Completed: Sir Winston of House Hawkshroud

I wrapped this guy up around New Years, but have been procrastinating putting up pictures and bragging about how well he turned out.  No longer!  Here goes:

Acquired: October 24th, 2015
Completed: January 2, 2016
Time Elapsed: 70 Days

2016-01-18 14.44.20

Behold!  Sir Winston of House Hawkshroud!

I’m absolutely over-the-moon with how Sir Winston turned out.   His arms are magnetized, so his weaponry is fully customizable.  I imagine his most frequent layout will include both the battlecannon and the avenger cannon (because BRRRT) but that Reaper Chainsword is really hard to say no to.

Lookat dat booty
Lookat dat booty

Really what Sir Winston does for my Imperial forces is give me an absolute battering ram to kick the door down.  He’s more mobile than a leman Russ, with more than twice the firepower.

quarter panel shot
quarter panel shot

One thing I need to work on though is when to charge him into something that’s bound to be certain death.  Last game I played he was torn to shreds by 2 warbosses and a Nob with Powerklaws.  It was my hope that his explosion (AWAY from my lines) would take out more than his stomps could, but that didn’t work out to be the case.

That other quarter panel shot
That other quarter panel shot

I’ve mentioned before, I hate doing bases.  This base was completed on commission by the Four Realms of Chaos, a local studio to Markham Ontario.  They do some really awesome things over there, and I fully recommend them for your commission painting needs.  It really took the pressure off, that wide open iKnight base was intimidating for me to look at.

Anyways.  Sir Winston: Oathsworn to Baal, is ready to stomp some heretics.

2016-01-18 14.45.11


6 Replies to “Completed: Sir Winston of House Hawkshroud”

  1. Nice to see some local commission talent! I’ll have to send requests their way. i get a lot of requests but don’t currently do many due to full time employment and family and such. I only take on really interesting ones or charity stuff these days 🙂

    1. Yeah! They’re pretty swell dudes over there too. Got a nice set-up in their basement, and effectively do commissions to pay for their hobby. I might be getting a game in with them sometime in the near future, time and schedules permitting. 🙂

      Here’s the Nurgle-Tau they put together.

  2. I’ve always hated the knight. Really hated it. But seeing yours up close in person… from start to finish. I guess my birthday is coming up… *sigh. Seriously though there are so many places where you could have gone wrong with this guy, but instead you knocked him out of the park. Awesome work! Masterful use of decals also

    1. My wife actually selected his name after realizing that he’d be yellow. Only she and I know what “Winston” is short for… suffice to say it’s suitably emasculating, in a similar way to the title of this blog. 😉

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