Leman Russ Variants: Ranked

The totally official ranked list of Russ Chassis Variants:

  1. Punisher
  2. Executioner
  3. Eradicator
  4. Demolisher
  5. Exterminator
  6. MBT
  7. Getting Hit by a Bus Carnifex

    Artist's Representation
    I get so many miles out of this meme it’s ridiculous.
  8. Vanquisher

I had a discussion written up, but the more I thought about it, the more I want this page to be a discussion.  So: Am I full of it?  Post up below!


10 Replies to “Leman Russ Variants: Ranked”

  1. I’d agree with you on the Punisher, 30 odd shots a turn with heavy bolter sponsons will kill almost any infantry in the game with ease. I enjoy using the vanquisher as well though and its almost worth it for those bulls-eye moments where you roll two D6 on the vehicle damage table and blow up the enemy’s prized tank. I would say though that the chances of actually hitting anything with a one shot weapon at BS3 is tiny, or so it seems in many games!
    Thanks for the list

    1. Note with the vanquisher it’s not 2d6 on the damage table, it’s simply armourbane. It’s a long range ap2 melta gun. Problem is, if you take it, you have to be able to live with the possibility of missing the mark. A lot of time that’s the difference in the game, and there’s a lot better places to get long range anti tank (manticore, basilisk, devil dog, etc.)

      Thanks for commenting! It was fun to put together!

  2. I feel for the vanquisher, lascannons can’t bring the pain they used to, thought the executioner with plasma sponsons throws out 5 blasts a shooting phase. What’s odd is how only the Vanq is FW only now, the others crept into the IG codex back in 5th edition (it was LRBT or Demolisher for 3rd)

    1. Vanq isn’t FW only now…? It’s right there in the codex… I feel like it needs to either be AP1 or small blast or both to remain viable on a ~150 point tank…

      Executioner with plasma sponsons absolutely kicks out 5 small blasts, and it’s AWESOME. You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of point efficiency elsewhere. (Kataphron destroyers come to mind and they weigh in at about ~160)

      1. Haha sorry Oak I got my orders mixed up with the Annihilator or whatever the twin lascannon one is XD

        My earliest memories of 40k were when I was 14- I’d gotten Dawn of War for pc and my older bro had gotten the 3rd ed rulebook. Dunno how many hours I spent drooling over the forgeworld tanks and Biel-tan eldar in the BRB

        1. Oh yeah. The annihilator is almost worse than the Vanquisher at the same price point as the exterminator. Trades in potential accuracy (still only 75% hit rate) for damage potential (no armour bane!!!). So maybe in front of the Carnifex, but still behind the MBT.

          The BRB was boss in 3rd edition. Presently it’s living in my parent’s basement amongst the boxes of stuff I haven’t found space for in my place with Mrs. Oak. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled once they’re relocated…

  3. no love for the exterminator? with a lascanon and MM sponsons, you’re looking at 7 shots with strength 7 or higher, 3 with AP2 or higher. not to mentioned twin linked on the main gun. i suppose the weakness is it becomes a jack of all trades master of none type tank. obviously doesn’t pair as well as a pask bro since the twin linked main gun doesn’t get any benefit from the preferred enemy, but if i ever run a one tank squad or a non pask squad, it’s my fav config.

    1. Your points are precisely why it’s not ranked higher. It’s probably the most reliable for light AT and sniping out important infantry, but it’s also not the most overwhelming use for the chassis. Auto cannon sentinels deliver the same amount of hits (on average) and can serve blocking purposes, whereas this guy needs to be protected.

      I would never recommend running exclusively one variant of these tanks particularly in an emperors fist formation. Chances are i would put the TC and his bro in one of these guys, mount up an eradicator, punisher and executioner as the solo tanks, with the honourable mention going to the demolisher.

      This keeps the TC away from harm.

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