Battle at the Cadian Gate: Month 4

A couple of weeks ago I was assaulted by the forces of Chaos, the full report of which can be found at this here website.  Abaddon brought a Lord of Skulls with him this time around, and wanted to cut into the heart of the Cadian system.

Sgt. Slab, on the other hand, had other ideas…

I’m loving this campaign, and it has all the hallmarks of what will be a drawn-out engagement…

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, in the lead-up to this battle, I was presented a gift from my opponent.  A hand-crafted Scion conversion for Lord Castellan Creed and his loyal Colour Sergeant Kell.  He did an awesome job with them and I’m looking forward to painting them up.

2015-05-24 20.52.04
Be wary of Tactical Genius.

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