Posting Habits and Work Ethic: A Self-Critique

I’ve had an interesting few days where I’ve basically rediscovered my work ethic.  I don’t know when in 2015 I lost it, or if it actually goes back a bit further…  The featured image above is basically how I spent a lot of my free time around the house in the second half of the year.  For those uninitiated, it’s called “Dachshund Augmented Blanket Therapy”.  It was quite the funk, yessir.


If I seem overly hard on myself, it’s probably because I don’t fully understand that life gets in the way of… life…  It’s often hard to put things into perspective.

Sometimes, when work speeds up I get home and I’m so torched I can’t even think about doing something hobby related.  That’s cool.  It can build up for a while, take a hiatus or something.  That’s all good brother, time enough for that when things aren’t so crazy.

Falling behind in other areas: not as cool.  It is shockingly easy to forget to take care of yourself, your loved ones, your pets, or your house in times of duress.  This was certainly the case for me in the last half of the year, and if not for my wife I’d probably be a lot worse off than I am now (and if she’s reading this “THANK YOU!!!”)

Those who go have gone through or are going to college can feel that pain.  Particularly going through exams.
Those who go have gone through or are going to college can feel that pain. Particularly going through exams.

By way of a “for instance” – our house has looked noticeably cleaner since I rediscovered that cleaning isn’t really that much of a chore when you get to it on a daily basis.  We had a massive pile-up of dishes on a nightly basis to the point where it felt overwhelming to even grab that sponge.  No longer an issue (since last week).  Done immediately after supper.

I’ve also discovered that a device called a “Vacuum” can help reduce the amount of dirt and animal hair that gets stuck to the bottom of my feet on a daily basis.  This is a good thing, and completing the vacuuming on a weekly basis can prevent a lot of rage and stress.

some of you are probably saying: PFFT – dishwasher, roomba, DONE.  But that’s not the point.

Full Disclosure: I have no idea who Jim Rohn is.

The point is I got lazy, self-absorbed and complacent.  It’s not about the tools, it’s about the motivation.  When motivation fails, it’s called discipline.  Apparently I have no discipline, and that’s where I run into problems.


All this to say, discipline gets easier with organization and momentum.  And I’m starting to get organized now!  Booyeah!


Behold!  Trello!  Gone are my clumsy painting charts and excel spreadsheets and so on.  Each unit I want to work on is broken down into a card, and you can drag them into each stage of the process like the above.  Any time I’m feeling bummed out with respect to the progress I’ve made throughout the month/year, I can check out this badboy and say: Holy crap, I’ve done TONNES this year.

The card system also has me thinking about how I present content here.  I tend to get quite rambling, and when i post updates they tend not to focus on the finished product, just what I’ve been working on and some random pictures I’ve scraped off of my iPhone in the past week.  That’s not changing per se, but I want to reward myself for finishing projects in their entirety.  I want to have a blog post that really puts the bow-tie on the whole project.

A new posting schedule is born!  THUS:

  1. Complete Modelling – Every Friday there will be a scheduled post with all my Work in Progress stuffs.  This might be a bit rambly and stream-of-conciousness-y, as I’m wont to do these days, but that’s OK.  It’s SCHEDULED rambling.  Effectively, this will be a summary of what people who follow me on twitter already know.
    I used to call these PRODUCTIVITY UPDATES!!! but they weren’t really on a fixed time frame, and would sometimes be daily, monthly or whatever and ultimately fell off the side of the earth when I got busy in the summer.
  2. Sunday and Monday will be dedicated for showcasing anything that was completely finished the week previous.  Less text here, more pictures.  Time to show off!

    There will be 1 post for each completed UNIT (you’ll notice in the Trello work-flow I posted earlier there’s a section for blogging, also, to help keep me accountable in that respect).  This will make book-keeping a little bit easier, and I’ll be able to reference this more quickly.  I say Sunday and Monday because if I finish multiple things, I’ll need to post it on separate days.  If nothing got finished then well… Y’know, it’s going to be quiet on those two days.

  3. This leaves Tuesday through Thursday for the posting schedule, and I’ll likely leave these days largely open for whatever else I want to write about.  If I remembered to take enough pictures to do up a batrep, it’ll likely pop out sometime through here.
  4. Saturday?  Screw that.  I’ll be sleeping and doing other fun stuff.

So if you’re doing the math, you’re guaranteed at least 1 post per week, and if everything goes well you might get as many a 4-5 posts per week.  That’s pretty nutty eh?  I’m probably insane!  Lets see if this sticks!

13 Replies to “Posting Habits and Work Ethic: A Self-Critique”

  1. Happy new year mate.

    I Feel you I need to get some hobbying on I’ve been so busy since I started my new job any spare time I’ve spent playing so I’ve got a stack of building and painting to get done I have the beginning of a plan I’m gonna have a move round and get a hobby desk so I don’t have to commandeer the dining room table and move stuff and put down newspaper then clear up afterwards.

    work has slowed down a great deal I’m considering dropping down to 4 nights a week so I’m hoping to get back to blogging and general interwebbing soon

    1. HEYA DC! Happy New Year!

      Having a dedicated work space is definitely a key in my productive cycle. I can’t imagine what would happen if I needed to set up everything every time I wanted to put some paint on a miniature…

      Nice to see you’re still alive and haven’t been swallowed by the warp… 🙂

    1. Discipline is tough! Something I’m definitely learning. I’m hoping it becomes second nature after a while but for the time being it’s really challenging getting this train moving…

  2. Hey Oak, hope you and yours had a happy new year and a great start to 2016!

    I’m all for stream-of-consciousnessy stuff, shoot from the hip! I can relate with you on complacency and needing discipline- my last game of 40k was in 2014! That and I rarely game anyhow so this year is getting off the backside and being social. Uni this year is only one subject per semester so who needs sleep, eh? 😛

    Looking forward to seeing painted stuff crop up 😀

    1. We had a pretty awesome winter holiday, and so far so good for 2016. We just came off the coldest day of the winter so far (-28 C with the windchill) so our pup is now in full out hibernation mode. It’s warmed up since then so hopefully he’ll want to go outside more often.

      It’s always a good thing when the biggest piece of drama you’ve got to worry about is your pup’s bathroom breaks.

      2014?! that’s 2 years ago now! That’s super crazy! I’d start getting the itch if 3 weeks passed without a game (and the Mrs. knows this itch all too well). I’ll start frothing at the mouth a little bit until I snap.

      I think more than anything my posting needed more structure to help things along. Now I have to figure out what I’ll call my regular Friday Post. Do you have any ideas….? Bonus points for any alliteration!

    1. HEH! Well. It is much easier than my current system. Which is to say, there IS a system. By default it’s infinitely better in the quantum.

      But yeah, thanks for that. 🙂

  3. “Full Disclosure: I have no idea who Jim Rohn is” I lost it at this. Hilarious.

    I don’t know if you have this problem, but I’ve found that skipping the beer or glass of wine (even just the one) on the night before my day off (friday night) can really help me squeeze an extra 3 to 4 hours of motivated techno level production out of my mornings.

    I’m really glad to hear that you plan on upping your posting frequency. I enjoyed this read like I usually do with your stuff, and look forward to another year filled with little manz and Collin!

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