Friday Frag Bag – Murderbot Edition

Skitarii madness around here for the past week, as I’ve been painting quite a bit in an effort to continue finishing projects.  So…. FRAG OUT!

Weekly Accomplishments:

This week represented the first full week of lunacy normalcy in the Oakenhaus.  After-work programs (and after-hours Board meetings, ugh) were back in full swing, resulting in shorter days when it comes to free time.  As a result, most of my painting productivity came before 7:00am, which can be a bit dangerous.

Obviously, the Skitarii Vanguard were the focus of my attentions, as I wanted to get them finished before the end of the week.

and this is how they started the week.  The two in the back were basically ready for basing already.
and this is how they started the week. The two in the back were basically ready for basing already.

After having completed the first two, I opted to try and batch paint the remaining 3 murderbots to see if I could get any kind of productivity going.  It actually went pretty well!  The details went a lot more quickly when you’re not switching brushes 80 times in 10 minutes.  By the time Wednesday rolled around, I had them based and good to go for a Monday posting.

2016-01-13 20.25.49

I did receive some comments that the basing material could be better (that the green flock is basically saw-dust consistency), but this is how I did the rest of the bases for my Imperial Guard… I think I’m going to leave it for now in light of I’ll probably be redoing the bases of my WHOLE ARMY at that point in time if I wanted to change it.

So yesterday morning (EARLY) I got around to working on the first Onager.  Looking at the model, it looked like there were a lot of edges, and edge highlighting would probably look…. odd on this model.  So I grabbed my drybrush and knocked off the ‘head’ of the crab and the blacks on the legs.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it looks.
Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it looks.

So not a bad week at all by any stretch!  Completed one painting project and moved on into another!


  1. Finish 5x Skitarii Vanguard
  2. Finish 5x Skitarii Rangers (stretch goal)
  3. Continue Skitarii Onager (streeeetch goal)

I opted to go after the Onager as a reward of sorts for finishing the Vanguard.  Those rangers are definitely next on my to-do list though!

Strategic Genius:

The biggest thought I had this week with respect to list-building is the role of the Leman Russ in the Imperial Guard army list.  I think I might actually save this discussion for middle of the way through next week (because it’s a damned good one).

Generally the thought process kind of erupted from the wh40k meta food chain.  GC’s > MC’s > Walkers > Vehicles — I need to meditate on this more and will report back.

Artist's Representation
Artist’s Representation

I guess another thing I can report is that shopkeep wants to fight him some Mechanicus armies.  His Tau are chomping at the bit to robot-stomp.  I’d like very much to oblige, but don’t have much in the way of Mechanicus built yet (10 footies, a dragoon and the single guncrab).  I have 10 more footies and another guncrab in the box.  There might be a frenzy this weekend…

DERP of the Week:

Y’know what?  It’s been a pretty good week.  So I’m going to go back in time, when I wish I painted an arrow to remind me that yes, THIS WAY IS UP.

Weiner Dog Wurst of the Week:

This week’s best dachshund award goes to this guy, who is fully prepared for just about any siege situation (or simply resisting cat ambushes).


….  This remains the best section of this friday format.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Finish Skitarii Onager
  2. Continue 5x Skitarii Rangers (stretch goal)

Now, this might seem a little bit more modest, but given my weekend ahead (D&D night this evening, visiting some friends out of town tomorrow, church commitments and luncheon plans for Sunday, and a whack of work to do next week), I feel like this is probably a good goal.  If I can accomplish more, then I’ll be immensely satisfied.

For now, just focus on the Onager!

If you have any suggestions for weekly headings for the Frag-Bag hit me up in the comments below.  Part of me wants to have a mail-bag Q & A thing, but I doubt I get enough traffic to make that a thing.

Cheers guys, have a great weekend!

3 Replies to “Friday Frag Bag – Murderbot Edition”

  1. I’ve got to say I’m really super digging this Friday Frag-bag format. It’s SUCH a good way to hold your self accountable for your progress. Kind of like a day planner for your week. Also I agree that Wurst of the week is still the best section.

      1. I fixed it for you. 😉

        I think part of my problem this past year was having unrealistic goals. “THIS MONTH, EVERYTHING WILL BE PAINTED” is not even remotely realistic given how much time I actually have to spend on this hobby. On a weekly basis I can chunk things a bit better, including a vague plan of how things are going to go down.

        I’m very thankful I’ve been waking up early, because it means I have some time to paint and get myself awake before attacking work. 🙂

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