2015 – Hobby Year in Review

Hello All!

I have to say, it’s been a pretty underwhelming year in terms of what I’ve actually painted to completion.  Now – I’m only going to post the pics of things that I’ve finished totally.  I won’t give myself the satisfaction of posting something that’s MOSTLY finished…

You’ll probably remember that the first thing that got my attention was the Deathstorm Box… These Tyranids in particular:

2015-01-17 08.21.50

Next up, Mr. Bitey the Trygon


Then these Bullgryns…

2015-01-28 07.37.22

Then Zadoc the Priest…

2015-01-28 19.59.32

And another (sanguinary) Priest…

If you cross your eyes just *so* he might sparkle a little bit.
If you cross your eyes just *so* he might sparkle a little bit.

This here Basilisk…

2015-03-31 18.08.08

The Scion’s fly new ride…

And here we are! I might give the brass a quick Nuln Oiling if it stays too sharp but I'm liking it quite a lot. The red panels are for squad identification, but I haven't gotten that far along yet so it'll stay blank until I decide what to do there.

This here Engineseer…

He's looking pretty rad. *snort* Hopefully those lead-lined cloaks are helping him out some.

Y’know what?  there’s a few more things that I don’t have pictures of that are now completed, in the following list… I seem to have misplaced those pictures though… Somehow:

  • The Swarmlord
  • Tyrant Guard
  • 12x Hormagaunts
  • 20 Cadian Troopies
  • Bookissar
  • 5x Blood Angel Terminators

And that’s about where we’re at!  I mean, the partially completed list far outstrips the completed project list which includes:

  • 12x Termagants
  • 3x Zoanthropes
  • Tyrannocyte
  • 10x Blood Angel Tacs plus Razorback
  • Kap’n Karl
  • The Derpideo
  • 5x Skitarii Rangers
  • 5x Skitarii Vanguard
  • Guncrab
  • Dragoon
  • Plus all the straight-up unpainted stuff in the bottom of my box I only pull out for apocalypse battles. (and there is a LOT)…

*sigh*  Time to stop moping, grab the paintbrush, and dive in :D.

Cheers all…

6 Replies to “2015 – Hobby Year in Review”

    1. Sometimes it’s tough to feel proud — As I mentioned above to Mr. Travis, it’s not necessarily the feeling of “I got nothing done this year.” It’s more, “I got nothing FINISHED this year”…

      So if I have a New Years Resolution, it would be to absolutely demolish a project before moving on to the next one. Otherwise it’ll never get done.

  1. Not a shabby year by any stretch of the imagination! Don’t forget that you adopted and essentially mastered an entirely new game system.

    1. I think my biggest gripe is that I have so many half or mostly finished projects lying around. I just never have the killer instinct to just completely SLAUGHTER something.

      But Armada! Heck Yeah! I don’t know about “mastered” but it’s certainly not nothing. Thanks for pumping my tires a bit!

  2. Please don’t make me take pictures of the unpainted minis i have lying around. No one needs to see that. Any output is good because it means you are having fun. Besides, painting legend stipulates that you can’t die until your last mini is painted (making me functionally immortal).

    Also, happy new year!

    1. That’s just fine Mr. Zab, I’ll take your word for it. Perhaps I’ll convert something akin to a Questing Beast. I will only paint him if/when my painting queue is finished. Then I may die truly accomplished.

      HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO! I can’t believe I didn’t write that in my post above! Jeeze! Too mopey, I guess!

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