On the Eve of the Apocalypse

Typically, gigantic apocalypse games allow me a significant amount of motivation to paint my miniatures.  Chaosbro and I have been playing through a kill-team campaign in preparation for a fairly large Apocalypse battle, so you’d think that I’d be painting my ass off in order to get things ready to go on camera.

Pictured: My procrastination Mechanism.
Pictured: My procrastination Mechanism.

Welp.  The game is tomorrow.  That ain’t happening.  At least not to the extent that I was initially hoping.  Here’s my (likely final) Apocalypse list:


Yo Dawg, I Heard U Liek Blood (~5,000 pts)

  • The Emprah’s Mighty Flow’ry Meadow (1 HP remaining)
  • Sir Winston of House Hawkshroud (RIP)
  • Cadian Combined Arms:
    • Knight Commander Pask – Punisher, Multi-meltas, MBT Bro
    • CCS w/ Creed (RIP), 4x Plasmas
    • 2x Meltavets in Chimeras
    • Armoured Sentinel, multi-laser
    • Armoured Sentinel, multi-laser (lolll)
    • Armoured Sentinel, multi-laser (lolllll)
    • Leman Russ Exterminator
    • Aegis Defense Line
  • Emprah’s Spear (Vendetta)
  • Emprah’s Wrath (Manticore, Basilisk, Wyvern)
  • Dominus Maniple:
    • Dominus w/ Uncreator Gauntlet
    • 5x Vanguard w/ Arc Rifle, Arc Pistol, Taser Goad
    • Guncrab w/ Neutron Laser
  • Strike Force Deathstorm:
    • Captain Karl!
    • Raphen’s Death Inc.
    • Cassor Le Damned
    • Terminator Squad Alpheus
  • Allied Detachment (Blood Angels):
    • Death Company Chaplain
    • 5-man Tactical Squad w/ Grav, combi-grav, power fist & Razorback
    • Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought

The sum total of the above is about 4,470 points, and requires me to paint another, 4 tactical marines and 2 Death Company models and lay some details down on the Deredeo Dreadnought.  Cool.  That might be achievable for tomorrow.

That leaves me about 650 points to shoe-horn fun things into that there list.  My thoughts:

  • Sicarian Infiltrators – these things look too cool NOT to use!  Though fragile.  I’ll have to keep them hidden or outflanking. Unfortunately with no  additional vanguard painted I’ll be forced to go ‘unbound’ to bring them.
  • Sydonian Dragoon – again, too cool to pass up.  He’ll fit in nicely with the Cadian Stompies and Cassor Le Damned. Welp, since we’re unbound may as well go full hog.
  • The Corvus Vulture….?  It’s primed, not painted.  If I get those 6 Blood Angel dudes banged out then maybe I’ll start going on this.  yeesh.  Welp, if this doesn’t work out then I can always go…
  • Hellhound?  I always forget these are useful things, and may be good at cleaning up backfield units…?
  • Scions…?  They’re a bit delicate but yeah, I could shoe-horn them in for back-field cleaning duties.
  • Rust-stalkers…?  Nurrrrr.  That’s a pipe dream.
  • Sanguinary Guard?  More likely than the stalkers (2 colours, some details…)

Anyways.  All this to say my final list is subject to change based on how much I get done this evening.

I’m *STOKED* to be throwing some dice tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll keep detailed notes so I can write up a long over-due batrep.


Happy Thanksgiving Eh?

To those Canadians (including myself) a very happy Thanksgiving!

At present I’m planning ahead for FIGHTAN in an Apocalypse battle to take place this next Saturday.  It’ll be an all-Imperial rumble with Dark Angels & Astra Militarum vs. Vanilla Marines, Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle, capped out at 5,000 points per side, 2,500 points per player.  It’ll build on a Narrative that we’ve had going for a while in a series of Apoc battles.  I’m not quite sure what to expect!

I’m playing around with my lists, and regretting I don’t have more (ie-any) Deathstrikes.

Because what kind of Thanksgiving battle would it be without a pair of Thermo-Nuclear explosions?

Cheers all,


Thanksgiving to me means whiskey and cardigans.  Also, family.  :)
Thanksgiving to me means whiskey and cardigans. Also, family. 🙂

Battle Report: APOCALYPSE! (12,000 pts)

The FLGS wrapped up a campaign in which I took part in (missions here and here).  The Missions were well thought out and dripping with character.  Today we kicked out all of the subtlety and left everything on the table.

The game worked out to be 4v3 in favour of the Imperial forces.  The table was limited to one Lord of War per player, and Imperial forces were capped at 3,000 points each.  4,000 points for each Ork player, and something similar for the Chaos.

Some hilarity ensued:

  • The guardsmen brought 4 Manticores, and drew the strategic asset which allowed us to fire all 16 missiles, at once.  A pretty bad scatter resulted in only one bike squad and one battle wagon being utterly vaporized.  They were subsequently reloaded using another strategic asset.  It was the ultimate in glorious cheese.
  • The Imperial forces also brought about… 10 fliers, which really clogged up the midfield with flying bases, which was already hugely crowded.  We had a few converted forgeworld fliers as well, including an Avenger and a Vulture with twin-linked Punisher cannons.
  • The Tau also made their presence felt, bringing 4 riptides, and two full broadside teams.  They threw their lot in with the Imperial forces.
  • Other highlights included a Baneblade, Stormsword, 2 Imperial Knights, 2 Stompas, ~7 Battlewagons, 3+ Landraiders, about 6 Leman Russes….  Everything was sporting AV14…
  • A group of Space Marines also drop-podded into the back-line of the Orkz and vaporized a Morkanaut and two battlewagons…

Just an awesome game.

The mission was a fight over the central objective, but every unit that was removed was worth a kill point.  The Imperial forces wound up winning the game on this basis, because a Land Raider and a Stompa wound up contesting the central primary objective.

2014-09-07 13.08.37

2014-09-07 13.08.41

2014-09-07 13.08.47

2014-09-07 13.09.04

2014-09-07 13.09.15

2014-09-07 13.09.29

friggin awesome Heldrake

friggin awesome Heldrake

2014-09-07 13.46.47

2014-09-07 13.46.51

2014-09-07 14.26.25

2014-09-07 14.30.04

2014-09-07 15.47.15

2014-09-07 16.32.38