaming Video Batreps are Up!

Remember when I mentioned that I got absolutely rocked by Necrons at the MWG Studio? Here’s the proof.

Although overall I had a great time throwing dice, ultimately I couldn’t take too much pride with how my Guardsmen did. They’ll have to come back wiser, and stronger.

MWG has some pretty awesome studios, and it was a bit of a brain twist to see a highly organized and professional organization existing solely because of plastic mans.  Crazy.


Here’s a highlight reel!

1:50 – Shoutout to the House of Paincakes “Astra Millipede”
3:00 – Matt’s “Bane” impersonation
15:30 – First dice roll of the game….. Nurrrr……
1:00:00 – Vendetta Madness…….

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