Friday Frag Bag – Inaugural Edition

Hey all!  I’m pretty stoked about putting this thing together on a regular basis.  I’ve been suitably (over) caffeinated and ready to rock!  Lets start lobbing them grenades!

Weekly Accomplishments:

Welp, progress is mounting on several fronts, but mostly pertaining to getting my house back in order as I’ve previously noted.   Having said this, I’ve gotten a crap-tonne of work done at my painting desk which all started Sunday evening when I snapped and started trying to actually finish projects.

2016-01-03 21.15.02

Which meant putting down some sand on this guys base.  I’ve mentioned this before guys, and I’ll say it again – I hate basing things.  I’m starting to kind of get over my fear of wide open spaces now that I have an effective wood glue.  While I was waiting for this to dry, I began work on these lovely chaps:

2016-01-04 07.29.15

Inside of a couple of sessions both squads were effectively base-coated by Tuesday evening.  I ran into some coverage issues with the Jokaero again, so took multiple coats to get that down, hence the delay.

2016-01-05 06.30.56
You’ll also notice I’m painting up the Dragoon’s base concurrently…

From here on in it’s mostly detailing, but that’s where the bulk-painting train came to a grinding halt.  These guys have so much bling, I thought it might be beneficial to really attack guys one at a time, so I have a finished product to launch me into the next dude.  I imagine I’ll get faster as I go along, but this dude probably took me the better part of 2-3 hours to detail, layer, and wash effectively by himself!

2016-01-06 07.36.57

I still have to do some highlighting, like the red part of the robes (which is on the inside liner), and his brown bits including the pistol and back-pack.  I’m pretty happy with how he turned out and am looking forward to completing the rest of the squad this way.

However, given it took me about 2-3 hours to get this guy done to this point, I’m looking at about 18-27 hours for the rest of the unit, assuming I don’t speed up at all (efficiency bonus!).  This’ll be quite the project!!!


This is where I intend on summarizing how I did versus my previous week’s goals.  Given that this is the first edition of this institution, have a .gif of BB-8 being booted for a nifty GOLAZO.


Strategic Genius:

This is where I intend to kind of splash around my random thoughts on STRATEGERY and listbuilding that aren’t really fully developed for its own post.

This week, I wanted to kind of give my thoughts on the Cadian Battlegroup Detachment, which I kind of played around with on Sunday at 2,500 points against Orks / Khorne Daemonkin that ended extremely poorly for the Imperial Guard.

Holy Mechguard Batman!
Holy Mechguard Batman!

My list featured:

  • HQ – CCS
  • Core – Emprahs Fist Company (5x Russes)
  • Aux – Scion Platoon
  • Aux – Artillery Company
  • Sir Winston!!! (Paladin)

Their list featured…. Well… 2,500 pts of Orkz when you don’t use any super-heavies or Morkanauts always looks intimidating:

2016-01-03 14.30.17

Long and short of it is that I was tabled after 3 turns, when the Orkz called a Waagh and made a slew of really great charges, which knocked out every single one of my Russes as well as 66% of the Artillery Company.  I blame this on lack of screening units, which are typically Sentinels / Bullgryns / Blood Angels, etc.

One thing that worked really well though is having the 24″ range from the main HQ.  I just lacked in things to order around.  Scions re-rolling 1’s to hit with their Hot-Shot Lasguns while being ordered to ignore cover is filthy by the way…

I’ll probably have to rejig a few things about this – maybe scrap the Scions for something cheaper.  Anyhoo, I’ll let these thoughts gestate a little longer and I might write something up in full next week.

DERP of the Week:

This one belongs solely to me.  I managed to put my hand through a glass coffee carafe.  I thought the plastic handle looked a little loose, and tried pushing it back into position.  Of course it instantly detonated with very little pressure applied.  I haven’t bled that much in a while.  I thought I might need stitches but the wound closed up nicely on its own.

2016-01-08 09.49.45
Totally related: Have you ever noticed how it’s really hard to make hands look good? I have a newfound respect for hand-models. That’s a tough gig.

It got me out of doing dishes for a while, at least!  BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Weiner Dog Wurst of the Week:

This section is to highlight the week’s best dachshund.


…………………  oh my god this will be the best section EVER.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Finish 5x Skitarii Vanguard
  2. Finish 5x Skitarii Rangers (stretch goal)
  3. Continue Skitarii Onager (streeeetch goal)

I think 1 is certainly achievable given my commitments for next week, and if I’m lucky 2 & 3 might be a thing.


If you have any suggestions for weekly headings for the Frag-Bag hit me up in the comments below.  Part of me wants to have a mail-bag Q & A thing, but I doubt I get enough traffic to make that a thing.

Cheers guys, have a great weekend!

3 Replies to “Friday Frag Bag – Inaugural Edition”

  1. Lots of great progress. That unit is looking great, and the color choices work really well on them.

    Orks are almost always intimidating to look at across the table. So many bodies on the field. I love Orks, but I find the current codex for them to be terrible. I kept hoping that GW would put out some Ork supplements so you aren’t required to field a horde to stand a chance, but alas being a non-Imperial army they get shafted.

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing them roll in fully completed! (Emphasis on completion!!!)

      What ran me over in this game against the Orkz was speed. My first turn was spent wiping some Daemondogs off the map, and I stomped all over a Biker unit with 2 Warbosses and a Nob. I think one of them might have been that Zhardsnark or whatever his face was.

      Against shooting attacks, unless I ordered them to ignore cover, these bikerz were rolling 2+ cover because skilled rider and flat-outing. Insult to injury, the second warboss had lucky stixx, making the 2+ cover re-rollable. It actually didn’t play into the game very much, but it did force me to use all of my orders to ignore cover instead of something more useful.

      In the end I just couldn’t keep up with the sheer number of insanely FAST units on the table, and went down hard. Ork Bikehorde seems to be very playable to me…

  2. “However, given it took me about 2-3 hours to get this guy done to this point, I’m looking at about 18-27 hours for the rest of the unit” This is the problem that I am running in to now. When I look back I have no idea how I got through nearly 10K points of black legion.

    I think the issue (for me at least) is that once I learn a new technique I feel compelled to use it on EVERY mini moving forward. Layering? Oh gotta use that every time now. Glazing? Can’t NOT do it. It’s all starting to add up.

    Not to say that it’s all for not; It’s worth it to grow as a painter, but the idea of painting an entire army now makes my brain leak out of my ears a little bit.

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