Revisiting that Whole “Allies” Thing…

This post was brought on by doing some quick math as it pertains to my Blood Angels project:

Holy shit.  I have 1,500 points of Blood Angels.

The intent was always to have a nice little fluffy contingent of Red coloured Blood Angel face-rapists/lunatics to offset my green/tan Cadians, whose close combat strategies lie solely in the “They will suffocate in piles of our corpses” territory.

I’ve mused about this before…  The synergy tactic would be to include them in games around 2,000 points as a shock-troop or trap-door spider, let them get close to the Cadian lines and then *insert sounds of a chainsaw massacre in-progress*.

Anyways.  Here’s a shot of my desk as it is right now:

Left to Right: 2x 5 man tacticals (for obligatory troops) plus Razorback / Rhino, Deredeo, Cap'n Karl and Tactical Terminators, Cassor the Damned, and 9x Death Company in various loadouts...
Left to Right: 2x 5 man tacticals (for obligatory troops) plus Razorback / Rhino, Deredeo, Cap’n Karl and Tactical Terminators, Cassor the Damned, and 9x Death Company in various loadouts…

So when I did the math, there’s a full army here, weighing in at about 1,500 points.  Granted, not a very good one, but it could really wreck some face if left the opportunity.  I could also run it as a Baal Strike Force Detachment + Deathstorm Formation if I wanted to really ruin some poor Tyranid’s day.

The problem is, I don’t see this slowing down very much…  I’ll kind of zoom in on each of the units and tell you where I can see myself going in the future:

2 Five-man Tactical squads
2 Five-man Tactical squads

Over the weekend I pulled the trigger on a box of Tactical marines.  After much deliberation, I loaded them out as follows:

  • Vet Sarge w/ Combi-Grav & Powerfist, Grav Gun
  • Vet Sarge w/ Power Sword & Inferno Pistol, Heavy Flamer

The idea is stick the shooty half of the squad (grav & combigrav) into the (FAST!) Razorback and get into a nice position.  If pressed, they’ll be able to charge into combat and wreck things with a S9 powerfist.  The other half, the heavy flamer and Inferno pistol would probably jump out of the Vendetta with the Sanguinary priest and push the issue.  Future consideration is to filling out the squads into 2 full 10 man squads, and maybe adding a second fast razorback/rhino.

The heavy equipment, the Derpideo and Cassor the Damned.
The heavy equipment, the Derpideo and Cassor the Damned.

The Derpideo provides some valuable heavy anti-flier hardware with his strength 8, AP re-rolling nightmare guns, as well as the cover ignoring S6 AP3 missile pods.  TL-Heavy flamers keep his nose clean.  Cassor can simply wreck face in assault.  He’s a pretty blunt instrument, designed to force someone to really panic to remove him from the table before he’s the one that does the removing.  In terms of adding other heavy equipment, a Land Raider, Storm Raven, or (FAST!) Vindicator stand out as distinct possibilities.

Cap'n Karl and his Terminator Bros.
Cap’n Karl and his Terminator Bros.

I’ve finished 3 of the 5 terminators which is pretty cool, I never thought I’d be able to do up a unit like this.  Cap’n Karl is a work in progress however.  On-the-table, tactical terminators aren’t really as effective as their close-combat brothers with lightning claws & TH/SS variants.  I’d be more inclined to run them to be honest, as AP2 is a bit more rare in close combat, and mixing and matching 3 Claws with 2 Hammernators at S5 and S9 respectively is pretty appetizing.  Delivery method would likely require a heavier transport (Land Raider or Stormraven per above).

Death Company.  5 of them from Deathstorm, 4 of them were painted up in my Dark Angel bro's "Order of Caliban" colour scheme.  I'll be repainting them sometime in the future.  :)
Death Company. 5 of them from Deathstorm, 4 of them were painted up in my Dark Angel bro’s “Order of Caliban” colour scheme. I’ll be repainting them sometime in the future. 🙂

With respect to more elites, I might consider adding some Sternguard, because they’ve wrecked my day one or two too many times.  They’d probably ride in one of the Razorbacks, or something.  Regular assault marines don’t really turn my crank, given that Death Company can now control objectives, and come stock with all of those awesome abilities that you would otherwise need to add a sanguinary priest to.  This comes at the price of an elites slot however, which is kind of balls.

Anyways.  What I have presently adds up to about 1,500 points once you factor in wargear.  Once you add up all of my proposed additions, I’m well in excess of 2,000 points, which is a far cry from the 500-750 points I had pencilled in before.

So perhaps I should reassess whether or not I’m still calling this project a “Small Allied Contingent”.  I could field them by themselves now.  Heck, I could incorporate my Guard into my Blood Angels as allies in a regular sized game!  Craziness!

*long sigh* It’s funny how they rope you in like that, eh?

7 Replies to “Revisiting that Whole “Allies” Thing…”

  1. That’s pretty well how allies go. You set out with an idea and that idea grows and grows. Nothing wrong with it and that’s exactly what GW wants you to do as well 😉

    My primary army is Chaos Marines and I also have some Daemons. I can run CSM w/Daemon allies, Daemons w/CSM allies, Khorne Daemonkin or any of the CSM supplements (Crimson Slaughter or Black Legion), with Daemon allies. It’s kind of beautiful that I have two armies that make a ton of valid army combos.

    1. It’s true! There are too many awesome combinations that allow for different flavours…

      It’s just always hard to tell when you should pull the plug and start working on something else. Where that finish-line is drawn. Perhaps that’s something I need to work on. I’m constantly fine-tuning and tweaking, so there’s always need of that next missing piece… It’s almost like a gambler chasing his losses, y’know?

      1. That’s how it should be though, some compelling force continually drawing you in and keeping you invested in the hobby. By contrast, I know people who have armies that are only built one way. They picked their army, created a list for that army and that’s what they did. The army never changes, never evolves and it’s just stagnant. Unsurprisingly those are the people who lose interest and either sell off their army, set their army on the shelf until it becomes viable again or just leave the game all together.

        It’s a hobby, enjoy it for its endlessness.

        1. Wise words! The hobby is supposed to be fun, and if fun for you is unleashing a horrific specified train of pain upon your unwitting foe, then you might have other issues…

          *gulp* …now please excuse me while I go buy 6 gun-crabs.

          1. There are definitely multiple aspects of the hobby, which is why i think it has such a following. The birth of all the changes in 6th and 7th have really spread a ton of variability in the type of lists you can build. People are finding new combo’s all the time. It’s a lovely time to be playing in the hobby!

  2. Thats how they get ya 🙂 the other fatal move is ill just buy this to paint but now it looks so lonely up there on the shelf by its self maybe just a little retinue to keep him company 😦 yeah £300 of dark Elder later.

    However having extra armies is good for the corruption er I mean introducing new hobbyists MWA ha ha ha. I’ve got an army you can borrow for a couple of games (evil aside) soon you will have no disposable income just like me

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