Astra Militarum Unit Report Card: HQ’s

I’ve played quite a few battles with the Astra Militarum since the new codex came out, testing the interactions between several of its core units, feeling out their strengths and weaknesses.  In this post I’ll review the HQ choices I’ve used in my builds so far.

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Looking forward to a game against the forces of Chaos this evening.  He’s featuring a very well painted Black Legion force, and has been wanting to put the hurt on Knight Commander Pask for MONTHS.  Abaddon needs a new face-mask, apparently.


I’ve made some subtle tweaks to my own army list, most notably dropping Ulmar the Incompetent in favour of more and different guns.  Twin linking is nice, but I haven’t had great success getting the power off, so to the shelf he goes.  We’ll see if I really notice him missing.

This should be interesting!  Stay tuned for another battle report!


Looks like there are mixed emotions with respect to the new Mob Rule in the 7th edition Orkz release.  Failing morale tests are now a bit more costly, and the Orkz will definitely need to stock up on boyz to prevent reaching 25% casualties, or maybe even go so far as picking out units with pinning that might cause them issues.

I’m probably going to be putting these rules to the test tomorrow, as I play my Guardsmen against a well established ork veteran.  I’m dangerously stoked, with about 1,500 in orkz sitting on the shelf left over from 3rd edition.

I might be picking up the new codex as well, so stay tuned.  The greenskins might be making a bit of a comeback and be featured more strongly in the near future!!!!