Post-RTT After Action Report

Welp, I’ve had a few weeks to kind of sit back and consider what transpired on the 27th of July. Long story short, I went 1-2, and had a riot playing 3 games in one day.

This tournament was my first experience playing with the ITC format rules. I have to say, they were phenomenal. You never felt like you were completely out of the game, secondaries felt relevant and more or less balanced, and both Board Control and Damage Output/ Resilience were considered. I need to play more of these missions in order to get a better feel for them, but my initial impressions were over the moon.

The tournament roll was relatively small. Initially we had a group of 10 signed up, which dropped down to 8 on game-day.

For info on my list, you can see my previous post on my philosophy and methodology. I’ll try to provide a general breakdown of my opponents as we go. It should also be noted the tournament was comped to only allow for detachments from the same book. So Imperial / Chaos soups were on the sidelines.

BOX’O’TANKS – ready to roll out

Match One – Tyranids

Someone threw my Leviathan Tyranids back at me! The list was a smattering of everything, but featured a lot of the medium sized buggos, including 6 Hive Guard, 6 Venomthropes, and 6 Zoanies + Neurothrope, Warriors + Tyranid Prime, and a Brood Lord. Toss in a Mawloc, Trygon, Winged HiveTyrant (with Miasma Cannon), a Rupture-Cannon Tyrannofex, and a unit of 20+ Devourer Gants.

They were gorgeous, to boot.

On the secondary objectives I took Gang Buster, Big Game Hunter, and Old School. My opponent took Big Game Hunter, marked all of my Leman Russes for Death, and took oldschool as well.

The bugs seemed pretty keen in trying to win a mid-range shooting festival with the Imperial Guard, which doesn’t typically end well (and it didn’t). The Hammer of Sunderance put in some significant work, knocking out most of the venomthropes in the bug backfield, one-shotting the Mawloc, and nearly doing the same to the Hive Tyrant when he arrived. Honourable mention goes to the Hellhound in my list, who simply REFUSED TO DIE and nearly killed the Trygon without assistance on a round of overwatch and the shooting phase thereafter. Everything he had, I seemed to have an answer for.

On the bug side of things, those Hive Guard proved to be particularly murderous, knocking out my transports left and right, though notably lacking the range to really do any significant damage to my heavy armour in the backfield (and his secondary objectives, the Leman Russes). It took a few turns of plunking away, but eventually his Rupture-Cannoned Tyrannofex managed to blast the Leman Russ Punisher into pieces, but not before my Engineseer repaired about 5 hullpoints over that period…

In fairness to my opponent, we were playing the table wrong. With ITC terrain rules, any windows on the ground floor of the building are considered LoS blocking. We were playing true line of sight which really made his life difficult. In the end, we were both piling units on to the center of the table onto the objective, but it was the Guard who took the victory, largely aided by the secondary objectives. If I recall the final score wound up being 21-17 or something close to there…


I really struggle with the army composition of this one, but the long and short of it is that you’ve got yourself about 27×3 Plaguebearers, 30ish Bloodletters that could deep strike, apparently(?), 10×4 Blue Horrors, a pair of Demon Princes, and a bunch of (Greater?) Flamers of Tzeentch. Effectively, it’s a repurposing of the army I faced down in this battle report, including the same grizzled veteran of an opponent.

(aside: MY GOD WAS THAT BATTLE IN 2017?!?!)


For secondaries I opted to go for Reaper, Head Hunter, and Kingslayer. The Demons went with Engineers (selecting two units of plaguebearers), Ground Control and Recon.

Scout Sentinels: Boldly going where no Guardsman has any right to go.

From the Guard perspective, some very critical mistakes were made in the early going, not the least of which was allowing the Hellhound to get charged and completely surrounded by one unit of Plaguebearers, effectively preventing me from directing any kind of shooting attacks in its direction. I happened to park that Hellhound immediately adjacent a critical objective, and well, yeah. I lost the game 14-12.

Shit got real

That gaffe notwithstanding, I put out an absolutely withering fusilade into the demons, easily maxing out the Reaper within 2 turns, which is kind of shocking given how durable those units are (-2 ‘to hit’ debuff, 5++ invul w/ 5+++ FNP? GET OUTTA TOWN), and that I forgot that this little gem was a thing:


There was some typical Guardsmen-level ingenuity, wherein I led a final daring raid nabbing a Herald of Nurgle and controlling the center objective, which was great until my Valkyrie was dragged down by a Demon Prince of Khorne… Another regret of sorts is that I was hoping that taking Kingslayer would force my opponent to keep that Demon Prince away from my front lines, knowing he would be worth so much to me. That didn’t seem to be the case, and I might have been better off taking another objective that actually earned me points…

At any rate, tough army, tough opponent, narrow loss, amazing game. 2/2 in that respect!

On a side note, it’s hard to get more than 3 rounds in in 2.5 hours at 2,000 points, particularly with our armies constituted such as they were. That’s more feedback for the TO than anything…

Match Three – T’au

What I remember from this army is that it kind of turned around Longstrike and 3 more Ion Cannon Hammerhead gunships, but there was so much more than that… 2 Skyrays made for some truly staggering alpha-strike potential, particularly with all the marker light support, plus 3 Ghostkeels to keep everyone else honest. Some fire warriors were scattered around for screening purposes and fireblades because reasons. I think there were also a few battlesuit bodyguards kicking around to help keep Longstrike alive.

For secondaries, I took Marked for Death (hammerheads), Old School, and Big Game Hunter (those Ghostkeels qualified). The T’au picked up Marked for Death (Leman Russes), Big Game Hunter (everything else) and Recon.

Looking over my army list, my opponent noted, “If you survive the first turn, you might really do some damage…”


I seized the initiative. I was elated. The Hammer of Sunderance put in more work, splatting the first Hammerhead, while the rest of my army tried to focus down a ghostkeel at point blank range. Well, the ghostkeel lived but at least I took a nibble out of that damned hammerhead parking lot back there…

Photo taken after the hammerhead went *splat*.
Meanwhile I try to seize this flank, but the Ghostkeel (in cover) proved difficult to remove.

Of course it was then that I learned that the ghostkeel’s drones could be individually targeted, and my day got a bit easier.

*I exhale*. Well, I got some work done.


With overcharged Ion Cannons blazing, he knocked out 2.9 Leman Russes, and one of my Chimeras. The Hammer, which had proven so useful, was removed from the table for the first time all day, in the first turn.

In the end, the game was relatively close (I lost by 3 points, around 19-16?) but I had to really claw for every victory point, made significantly more difficult by the lack of any tools I had available. There were a lot more T’au on the table at the end of the match than there were Guard.

…and yes, that is a pikachu dice bag. I don’t judge.

In retrospect I might have done well to pick up “Butchers Bill” because there were quite a few smaller units (including detached gun drones, etc.) which would have qualified to pick up. I would have maxed out on that pretty quickly, whereas I only picked up 2 on Big Game Hunter and Marked for Death (if I had only taken Big Game Hunter, that would have been maxed b/c Marked units can’t qualify for BGH…). Something to consider for next tournament.

Final Thoughts

I had an amazing time. Three hotly contested games, with amazing opponents and plenty of memories to carry home with me.

I could certainly hope to optimize my list a little bit. The Leman Russes simply carried most of the burden for me, and felt very points efficient for the work they did. The artillery did well too, for the most part. I included them to keep my opponent honest when it comes to hiding badly damaged units. I might consider swapping out the Manticore for another Wyvern or Basilisk to achieve a bit more synergy but otherwise I have no complaints there…

I dunno, I’ll have to sit on this for a bit. The Guard felt right at home in this circuit, and with a bit more practice I figure I could do quite well with them!

Any tips? Comments? Hit me up below! Cheers!

Battle Report: Adeptus Mechanicus vs. Blood Angels (1,000 pts)

The Battle For Fire-Detector Spire Delta-6:

Apparently something of value was stashed nearby, long ago.  Both the Blood Angels and Mechanicus see it of value, and need to capture it for their own respective nebulous self-interest…

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Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Blood Angels [750 pts]


Colonel Wishart took a long pull on the mug of Emperor’s Finest cafestim, hoping the warmth would take away some of the chill in the air, and the edge off of the voices he could hear nibbling at the back of his head.  His head cocked sideways, regarding the cup holding the ‘liquid’ in his mouth for a moment.

This was hardly Pvt. Baldwin’s finest cup.  Far from it, in fact.  It’s hard to be picky though when your only heating element is your Chimera’s engine block, and you left your supply lines about 150km behind you on the road to Hive Cluster Delphi. Continue reading “Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Blood Angels [750 pts]”

Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Daemons (2,000pts)

What the crap?  Blink and a new Codex comes out these days!  This report is of my haphazardly assembled Cadian Combined Arms against a competitive Brimstone Horror List, using the new Astra Militarum Codex.  Dig in and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

No rest for the weary, Pask finds himself a new Hand of Steel; a Punisher fitted with heavy bolters.  While not the most… elegant… vehicle, Pask recognizes the need for versatility in a command vehicle. 

Summoned for an offensive against some entrenched Death Guard at the “Brimstone Bastion”, Pask leads a combined arms detachment including infantry assets, armour, artillery… and Super Heavy assets at regimental level.  The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry Meadow – a Baneblade of legend was at his disposal.  Surely this bastion would not stand a chance against this mobile fortress…

No sooner had this thought passed, but a smell of burning stone wafted through the cupula of the Leman Russ Punisher…  The fortress wasn’t called “Brimstone”.  It was a living wall of Brimstone Horrors!  Curse those dogs at the astropathic intelligence!

The air was filled with profanities as Pask wheeled the Hand of Steel amongst the infantry, shouting the men to ready themselves for the terrors of the warp… Continue reading “Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Daemons (2,000pts)”

Battle Report: Astra Militarum vs. Necrons (2,000pts)

So, the house is getting there, my hobby space is slowly getting unpacked, and I caught enough free time on a Monday to get a game in!  It was a bit of a learner, because I hadn’t played in 4 months, and this also represents only my third battle in 8th edition.

Regrouping following the 13th Crusade from Cadia, Knight Commander Pask sets up camp around some Imperial Ruins.  Within hours, some of the accompanying infantry are not reporting in their patrols.  Techpriests are encountering significant difficulty taming the machine spirits of the normally docile and dim Leman Russes of the armoured division.

Sensing these ruins were abandoned for a reason, the Knight Commander orders his troops to readiness just as the klaxons sound.  Metallic wraiths had phased in around the perimeter, ready to protect the tombs of their forebears, accompanied by two dreaded C’Tan.

Within moments battle was joined.


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Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Astra Militarum (1,000pts)


In my first game in ages, I opted to take out the Tyranids in their Mega-Monster configuration at 1,000 points, just to get the feeling once more.  At the shop, I featured a very very familiar Imperial Guard player featuring a list that looks as though I put it together.

I had a bit of fun putting this one together, thinking of a context for the battle.  This is what I came up with:

It is the early stages of the Tyranid consumption of Presidio Prime, and the Imperial Guard aren’t done fighting yet.  Launching a massive attack which is largely a distraction, the bulk of the swarm is swept aside, though at great cost.  The elite armoured fist, led by Knight Commander Pask lead the assault on the Tyranid back-line Synapse creatures, hoping to knock them out before the invasion really gets going.

Sensing the deception (and the implied danger), the Hive Mind responds by sending in a lurking terror.  But the Synapse creatures are not concerned.  Perhaps the Biomass has yet to learn the Perils of the Warp…?

Without further ado *drumroll*:

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Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Skitarii vs. Orkz & Khorne Daemonkin (2,000 pts)

Been a long time since I rocked a battle report.  …How does this work again?

This game was a pick-up match as I walked into the shop with a 2,000 point list ready to go.  Also happened to be one of the best (and closest) games I’ve played in a long time.  Hope you all enjoy! Continue reading “Battle Report: Astra Militarum & Skitarii vs. Orkz & Khorne Daemonkin (2,000 pts)”

SW Armada Batrep: Clash at The Meadow Nebula (pt 1)

I haven’t posted a full battle report for Star Wars Armada just yet.  Given how stoked I am for Wave 2, I realized I’ve never actually played a real mission (I had played nothing but “Last Man Standing” games thus far) using anything other than stock ships with some dudes.  So I set about building 2 lists that I thought might be a bit competitive, and pit them against each other. Continue reading “SW Armada Batrep: Clash at The Meadow Nebula (pt 1)”

Battle Report: Of Nuns, Vampires, Wolves, and Guardsmen

Been a long time since I’ve written a battle report, so I figured I’d dust off my cap and write up a good game I had this past weekend against a relatively recent regular at the shop, with a very unorthodox list that he’s been thinking about throwing onto the tournament scene.  I’ll present it below and then talk about them some:

Col. Oak & Sparkly Vampire Friends (BA & IG @ ~1,850pts):

  • Knight Commander Pask, Punisher, Multi-Melta Sponsons & Camo Nets
    • Regular MBT Bro
  • 2x Veterans, 2x Meltaguns, Flamer, Chimera
  • Infantry platoon
    • PCS – 3x Grenade Launchers & Flamer
    • 2x Infantry Squads
    • Commissar
  • Scionts (x5) Powerfist, Plasmagun, HS Volleygun
  • Sanguinary Priest [WARLORD]
  • Tac Squad (x5), Grav Gun, Vet Sarge w/ power fist and combi-grav
    • Razorback w/ TL-HB and Pintle Storm Bolter
  • Tac squad (x5), Heavy Flamer, Vet Sarge w/ Power weapon and inferno pistol
    • Razorback w/ TL-HB and Pintle Storm Bolter (proxied)
  • Death Company x5, Jump Packs, Power Fist, Power Sword, Thunderhammer, Inferno Pistol
  • Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought w/ ‘dem missile launchers.

One of these vehicles, is not like the others....
One of these vehicles, is not like the others…. Note most of the BA stuff is a work in progress.

Nuns of the Wolf Tearer (SoB, SW & Flesh Tearers @ 1,850 pts):

  • St. Celestine [WARLORD]
  • 2x Sisters Squads, (x5) 2x Meltaguns, Combi-meltas
    • One mounted in a Rhino
  • 3x Dominions(x5), 4x Meltaguns, Combi-melta
  • Avenger CAS Aircraft
  • Wolf Lord, Thunderwolf Mount, Frost Axe, Storm Shield, Artificer Armour?
  • 5x Thunderwolf Cavalry, Powerfist, Stormshield
  • Grey Hunters (x5) – Rhino
  • Sanguinary Priest on Bike
  • 5 Scouts
  • 4x Drop Pods (from either SW or Flesh Tearers)

The Avenger is a WIP as of right now, and a clever one at that. He took an Ork Blitza-Bomma and gave it the nose-gatling gun and a bunch of imperial guns on the wings. Note the drop pods are off-camera because I was stoopid.
The Avenger is a WIP as of right now, and a clever one at that. He took an Ork Blitza-Bomma and gave it the nose-gatling gun and a bunch of imperial guns on the wings. Note the drop pods are off-camera because I was stoopid.

Mission:  Deadlock (Maelstrom)

So the idea of this list is that the Thunderwolves run amok while 5x Meltaguns that ignore cover fall from the sky.  All the independent characters possible join up with the wolf cavalry, and wolf lord tanks the shots that aren’t AP 1/2 on his 2+/3++/5+++ (FNP).  Kind of a brutal deathstar, really.  Celestine adds another high-initiative twist at I7 and S5, plus she won’t die.

It was my thought looking at this list that anything the wolves touch will be instantly murdered.  Guardsmen are not well suited for combat in general, and even the Blood Angels I brought along weren’t exactly highly geared up for it.

Given there’s 3 IC’s in the squad, they can potentially split apart and cover 4 objectives at once, so I needed to sprawl out and control as much of the table as possible while the wolves murdered everything they wanted to.  In the meantime I’d be running about capping objectives and putting down the other small units and try to make the wolves the last unit on the table.  If things got dire and they split off the IC’s from the deathstar before my forces were adequately removed, they’d be picked off one by one.


I deployed first and put my Russes backs up to the wall with the MBT Bro up front to eat the first wave of Melta. Infantry spread out to accept drop pods, and the Deredeo in the back with front armour forward to hopefully intercept. I wasn't as concerned with the mech infantry out on the right flank, they could get melta'ed and it wouldn't significantly change my game-plan.
I deployed first and put my Russes backs up to the wall with the MBT Bro up front to eat the first wave of Melta. Infantry spread out to accept drop pods, and the Deredeo in the back with front armour forward to hopefully intercept. I wasn’t as concerned with the mech infantry out on the right flank, they could get melta’ed and it wouldn’t significantly change my game-plan.

Wintermits deployed second, obviously holding a lot off the table in reserves arriving via the 4x drop pods. The wolfstar in particular was front and centre, with the rhinos ready to jump on objectives if required.
Wintermits deployed second, obviously holding a lot off the table in reserves arriving via the 4x drop pods. The wolfstar in particular was front and centre, with the rhinos ready to jump on objectives if required.

Given that there wasn’t much for me to shoot at, I made my opponent take first turn.

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 1:

Two drop pods fall, one of them scatters off the table and goes into on-going reserve.  He was forced to place them pretty close to the table edge in order to take some pot-shots at Knight Commander Pask.  The 5-man sister squad disembarked onto the ridge behind the Russes, and shook up the MBT Russ, but caused no further damage.

After careening out of low orbit, the sisters try their hand at being sneaky with the Russes.
After careening out of low orbit, the sisters try their hand at being sneaky with the Russes.

Otherwise, the wolves and one of the rhinos push forwards to capture objectives, but no further damage is caused on the Guardsmen.  SoB run out in front, 2-0.

Table position following top of Turn 1.
Table position following top of Turn 1.

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 1:

In this turn, I start to realize this army is going to play quite differently than the ones I would usually play, with a metric shit-tonne of shooting.  I still have lots of shooting, but it’s more of a maneuver play than anything else.  Unfortunately, the objectives drawn aren’t particularly helpful.

The Russes pop smoke and vaporize most of the sisters on the hill with multi-melta fire, but there still remain a few hiding behind the hill, out of LoS.  Not a problem for the Deredeo, who pounds the remaining 2 using its Aeilos Missile Launchers (or whatever), ignoring LoS (though perplexingly not their cover save).

But the Deredeo wasn’t done, he viciously blew away the leading rhino with his sundering autocannons.  It wasn’t even close.  S8 re-rolling the AP is pretty effective.  Clambering out of the wreckage, the grey-hunters are finished off by the group of waiting melta-veterans supported by the Blood Angels Razorback.

Goodbye, grey hunters. The right flank is cleared.
Goodbye, grey hunters. The right flank is cleared.

Quite a few of the guardsmen shuffle around, but they’re still wary of 3 drop-pods yet to arrive, so the formation is maintained for the time being.

The left flank is cleared, while the guardsmen hold formation expecting more drop-pods to fall...
The left flank is cleared, while the guardsmen hold formation expecting more drop-pods to fall…

Not much else doing at the end of the day, but some VP’s are scored as a result of First Blood and table position.

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 2:

Bitten by poor Reserves rolls, the Avenger and two squads of dominions fail to come in.  The only drop pod falling is the one that mis-happed on turn 1!

They drop in front of the MBT Russ, and quickly go to work, knocking its turret off.  Fortunately for Pask, his smoke screen combined with the Camo-net saves him from any damage.

You already know how this story ends.
You already know how this story ends.

Scouts run out from the spot where they infiltrated, onto the objective that was vacated by the Grey-hunters.  The rear rhino, having secured the back-field objective now moves forwards to secure an upfield objective.

+++Taken literally moments before an explosion of seemingly impossible proportions+++
+++Taken literally moments before an explosion of seemingly impossible proportions+++

The Thunderwolves advance, and tear apart the lead Chimera in a vicious explosion (S10 AP2 will do that), but not much else happens.  If I recall, this turn is a big one in terms of scoring objectives, and the sisters go flying out in front, approximately 6-2 (ish).

(as an aside, unfortunately I put my camera away for a lot of the next few turns.  Apologies!)

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 2:

Everything works in concert this turn.

The scions arrive via grav-chute insertion into the Wolve’s back-field, securing an important objective, now vacated by the sisters mounted in the rhino.

In full sight of the dominions that just landed, the guardsmen fire volleys of lasgun fire (aided by their lieutenant’s command) and wipe the unit handily.

Discharging the grav-tactical squad, the Razorback speeds off hoping to secure an objective by flat-outing onto the one presently being held by the Scouts.  Melta-gun fire, lasguns, a flamer fail to bring the scouts down, but the unit is finished off when the Aeilos Missiles from the Deredeo come crashing down.

The Deredeo continues picking off Rhinos like it’s nobody’s business, nabbing the one that’s crossing no-man’s land.  The occupants then come under fire from the Scions, taking 3 casualties to a plasmagun and Hot-shot lasguns at long range.

Everything directed in the direction of the wolves doesn’t go as smoothly however, with Pask’s fusilade and the grav team causing a total of 3 wounds total on the wolf lord and one of the cavalry.  I’ve yet to remove a model from the at Wolfstar, and it’s starting to look a little impossible to deal with using the tools I have available.

The Death Company advanced, hoping to get a charge in on one of the drop pods, but are left in the open when they can’t cover 5″ of ground.

at the end of the turn, the Guard pick up 4 or 5 VP, but a D3 VP turns out to be 1.  Regardless, they swing in front for the lead. approximately 7-6ish…

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 3:

Again, bitten by poor Reserves rolls, only the Avenger and another Dominion squad comes on.  The Avenger lays waste to all but one of the Death Company (he who sports the inferno pistol), which were starting to look a little intimidating, while the Dominions land immediately in front the Deredeo and absolutely WASTE him.

Unfortunately I didn’t pass a single one of my 5++ from his fancy shield.  His usefulness was approaching its end however with both rhinos and most of the troops disposed of already, but its loss was certainly felt in later turns.

The sister squad that had been forcibly removed from their transport by the Deredeo the turn earlier turns its attention to the Razorback immediately in front of them, and stun it twice, but fail to land the killing blow.

The wolves pulled off a pretty crazy multi-charge, wiping out 3 units in one go:

  • Veterans on foot (those that shot the scouts)
  • Veterans embarked (those that hadn’t done anything just yet)
  • Grav-tactical squad on foot.  Unfortunately the only thing that had any hope of doing anything (the power fist) was shot away by Celestine’s heavy flamer thingie, so the writing was really on the wall there.

Perhaps fortunately there are no survivors (they’re just too damned good at killing things), so I’ll be able to shoot the wolves the next turn.  I didn’t track VP until the last turn in this case, suffice to say the game is anyone’s at this point, because we can’t hold nearly as many cards as we could at the start of the game…

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 3:

This turn is really just a reactionary turn for me.  I just lost quite a few units in the turn previous, and had to kind of consolidate and continue to try and steal objectives away.

The Sanguinary priest disembarks to try and get Pask some more time and space from that Thunderwolf cavalry, and cause a single wound (WOOT) on one of the regular wolves.  Pask knocks the Wolf Lord down to 2 HP with his own shooting.

Celestine gets singled out of the squad and wasted by a melta-gun.  She passes her leadership test however, and gets right back up again.  It would have been a great warlord kill, but alas it wasn’t to be…

The melta-guns get within 1" of Celestine, causing 1 wound, which is not subjected to a 2+ Look Out Sir. I'm not quite sure why, but she goes down anyways...
The melta-guns get within 1″ of Celestine, causing 1 wound, which is not subjected to a 2+ Look Out Sir. I’m not quite sure why, but she goes down anyways…

The infantry blob, perhaps admiring the fireworks produced by the Deredeo going up turn and assault the Dominions, wiping them out also.

The infantry squad flex their muscles and over-power the Dominions in their own backfield.
The infantry squad flex their muscles and over-power the Dominions in their own backfield.

The scions hold their ground and pick off one more of the sisters, so the remaining Death Company marine can pick her off in assault.

The last remaining Death Company Marine wipes the Battle Sisters unit.
The last remaining Death Company Marine wipes the Battle Sisters unit.

Unfortunately those are the only two units who could actually assault that turn, otherwise it might have been worth D3 VP for an active Blood and Guts card I was holding on to.

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 4:

Finally the last Dominion Squad comes on, and there’s no surprise that it’s going right behind Pask, with his infantry screen otherwise occupied…

From here on in, it’s like whack-a-mole.

Avenger > Full Strength Razorback
Dominions > Knight Cmdr Pask
Wolves > Sang. Priest (WL) & Veterans, in another crazy multi-charge.

Not much left on the table for the Guard now, it’s up to about 19 bodies, a single Death Company Marine, 5 Scions, and a severely damaged Razorback to secure the win for the Guard….

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 4:

The infantry, either insanely stupid or very brave (with the commissar in the group, I’d probably suggest this bravery was INDUCED.) advance towards the wolves, but target the Dominions with their shooting, killing one.  The Death Company charge, killing 2 more.  The sisters break, but the Lunatic is unable to catch them (despite being I5 on the turn they charge, go figure).

There was a hair-brained plan to score another VP, that involved shooting down the Avenger in order to clear space for the Razorback to flat-out through and secure an objective for another VP as the game was really tight at this point.  This blew up in my face, as the scions weren’t able to hit the Avenger as it zoomed overhead.  *Le Sigh*  Actually, this plan would have worked if the Avenger blew up in my face, but it didn’t, and that’s the issue.

Aftermath of the carnage. The flier has taken off -- departing the Board by this point.
Aftermath of the carnage. The flier has taken off — departing the Board by this point. The cunning plan was to shoot down the flier so the Razorback could flat-out and get to the objective underneath the corpse of the Chimera. That really didn’t work out. You can also see the two Dominions fleeing from the Death Company in the background.

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 5:

Jinking from the fire of the Scions, and lacking any other targets, the Avenger flies off the table.

The game of whack-a-mole continues.  The two sisters remaining regroup, but miss both their melta snap-shots on the Death Company who is staring at them blankly.

The wolves chase after the Razorback, blowing it away.  Unfortunately the wolfian general forgets that after assaulting a vehicle they can’t consolidate, which is problematic because he can’t cash in the objective that’s nearby…

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 5:

The final objective I’m sitting on at this point is to kill something in the shooting phase, which is a bit more complicated than it sounds.  The Avenger with 1 hull point remaining just flew off the table.  The Two sisters are in range of about 5 lasguns (and only 1 dies to that fire), leaving one remaining.  There’s a drop-pod off in the corner that has only one hullpoint remaining, and the Death Company marine DOES have an inferno pistol…

He flicks his jump pack over, and hits with the pistol.  He’s definitely within 3″.  Rolling 2D6… and a 3 won’t do it.  Blast!

The scions don’t really have a hope of killing off the wolves, but take some pot-shots anyway and are rewarded when one of the Cavalry is killed to a plasmagun.

At the end of Turn 5, the game is a DRAW.  But.  The game continues. (!!!)

Sisters of the Wolf Tearer, Turn 6:

Unable to complete the tactical objective due to the Razorback slaughter of Turn 5, he breaks off Celestine from the group and plants her on the objectives while the Wolves go out hunting the infantry platoon on the other side of the table.  They make it into assault, and kill about half of the guardsmen there.  In a challenge, a plucky Sergeant manages to take a wound off of the Wolf Lord before being hacked to pieces and devoured.

The Avenger also flies back on and strafes the Scions  off the table, as they were unable to find cover in time.

The Avenger flies back onto the table, its gatling cannon blazing. The Scions are wiped out.
The Avenger flies back onto the table, its gatling cannon blazing. The Scions are wiped out.

With this, the Sisters take a SINGLE POINT LEAD over the Guard.

Blood Angels & Imperial Guard, Turn 6:

The Death Company Marine, having just destroyed the drop-pod in assault with a krak grenade (yeah, it’s been that kind of game), jets over the terrain and takes aim at the sister.  He finds her on her knees, praying for protection from the melta-blast that is surely to arrive.

It never does.  Through divine intervention (or 6++, if you prefer), the sister survives, denying the tactical VP for killing something in the shooting phase.

Out of sheer fury and spite, the Death Company marine charges the sister and chainsword singing gleefully, she’s carved to ribbons.  The consolidation roll is sufficient to obtain line-breaker, to tie the game…

But in the assault phase, the infantry platoon can’t hang on.  The wolves wipe the unit with 3 wounds to spare, and achieve the 4″ consolidation roll in order to WIN THE GAME.

At the end of it all, the thunderwolf cavalry are short two of their number, the Avenger is damaged, and casualties are otherwise total.

On the other side a lone, lunatic marine is left standing.

What a glorious psychopath you are, sir.
What a glorious psychopath you are, sir.

His unit didn’t do anything, but he wiped out two sisters squads single-handedly, while also knocking out a drop pod with a krak grenade.  That’s a special grade of crazy, right there.

MVP on the other side obviously goes to the wolf star.


2 wounds each, T5, 3+/3++ w/ S10 AP2 on the charge and 5+ FNP to boot?  Tough cookies to kill.   I’m a bit shocked the game was so close in the end, but that’s the way of Maelstrom missions, sometimes.