Mont’ka – Cadian Formations & Detachments Preview

Hello all!  I’m stoked as hell to see all the leaks break through with respect to the Cadian formations and detachments, getting the same treatment as Necrons, Space Marines, Eldar, Tau, the whole 9 Yards!  We’re legit baby!

You’ll forgive the wall of text but I’m really really stoked about this.

It's happening

Time to break down the initial wave of leaks:

Command HQ:

Either a Company Command Squad or Leman Russ Commander (which implies that you need to fill out the Russ Command squad).  Knight Commander Pask can lead your Russes, but your CCS in this slot becomes an absolute monster, buffing your radius of command to 24″, and issuing on more order than you would normally be able to.

Should also be noted that you’re also throwing 3D6 and taking the two lowest for all of your orders within this detachment as well.  Vox Casters?  Who needs ’em?!

As the carrot on top, you’re re-rolling 1’s to hit with the humble lasgun.

You can also include a Lord Commissar, which might be a good idea if you’re running an infantry heavy army (ohhh, just you wait till you see the core).  Morale control will be an issue in the ranks, and you can’t take additional commissars as part of this detachment, unless your formations also include them (which is a BIG problem).

It seems odd that you need to take a supreme HQ choice, when many of the component formations also require a Company Command Squad or Leman Russ headquarters.  Particularly if you’re looking at the two core choices at your disposal to expand the detachment.


Emprah’s Shield Infantry COMPANY:

Three Emprah’s Shield Platoons are joined by another Company Command Squad.  Each platoon consists of max Guard Regulars at a minimum, and an armoured or scout sentinel.  Base, the 55 troopies are going to put you out 280 points, when you factor in the Platoon Command squads.

So if you’re keeping score, you’re going to have 2 CCS’s (one uber), 3 PCS’s, and 3 sentinels.  You are going to have ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY boots on the ground.  And you can order EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 150 lasguns to First Rank, Second Rank at a single target using a single order.


As an added bonus, the guardsmen have Move Through Cover if they’re within 9″ of a Sentinel, and the formation CCS gets that effectively gives some units relentless (hello Heavy Weapons Teams).

I’ve played games against 100’s of Orkz.  I shudder to think of what 150+ guardsmen can do under this formation.

Morale control will be a big issue, because it doesn’t look as though there are any additional Commissars.

Emprah’s Fist Armoured Company:

Another Tank Commander (and his bro) joins 3 additional Russ squadrons and 1-3 Engineseers.  The tank commander kicks out a 12″ radius of BS4, and Russes that ram stuff do more.  The Engineseers also have the ability to reduce damage from Penetrating hits, which may not help you keep the russ alive per se, but it will help them not get immobilized, or a valuable weapon blown off.  If you’re going the armoured route, by this point in the detachment you’re sitting to the tune of 7 Russes, which would likely be more than half of a 2,000 point list.

But can you argue with MOAR TANKS?

Auxiliaries (you can take 3 of these per Core choice listed above):

There are quite of few of them, so I’m just going to post them in order of significance:

The Winners:

ARTILLERY COMPANY: – HELL YEAH!  Another CCS that can order Basilisks or Manticores to ignore cover, split fire, or cause pinning checks.  Also, any vox-caster bearer can call in an artillery strike, like a marker light without the fucking around.  That Manticore is now Twin Linked, bitch.

Emprah’s Blade Assault Company: This here is your Veteran Company.  ANOTHER CCS joins 3 Vet squads and 1-3 Hellhounds to gain objective secured (something notably lacking in ALL other previous formations / detachment), and preferred enemy (anything that’s foolish enough to be sitting on an objective when these sonsabitches driveby).  All the troops need to be mounted for this formation to work.  Disappointingly, the Chimeras and Hellhounds do not also gain obsec.  But I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Psykana Division: 3 Wyrdvane Psykers, 1-3 Commissars, and a Primaris Psyker.  There’s a lot to parse in this one, but ultimately the primaris draws on the power of the adjacent psykers to buff his own Mastery level (up 1 level per 5 Wyrdvanes w/in a radius).  Commissars in Psyker units mean that the Wyrds harness warpcharge on a 2+ instead of a 4, and if you Perils he BLAMs one before anything bad can happen.  THIS IS A BOAT-LOAD OF AWESOME.  Remember that gun-line you had earlier?  TRY 150 TWIN-LINKED flashlights.

Emprah’s Spear Aerial Company: 3 Valks/Vendettas in any combination.  Note, these are squadrons, so you can have up to 9 if you really want to go lulzy.  Once you pass a Reserves roll, you can choose to pass the rest of them for that turn (so hope you pass that first one, otherwise one or two birds might be sitting out).  Also, they can choose to not jink, and drop people out the back without any scatter at all.  Considering most armies will still need 6’s as he’s still Zooming, this isn’t a bad trade-off at all.  Otherwise, you’ll probably want to just drop into hover and do things that way (jinking, naturally), or risk the scatter.

Emprah’s Talon Recon: 2-4 units of 3 stompies (your choice if you want the AV12 variant or not.  Gain outflank, a stompy commander to give your stompies orders, and gain preferred enemy against a unit of your choice at the start of the game.  Sweet, sweet prazma death anyone?

Emprah’s Fury Super-heavy Company: 3 Baneblade chassis joined by an Engineseer.  The Engineseer repairs on a 2+, and the tanks cause morale checks on 4D6 for anything that SURVIVED all 3 primary weapon attacks from the squadron.  If a unit is within 12″ of 2 tanks, it counts as moving through difficult terrain (because the ground’s shaking.  Now this is damned cool.  But can your really fit 3x super heavies in most games?  great for apocalypse.


Ogryn Auxilla: 2 Ogryns, 2 Bullgryns, 1 Commissar who drew the short straw.  12″ bubble of fearless from the Commissar, and if 2 successful charges are made against the same target, the second charge hammers of wrath at S7.  This is… situational at best.  If you want fearless bullgryns, there are other cheaper and easier routes to go than this formation.  Seems uninspired, unfortunately.

So what does this all mean?

If you want to run an army like this, man, christmas came early this year.  Practically, I see a regular CAD being more usable still, plus an Auxiliary formation to wreck house.  You’ve seen this before, with Nids + Living artillery.  Tau + Firebase Support Cadre.

I’m going to try to collect 150 lasguns.  LOL.  I’ve never played footguard before to that extent, but with this detachment, it really makes me want to try.  It really encourages that style of gameplay, and I don’t mind it at all.

I’m a lot closer to having the armoured company completed however, just need a few russes more.  For the Veteran formation (which is actually a configuration I fairly regularly run anyways) I’m sitting one Chimera and some special weapons shy.

That artillery company is BOSS.  I’ve already got it nailed too, so I might incorporate it regularly into a CAD.

10 Replies to “Mont’ka – Cadian Formations & Detachments Preview”

  1. Buy the hell out of those 5 snap-fits and use the extra spare flamers/nade launchers, sergeants and voxes from the regular cadian box to taste. Damn that formation truly epitomizes what the Imperial Guard is all about.

    If I could remember how to post images in comments I’d find those old cadian guardman memes 😛

    1. I’ve still gotta paint up the Aussie platoon before I start fleshing out my Company. I’ve got a minimum of 30-50 bodies to paint yet. It’s actually kind of crazy when I look at the scale of what I’m about to try to do.

    1. Something I was thinking before is that there are two aspects of the Guard forces that might need some work through formations:

      Durability and Ruggedness of their armour: – addressed through the enginseer boost in the Emprah’s Fist formation

      Troopies without number: – addressed through the 150+ guardsmen in the Emprah’s Shield formation.

      Having just dropped every single Imperial model I own on the table-top just now, I can’t actually imagine fitting 150 guardsmen on the same table in one deployment zone. I’d imagine 1 platoon (at least) would need to be held in Reserve. Isn’t including artillery or vehicles in other formations.

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