Friday Frag Bag – Urrrrgh Edition

NURRRRRRRR…  Been a very busy week, as I alluded to previously.  Unfortunately I don’t have much to show for myself in terms of painting progress, but we’re going to blow stuff up anyways for the sake of continuity.

Repressed Rage

Weekly Accomplishments:

Apparently I can’t take full accountability for my lack of actual painting.  I’m going to present a litany of excuses as to why this occurred:

I was just settling in to do some work on the Onager when this happened.  It may not seem like a big deal, but the lighting in my basement SUCKS.  I have to set up a pair of lamps to work in tandem in order to kill a lot of the shadows.  I understand there are several hobby specific lamps (including magnifiers!) that work wonderfully but I had been limping by with my cheap-ass ikea lamps.

My lighting gone, it seemed my motivation to paint quickly followed.

I love Lamp2


With all this in mind, I flipped over my productivity train to BUILDING.  Which is counter-intuitive because it continues to lengthen my painting pile-up.  MEH.  Behold!  Sicarians!

2016-01-22 09.39.48

Also, ALL THE SHADOWS.  I can vouch that the above picture accurately represents the lighting conditions around my desk right now.  It’s terrible to work in.  My basement’s also frigid just now, so rather than squinting and freezing my ass off I figured I’d move my workspace temporarily to the kitchen table, where the lighting is better, but still not really good enough to paint.

Dachshund salt shaker does not approve of the construction of second Gun-crab.
Dachshund salt shaker does not approve of the construction of second Gun-crab.

Working upstairs also allows me to spend more time with my precious animals, who apparently lived harmoniously enough to have this picture taken:

2016-01-22 09.38.10
Charles (the Cat): What the hell is this doofus doing? Colin (the Dachshund): zzzZzzzZzzzz *SNRK*

So yeah.  The second guncrab is also underway.  It’s easier to build in low-light than it is to paint, so I figured I’d go that route.

So that brings us up to speed



  1. Finish Skitarii Onager
  2. Work on 5x Skitarii Rangers (stretch goal)

Painting simply didn’t happen this past week, so my GOOLLLS remain.  *sigh*

Strategic Genius:


Welp, this week I’ve been thinking a lot about Sicarians.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them on the tabletop before except for in an apocalypse battle, and even then just because they were needed to fulfill a formation requisite.  I think it’s because their drawbacks are pretty obvious and glaring:

  1. Toughness 3
  2. Multiwound (doubled out by S6?!)
  3. 4+ armour save
  4. FNP (doubled out by S6!!!)

Where they excel:

  1. Sheer undeniable damage output (TASERRRRRR)
  2. General brain-fuckery (Neurostatic Aura!!!)
  3. Mobility (dunestrider, infiltrate)

It may well work out that they’ll never make their points back because they get shot off the table Turn 1, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, because if they’re overlooked they could potentially do quite a lot of damage.

In terms of point for point comparisons, these guys come in at around the price of a reasonably kitted out tactical terminator squad, but have massive threat range and more reliable delivery methods (infiltrate & scout, whatup!).

What sealed the deal for me was the Pask-like way an entire unit throws dice out there.  21 attacks from a full unit on the charge, where 6’s cause an additional 2 hits.  In some test rolling against WS3 (so in this case, orkz, tactical marines, or whatever else is NORMALLY WS 4) I scored 24-28 hits sometimes out of an original 21.  At S7 on the charge, that’s going to be LOADS of wounds.  And what happens if you sneak some Vanguard in there with them?  You’ve just hit the instant death threshold for anything that’s NORMALLY T4.

They’ll be an interesting experiment.  Situational, but what sealed the deal is how badass the models are.  If they do well, I might get some Rust-Stalkers.  😀

DERP of the Week:

Tough to pick a DERP of the week, but I’ll probably have to hand this off to our Tiefling Druid Wizard from our inaugural D&D mission this past friday.

She went on to knock herself unconcious with another natural 1, but that one was a bit less hilarious.

Weiner Dog Wurst of the Week:

I’ve had a few comments that my own Dachshund hasn’t been featured prominently in this second, but I assure this was intentional!  I wanted to save them for days when I didn’t have anything on tap.  Like now.



Goals for Next Week:

  1. REPLACE LAMP (*sobs*)
  2. Finish Skitarii Onager
  3. Continue 5x Skitarii Rangers (stretch goal)


The goals for next week are pretty much the same as my previous goals, except one little change….

If you have any suggestions for weekly headings for the Frag-Bag hit me up in the comments below. Cheers guys, have a great weekend!

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