What Not to Do Against Eldar

Hey all, I had a game recently against the new Eldar Craftworlds codex, in a particularly competitive game at the local LGS.  Rather that write up a whole battle report, I thought I’d summarize my thoughts on the game (spoiler alert: I lost) and vomit a up a lot of photos, because frankly those Eldars were absolutely gorgeous.

Like -- holy crap good looking.
Like — holy crap good looking.


Every possible break went my way throughout the game, Knight Commander Pask started rolling hot, the Ranged D weapons on the Llynx super-heavy was foiled by night fighting on the first turn of shooting, among other things.  Regardless of how much the dice gods were smiling at me throughout the game, I was doomed to fail from the start.

The List:

  • Autarch
  • 5x Scatterbikes (squadded in 3’s)
  • 2x Fire Dragons (x5) in Wave Serpents (missile launchers)
  • 2x Hornet Squadrons (2 in each squad)
  • Dark Reapers w/ Exarch (x4…?)
  • Llynx Super-heavy Grav Tank
  • That fortification that’s AV14 — redoubt?  I dunno.
Tricksy Eldars...
Tricksy Eldars…

The keen of you will notice that there are 9 units there that can simply pick up and move onto an objective pretty much the length of the table.  You’ll also notice there’s an obscene amount of shooting in general, much of it AP2 (hornets, brightlances, dragons, Llynx), AP3 (those reapers), and volume of fire (scatterbikes).  Everything is also shockingly durable sporting a high AV value, or having an immense jink save.

It’s just… obscenely efficient.  There’s not a single iota of waste in this list.  Each unit in that list really does have the full potential to completely eradicate one of your own units, which is a great feature if you’re going to a tournament, and every unit has the ability to zip across and nab an objective.

So here are some Do’s and Don’t’s to hopefully help you in list crafting against a very challenging (though not invincible!) opponent:


Make full use of Reserves, particularly if your opponent has first turn and clear shooting lanes with a 2-shot D-large blast.  Maybe pick a force with some sort of Reserves Manipulation.  Make use of flying transports, deep-strikers, whatever it takes for you to get your troopies to where they need to be.

Do Not:

Expect any of your tracked transports to survive.  These are the bane of the Eldar’s existence, and they’ll be the first things to go.  If they can’t out-maneuver you, they’re effectively neutered.  Anything shy of AV12 is really going to get whittled down quickly (3 scatter bikes deal 2.6 hullpoints per turn to AV11 statistically, you have been warned).

They will be hunted mercilessly.
They will be hunted mercilessly.


Try to emphasize volume of fire over potency of fire.  Bikes and skimmers do not fear single-shot weapons so much, because they can jink and be on their merry way.  Bonus points if you can have high volumes of high strength fire (S6 or S7 works great), and extra bonus points if you can sneak some form of re-rolls in there.  Rending or auto-wounding is also more helpful than poison in this case, because Wraithknights are ridiculous, and most regular Eldar troopies are low toughness anyways.

Jink this! Pask rends down a waveserpent with the punisher cannon.
Jink this! Pask rends down a waveserpent with the punisher cannon.

Do Not:

Dwell on a unit that has just declared a jink.  If you keep those scatterbikes jinking, you can do a lot to keep your own units on the table.  So if you did bring some plasma guns or AP3 stuff along, even if you don’t score the casualties as they’re being saved by their jinking, you might consider shooting them FIRST, to see what threats you can remove before committing any further fire.


Consider using an Multiple Small Unit approach, rather than loading up on wargear.  The more targets you give for them the more there is for them to remove.  You can only shoot at one unit per turn, after all.  Surprisingly, this isn’t something the Imperial Guard can do readily, unless you’re going out-and-out footguard, which is a pain in the ass to field.

Do Not:

Allow the Eldar to control the objectives.  Keep them off, and hold your ground.  They can dart around anywhere they like, but you’re a FRIGGIN’ ROCK.  Even if you concede 2 of the objectives but handily control 3 (or 4), it should be extremely difficult to remove you!

Otherwise something like this might happen.
Otherwise something like this might happen.


Be prepared to be tabled within 5 turns.  It… happens to the best of us.  Eldar are very tricky to play against, and learn your lessons.  You’ll come back stronger next time!

The last men standing facing down certain doom.
The last men standing facing down certain doom.

ANYWAYS, that about summarizes my thoughts – I’m sure there are more floating around out there.  Drop them below in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer in a timely fashion.  Cheers all!

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