Completed: Raphen’s Death Company & DC Chaplain

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted last, but I figured I’d wrap up something that’s been lingering too long on my Trello board.  Time to showcase some of the work I wrapped up over the winter, Raphen’s Death Company, and a more recent addition, the DC Chaplain, who has yet to be dubbed.  He died a rather inauspicious death at the hands of some Black Legion inspired cultists during the Apocalypse battle earlier this year…

Regardless, they’re done, and I think they’re rather spiffy looking on the table-top.  That said, I first started painting them in April 2015.  Almost 2 years to get this far?  Yeeeeesh.  But that’s fine.  IT’S FINE.

Humble beginnings for the test model.

I would have pecked at them for a while (black is not particularly fun to paint)… but eventually I got around to finishing the unit.

This power-sword duder was the last one to get finished. I rather enjoyed how it turned out, and might revisit some of my other power swords that I’ve completed before. But who am I kidding? hahahaha

And what can I say about the Chaplain?  He’s such a cool model it took me about a week to paint fully.  Further proof that my inspiration is a many fickle thing that needs to be capitalized on fully when it’s there…

a WIP shot. This guy being a character I opted to manually highlight everything instead of drybrushing the blacks with greys and then line highlighting the final one. It was much more time consuming but for a one-off character model it seemed worth it.
Obligatory Picnic shot!
Secondary angle.

Again, quite pleased how they turned out given that I’ve never really painted black before.  It was an interesting challenge.

Painting these Blood Angels units (and others) really underlines how challenging these models are.  A single marine could be treated like a character, but can be removed from the table-top to a single volley from a Leman Russ Battlecannon.

Anyways, I’ve got another post lined up for next week, and maybe the week following if I can keep my productivity and motivation up.  Stay tuned!

4 Replies to “Completed: Raphen’s Death Company & DC Chaplain”

  1. Dude that powersword is sick! I already told you this but I also love how the Chaplain ended up. The wings seem like you’d notice them from the other side of the table. 2 years gets you a 10/10

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