Project R: Resuscitation – The Bismarck Returns

My love of boats has been rekindled as late, and I got the nip of something very elusive at times when it comes to my hobby.  Inspiration.  This time, it came from my latest addiction, World of Warships.

Throughout January / February this past year, they had a public event called “Project R” or Restoration of a Warship, in which the players ground out certain achievements to be given in the end a fully functional (and admittedly very good ship) the Kamikaze R, most noted for its fancy paint job.

Kamikaze R
You can’t argue with any ship that’s painted with “The Wave”

I personally think Project R was designed to give out free stuff to reinvigorate the player-base which had become somewhat stagnant.  It worked.

Anyways.  I recently visited my childhood home, and dug something out of storage.  Here is my “Project R.”

2016-03-13 18.36.34

It was given to me as a Christmas present in 2006.  Most of the work on this thing was completed in early 2007 and set down shortly thereafter likely due to short comings with the test-patches and my painting skills.  I wouldn’t revisit modelling in general until I picked up the Imperial Guard in early 2013.

The sins are quite heavy…  I didn’t know quite how bad it was until I started dusting it off which took quite a while.

Now, in fairness, I think i did do some things quite well.

I really like the colours and proto-freehand I did on this Arado Floatplane.  I’ll likely revisit it and touch it up some.

2016-03-15 09.13.06

I also really like the colours and work I put into the baltic camouflage on the starboard side of the ship.  I think I masket it relatively effectively, and once I start to go to town on some of the details should work out in the washes.  I do need to paint on the false wake however, I guess I only finished about 5/6 of the elements on that side of the boat.

2016-03-15 09.17.09

Anyways.  I’m in the process of colour matching and trying to figure out how best to proceed with this massive, MASSIVE boat.  I’m also trying to determine if using a general washing technique as I often use for my imperial guard will work on this model.  I’ve sacrificed the Bruno turret as my guinea pig in this respect, and the initial results are encouraging.

2016-03-15 09.20.18
Obviously some touch-ups are required but it responded very well to the wash on the whole. Line highlighting may not make sense for this particular model – light drybrushing might be more appropriate. I’ll report back in future posts!

3 Replies to “Project R: Resuscitation – The Bismarck Returns”

  1. I’m pretty weary about using washes on huge surface areas like that… If you want to have a hobby day I’d love to have you over for a couple hours of air brushing 😀

    1. I’m not so concerned with the big open spaces if my success with Sir Winston is any indication, similarly with the Flow’ry Meadow. I used washes on the Meadow (because it had all the recesses to actually deal with it, and localized shades with Sir Winston because I didn’t want to affect the colour so much.

      Well… There’s one exception, and I’m about to get into that with my next post, coming up shortly.

  2. Heh. I came across World of Warships recently and ended up with some starter modelling kit to see if my youth’s hobby still has a place in my life. Great work there on your models.

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