Completed: Ryza Skitarii Dragoon

Just a quick post here guys (per my previously mentioned revamped posting schedule)!  Finally wrapped this guy up this past week and I wanted to show him off.

Built: November 11, 2015
Completed: January 6, 2016
Time Elapsed: 56 Days (!)

2016-01-10 15.55.29

Those who are familiar with me and my tactics will know that I love using Armoured Sentinels as relatively cheap and shooty tarpits for units that would otherwise love chewing through my fleshy T3 footies, which in turn are occupying space to keep my Tanks protected (layers within layers).  The stompies therefore are my first line of defence.

My hopes are that the dragoons may be my first line of offence, pushing the front away from my lines and closer to their edge (Board Control!).  AND they can make a scout move when taken in a Maniple… Something normally reserved for the featherweight Scout Sentinels.

Dragoons are obviously preferable to the Imperial Guard Sentinel in assault in terms of damage output.  On the charge they’re swinging with 4 attacks, the Taser special Rule (6’s cause 2 additional hits), Strength 8 and a S5 Hammer of Wrath.  AV11 means they’re invulnerable to anything lower than S5.

They’re more mobile, adding 3″ to any movement they perform, be it in the movement phase, shooting phase, or on the charge..

Possible drawbacks are that they’ll fall apart to anything high strength with only 2 hitpoints, and low AP weapons have a good chance to detonate them (although if you’re already in close combat, this might actually be a good thing!)  The AV of 11 is a bit on the weak side, but is somewhat balanced by carrying a 5+ cover save with them.

2016-01-10 15.55.44

He was an absolute joy to build and paint, and is the first Skitarii model to roll off of the assembly line.  He’ll be prowling the wastes (with company) soon enough, I can tell.

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